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Broxton Linux News

DragonFlyBSD Updates Its Intel Graphics Driver From...   BSD   27 Dec 2019
Linux Sees Driver Finally For Lighting Up The LEDs...   Intel   10 Feb 2019
Intel KVMGT 2018-Q3 Released As Their Latest...   Virtualization   19 Oct 2018
Experimental Patches For Using SIMD32 Fragment Shaders...   Intel   15 Oct 2018
The DRM Changes Coming With The Linux 4.19 Kernel   Linux Kernel   25 Jul 2018
Intel Broxton To Support GVT-g With Linux 4.19   Virtualization   19 Jun 2018
New P-State Patches Could Boost Intel Graphics...   Intel   28 Mar 2018
Open-Source HDCP Support Gets Extended To More...   Intel   18 Jan 2018
Intel Broxton Gets ASTC HDR Support In Mesa   Intel   22 May 2017
Many Intel Sound Driver Fixes Slated For Linux 4.12   Linux Kernel   03 May 2017
Intel Linux Developers Begin Bringup Of Cannonlake...   Intel   06 Apr 2017
Firmware-Based Power Management For Intel Graphics...   Intel   17 Mar 2017
Intel Pushes Out More Early DRM Testing Code For Linux...   Intel   06 Mar 2017
Geminilake Will Require Intel Audio Firmware Blobs   Intel   04 Mar 2017
AVC VDENC Video Encoding Enabled For Intel Broxton...   Intel   31 Dec 2016
Intel May Finally Enable Framebuffer Compression By...   Intel   23 Dec 2016
DragonFlyBSD's i915 Intel DRM Driver Updated To Match...   BSD   10 Dec 2016
Geminilake Support Added To The Intel X.Org Driver   Intel   06 Dec 2016
Intel Publishes Open-Source Graphics Driver Code For...   Intel   10 Nov 2016
Intel Sends In First Graphics Driver Changes For Linux...   Linux Kernel   24 Oct 2016
Intel OpenCL Beignet 1.2 Was Quitely Released, No Sign...   Intel   12 Sep 2016
SLPC-Based Power Management Still Being Worked On For...   Intel   09 Sep 2016
A Mesa Fix Lands To Take Care Of The R9 290 Issue,...   Mesa   06 Sep 2016
The Big DRM Graphics Pull For Linux 4.8: AMDGPU...   Linux Kernel   02 Aug 2016
Linux 4.8 Bringing ACPI Low-Power Idle, Intel...   Hardware   27 Jul 2016
DragonFlyBSD Updates Its Intel Graphics Driver From...   BSD   21 Jul 2016
After GuC, Intel's Open-Source Driver Prepares For...   Intel   14 Jul 2016
Intel Has A Final Round Of Graphics Updates For Linux...   Linux Kernel   14 Jul 2016
Intel Submits Another Batch Of DRM Graphics Driver...   Intel   22 Jun 2016
Intel Lands Its First Batch Of Graphics Driver Changes...   Intel   02 Jun 2016
DRM Changes For Linux 4.7 Bring Four New ARM Drivers,...   Linux Kernel   23 May 2016
ACPI 6.1, CPUFreq Schedutil Provide Power Fun For...   Linux Kernel   16 May 2016
The List Of Intel DRM Changes For Linux 4.7   Intel   11 May 2016
Intel Decides To Let Go Of Broxton   Intel   02 May 2016
Linux 4.7 Will Bring Intel Color Manager, Changes...   Linux Kernel   01 Apr 2016
Intel Skylake Firmware Blobs Get Updated For Graphics...   Intel   20 Mar 2016
Linux 4.6 To Support Runtime Power Management Of AHCI...   Hardware   19 Mar 2016
DragonFlyBSD Intel Graphics Driver Gets BXT Support,...   BSD   23 Feb 2016
Last Minute Linux 4.5 Updates For Ceph, Thermal &...   Linux Kernel   24 Jan 2016
DragonFlyBSD Intel Graphics Driver Caught Up To Linux...   BSD   24 Jan 2016
Intel Kabylake Will Still Require Firmware Blobs   Intel   19 Jan 2016
Intel Broadwell & Newer Ready For OpenGL ES 3.1 In...   Intel   15 Dec 2015
Intel Broxton OpenCL Support Added To Beignet   Intel   14 Dec 2015
Intel GPU Tools 1.13 Adds Kabylake Support   Intel   02 Dec 2015
Linux 4.4 DRM Pull Has Raspberry Pi Driver, AMDGPU...   Hardware   08 Nov 2015
There Is A Bunch Of ACPI & Power Management...   Hardware   03 Nov 2015
Linux 4.4 Crypto Brings Optimized SHA1/SHA256 Intel...   Linux Kernel   02 Nov 2015
Looking Forward To The Linux 4.4 Merge Window Next...   Linux Kernel   28 Oct 2015
Intel Haswell Iris Graphics Don't Change Much On...   Intel   27 Oct 2015
Features To Start Getting You Excited For Linux 4.4   Linux Kernel   15 Oct 2015
Intel Haswell Graphics Have A Few Gains With Ubuntu...   Ubuntu   11 Oct 2015
Intel Just Queued Up More Graphics Changes For The...   Intel   07 Oct 2015
Updated Firmware Blobs Out For Intel Skylake &...   Phoronix   24 Sep 2015
The Intel Changes For Linux 4.3   Intel   07 Sep 2015
GNU Linux-Libre 4.2 Takes Aim At AMDGPU & Intel's...   Linux Kernel   30 Aug 2015
Linux 4.3 Will Have Many Intel Graphics Improvements,...   Intel   24 Jul 2015
Intel Has More Graphics Code For Testing, Plans For...   Intel   04 Jul 2015
Libdrm 2.4.62 Is An Important Update For Open-Source...   Mesa   01 Jul 2015
Old Net Burst Tests, Ubuntu Phone & Assembly x86...   Phoronix   01 Jul 2015
Linux 4.2 DRM Updates: Lots Of AMD Attention, No...   Linux Kernel   25 Jun 2015
Intel Adds Basic Broxton Support To Mesa   Intel   25 Jun 2015
Intel Skylake & Broxton To Require Graphics...   Intel   05 Jun 2015
The Intel Graphics Changes For The Linux 4.2 Kernel   Linux Kernel   01 Jun 2015
More Intel Driver Code Merged Into DRM-Next For Linux...   Intel   19 May 2015
Features Expected For The Linux 4.1 Kernel   Linux Kernel   05 Apr 2015
Initial Intel Broxton Support Might Come To Linux 4.1   Intel   31 Mar 2015
Intel's Cherry Trail Delayed To Next Year   Intel   25 Nov 2014