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Braswell Articles & Reviews

Intel Celeron N3050 Braswell Linux Performance   Processors   17 Jul 2015
Riding The Latest Linux Kernel & Mesa Is Great For...   Software   16 Jul 2015

Braswell Linux News

Many Intel Bay Trail Devices Have Been Borked On Linux...   Intel   10 Mar 2016
Linux 3.17 Kernel Released With Many Great Features   Linux Kernel   05 Oct 2014
The New Features Of The Linux 3.17 Kernel   Linux Kernel   17 Aug 2014
Mesa Vulkan Branch Published For Intel Linux Support   Intel   16 Feb 2016
Arch Linux Performance With The Intel Broadwell...   Intel   13 Jun 2015
Intel's Braswell NUC Trips On Fedora 22 But Runs Fine...   Intel   15 Jul 2015
The Exciting Features Merged So Far For Linux 3.17   Linux Kernel   10 Aug 2014
Intel Begins Landing Apollolake Support Within...   Coreboot   11 Feb 2016
Linux 5.2 Kernel Introducing Support For Intel's Sound...   Intel   09 May 2019
Intel Appears To Be Rolling Out FSP 2.0 Blob   Coreboot   08 Mar 2016
New x86 Platform Drivers Land In Linux 4.5, Including...   Linux Kernel   19 Jan 2016
Intel Adds Skylake/Braswell Boards To Coreboot:...   Coreboot   17 Jul 2015
Many Sound Updates Queued For Linux 3.19 Kernel   Linux Kernel   11 Dec 2014
Beignet 1.1 Released With Skylake, SPIR Support, Other...   Intel   31 Jul 2015
The Intel NUC5CPYH / Braswell Is Finally Shipping   Intel   12 Jul 2015
OpenGL 4.1 Extension Implemented For Intel Mesa Sandy...   Mesa   06 May 2015
DRM Graphics Updates Sent In For The Linux 4.1 Kernel   Linux Kernel   20 Apr 2015
Initial Intel Broxton Support Might Come To Linux 4.1   Intel   31 Mar 2015
Coreboot Adds Intel Braswell SoC Support   Intel   26 Jun 2015
ACPI/PM For Linux 4.1: Airmont, HiSilicon ACPU,...   Linux Kernel   16 Apr 2015
Intel Publishes Full Linux Driver Support For...   Intel   09 Apr 2014
Linux 3.17 Adds Support For Intel "Braswell"...   Linux Kernel   06 Aug 2014
Intel's Cherry Trail Delayed To Next Year   Intel   25 Nov 2014
Intel Announces "Braswell" For Chromebooks,...   Intel   03 Apr 2014