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Phoronix articles, reviews and news stories covering Catalyst 15.9. This searches our archive since the launch of Phoronix in 2004.

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Catalyst 15.9 Articles & Reviews

New AMD GPU Performance To Be Boosted By Linux 4.5;...   Display Drivers   23 Dec 2015
AMD Catalyst 15.9 Linux Benchmarks   Display Drivers   16 Sep 2015

Catalyst 15.9 Linux News

Debian 8.3 Released   Debian   23 Jan 2016
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Saints Row On Linux Is The Latest Linux Game Showing...   Linux Gaming   22 Dec 2015
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A Quick Test Of The TF2 Update When Using The AMD...   Linux Gaming   18 Dec 2015
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CPU/GPU Usage Between NVIDIA & AMD Linux Drivers   Hardware   29 Oct 2015
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What Alien Isolation Looks Like On The Open-Source AMD...   Linux Gaming   27 Oct 2015
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SteamOS Switches To Linux 4.1, Latest Graphics Drivers   Valve   26 Oct 2015
Ubuntu 15.10 Is Coming This Week & AMD's Catalyst...   AMD   19 Oct 2015
Alien Isolation Is Just The Latest NVIDIA-Only Linux...   Linux Gaming   22 Sep 2015
Yes, It Looks Like Alien Isolation Is Coming Soon For...   Linux Gaming   17 Sep 2015
AMD's Catalyst 15.9 Now Available For Linux Gamers   AMD   15 Sep 2015
Catalyst 15.9 Is Imminent With Many Steam Linux Game...   AMD   15 Sep 2015