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Cedrus Linux News

Initial Allwinner H6 Video Decode Support Posted For...   Multimedia   29 Jan 2019
Linux 4.21 Is Going To Be A Big Release To Jump-Start...   Linux Kernel   22 Dec 2018
Cedrus Video Decode Driver Moving Along With Allwinner...   Multimedia   07 Dec 2018
Linux 4.21 Is Sure To Be Another Exciting Kernel...   Linux Kernel   02 Dec 2018
Allwinner "Cedrus" Driver Moving Ahead With...   Multimedia   23 Nov 2018
Cedrus VPU Decoder Driver Being Mainlined With New...   Multimedia   30 Oct 2018
Bootlin Wraps Up Project For Improving Allwinner VPU...   Multimedia   01 Sep 2018
Bootlin Starts Work On Allwinner H.265 Decoding   Hardware   28 Jul 2018
H.264 Decoding Tackled For Reverse-Engineered...   Multimedia   14 Jun 2018
Allwinner Open-Source Video Decode Continues Improving...   Free Software   07 May 2018
Cedrus Is Making Progress On Open-Source Allwinner...   Multimedia   26 Aug 2016