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CONFIG_VT Linux News

Eight Features You Will Not Find In The Mainline Linux...   Linux Kernel   11 Aug 2016
DRM Text Mode Proposed As Alternative To FBDEV/FBCON   Linux Kernel   29 Jul 2016
Three Years Later, FBDEV Drivers Still Active In The...   Hardware   07 Sep 2015
Systemd 217 Will Introduce Its New...   systemd   07 Oct 2014
Systemd 216 Piles On More Features, Aims For New...   systemd   20 Aug 2014
SimpleDRM Will Likely Be Merged In Linux 3.15   Linux Kernel   16 Mar 2014
DRM Kernel Log Renderer Proposed For Linux   Linux Kernel   06 Mar 2014
OpenWFD: Open-Source WiFi Displays For Linux   Hardware   02 Nov 2013
X.Org XDC2013 Recap Of New Features Presented   X.Org   28 Sep 2013
The Linux CONFIG_VT Mayhem   Linux Kernel   25 Sep 2013
X.Org XDC2013 Program Announced   X.Org   21 Sep 2013
Systemd Gets Generic Multi-Session, Session Devices   systemd   17 Sep 2013
XDC2013 X.Org/Mesa Conference Is One Week Away   X.Org   15 Sep 2013
Going Over DRM Render/Mode-Set Nodes   Linux Kernel   01 Sep 2013
A Run Down Of VT Switching On Linux   Linux Kernel   25 Aug 2013
X.Org/Mesa Topics To Be Discussed Next Month   X.Org   09 Aug 2013
The State Of Killing CONFIG_VT, Moving To User-Space   Free Software   09 Jul 2013
Windows, Wine, Intel, Compilers Top February   Phoronix   28 Feb 2013
FOSDEM 2013: Lots Of Wine, X.Org & Micro-Kernels   Free Software   11 Feb 2013
The Linux Kernel Console Is Being Killed Off   Linux Kernel   08 Feb 2013
VESA BIOS Extension DRM Kernel Driver Released   Free Software   27 Jan 2013
Error Recovery Support In The Wayland Client   Wayland   12 Oct 2012
KMSCON Is Getting Ready To Kick The Kernel Console   Linux Kernel   18 Aug 2012
Frame-Buffer Log Driver Wants To Go Mainline   Linux Kernel   15 Jul 2012
Proposal For Wayland With Virtual Terminals   Wayland   05 Jul 2012
FBLOG: A Frame-Buffer Driver Just For Kernel Logs   Linux Kernel   17 Jun 2012
KMSCON: A DRM-Based Terminal Emulator   Free Software   28 Mar 2012