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Adiantum Linux News

Google Details Their New Adiantum Encryption For...   Security   07 Feb 2019
Linux 5.0-rc1 Debuts With New Hardware Support,...   Linux Kernel   06 Jan 2019
Fscrypt's Adiantum Sent In For Linux 4.21 For Speedy...   Linux Storage   06 Jan 2019
Adiantum & Streebog Sent In For Linux 4.21 Along...   Linux Kernel   26 Dec 2018
EXT4 Seeing Various Fixes For Linux 4.21   Linux Kernel   26 Dec 2018
Linux 4.21 Is Going To Be A Big Release To Jump-Start...   Linux Kernel   22 Dec 2018
Adiantum File-System Encryption Support Ready For...   Linux Storage   10 Dec 2018
Linux 4.21 Is Sure To Be Another Exciting Kernel...   Linux Kernel   02 Dec 2018
Linux 4.21 Positioned To Pickup Streebog Crypto...   Standards   30 Nov 2018
Adiantum Queued Ahead Of Linux 4.21 As Google's Speck...   Linux Kernel   29 Nov 2018
Adiantum Is Taking Shape As Google's Speck Replacement...   Linux Storage   05 Nov 2018