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Comet Lake Linux News

Intel Comet Lake Added To RAPL Driver With Linux 5.5,...   Hardware   28 Nov 2019
Dell Now Offering More Ubuntu Developer Edition...   Hardware   31 Oct 2019
Linux 5.5 Bringing A New System76 ACPI Driver For...   Linux Kernel   26 Oct 2019
System76 Launches Two Intel Laptops With...   Coreboot   10 Oct 2019
Intel Readies Another Big Graphics Driver Push With...   Intel   07 Oct 2019
Intel's Mesa Drivers Point To Even More Comet Lake...   Intel   26 Sep 2019
Intel Submits Final Batch Of Graphics Driver Changes...   Intel   23 Aug 2019
Dell XPS 7390 Developer Edition Announced - Intel...   Hardware   21 Aug 2019
Intel Launches 10th Gen "Comet Lake" Laptop...   Intel   21 Aug 2019
Intel's Linux Graphics Driver Developers Discover...   Intel   12 Aug 2019
Linux 5.3 Continues Advancing Intel's Sound Open...   Hardware   10 Jul 2019
The Best Features Of Linux 5.2: Intel Bits, RTW88,...   Linux Kernel   08 Jul 2019
Intel 19.23.13131 OpenCL NEO Stack Adds Comet Lake...   Intel   15 Jun 2019
Linux 5.2-rc1 Kernel Released With Case-Insensitive...   Linux Kernel   19 May 2019
Intel Comet Lake Support Appears To Be In Good Shape...   Intel   14 May 2019
Linux 5.1.1 Released With Few Fixes   Linux Kernel   11 May 2019
Linux 5.2 DRM Makes Icelake Production-Ready, Adds...   Linux Kernel   09 May 2019
Intel Comet Lake Support Merged For Mesa 19.1   Mesa   02 Apr 2019
Intel Icelake Graphics Driver No Longer Considered...   Intel   25 Mar 2019
Intel Sends Out Initial Linux Graphics Driver Support...   Intel   14 Mar 2019
Intel Sends Out Comet Lake Linux Graphics Driver...   Intel   13 Mar 2019