Broadwell is the codename for Intel's 2014 CPU successor to Haswell. Broadwell boasts a 14nm die shrink, uses an MCP package design, offers new instruction set extensions, and is expected to offer improvements to the performance-per-Watt and much better integrated graphics support. Open-source hardware enablement of Broadwell has been happening within Linux for some time in hopes of providing appropriate launch-day Broadwell Linux support.

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Broadwell Articles & Reviews

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Broadwell Linux News

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Spectre & Meltdown Defined January 2018   Phoronix   01 Feb 2018
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Features To Look Forward To With LLVM / Clang 6.0   LLVM   31 Dec 2017
Skylake Server Scheduler Model Updated In LLVM 6.0...   LLVM   10 Dec 2017
16-Bit Storage, variablePointers Land For ANV Vulkan...   Mesa   06 Dec 2017
Intel Releases New Linux Media Driver For VA-API   Intel   01 Dec 2017
16-bit Vulkan/SPIR-V Support Revised For Intel's...   Intel   30 Nov 2017
Linux 4.10 To Linux 4.15 Kernel Benchmarks   Hardware   22 Nov 2017
Looking At The Power Use From Linux 4.6 To Linux 4.15   Hardware   22 Nov 2017
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Turbo Boost Max 3.0 Support For Skylake Fixed With...   Intel   18 Nov 2017
Intel Has More DRM Code For Testing: Cannonlake Fixes,...   Intel   23 Oct 2017
Chrome Working On JPEG Encode Accelerator With...   Google   18 Oct 2017
The State Of Intel's GPU Virtualization Pass-Through...   Intel   24 Sep 2017
Intel Prepping Support For Huge GTT Pages   Intel   23 Sep 2017
Genode 17.08 Now Supports Broadwell Graphics, Xen DomU...   Operating Systems   30 Aug 2017
Intel Haswell Scheduler Updated In LLVM   LLVM   28 Aug 2017
16-bit Support Being Worked On For Intel ANV,...   Mesa   24 Aug 2017
Some Fresh I/O Scheduler Benchmarks: Linux 4.13 With...   Linux Kernel   20 Aug 2017
More Sandy Bridge Scheduling Updates For LLVM   Intel   13 Aug 2017
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