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Apollo Lake Linux News

Intel's Linux Compute Stack Now Boasts...   Intel   09 Jul 2021
Intel Working On Slim Bootloader Integration...   Intel   21 Apr 2020
Coreboot Had An Exciting Decade Thanks To Google's...   Coreboot   28 Dec 2019
Google Uncovers CPU Bug For Geminilake, Affecting At...   Intel   05 Oct 2019
Clear Linux Is Being Used Within Some Automobiles   Clear Linux   14 Sep 2019
Logic Supply Announces Karbon 700 Rugged Linux PC With...   Hardware   27 Aug 2019
Coreboot Adds Support For Apollolake-Powered...   Coreboot   20 Jun 2019
Intel Releases New BSD-Licensed Open-Source Firmware...   Intel   14 Sep 2018
MintBox Mini 2 With Linux Mint 19 Ready To Ship   Hardware   27 Jun 2018
Airtop2 Inferno Fanless PC Advances With "Natural...   Hardware   10 Mar 2018
Intel Rolls Out Pentium Silver & Celeron CPUs...   Intel   11 Dec 2017
New Touchpad & Touchscreen Support, Better Dell...   Hardware   15 Nov 2017
CompuLab Announces The Tiny Fitlet2 Linux PC, Powered...   Hardware   05 Nov 2017
Intel Gemini Lake Supports 10-bit VP9 Decoding   Intel   02 Aug 2017
Geminilake Will Require Intel Audio Firmware Blobs   Intel   04 Mar 2017
Intel DRM Driver Prepping For HDMI 2.0 With Geminilake   Intel   01 Feb 2017
Intel Leafhill & ThinkPad L520 Added To Coreboot   Coreboot   25 Jan 2017
Geminilake Support Added To The Intel X.Org Driver   Intel   06 Dec 2016
Intel Publishes Open-Source Graphics Driver Code For...   Intel   10 Nov 2016
Google "Reef" Is An Apollo Lake Chromebook,...   Coreboot   14 May 2016
Intel Decides To Let Go Of Broxton   Intel   02 May 2016
Intel Appears To Be Rolling Out FSP 2.0 Blob   Coreboot   08 Mar 2016
Intel Begins Landing Apollolake Support Within...   Coreboot   11 Feb 2016
New x86 Platform Drivers Land In Linux 4.5, Including...   Linux Kernel   19 Jan 2016