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AOMP Linux News

AOMP 11.9 Released For OpenMP Offloading To Radeon...   Radeon   12 Sep 2020
AMD Radeon GPU Offloading For GCC Still Maturing In...   Radeon   27 Aug 2020
Radeon ROCm 3.7 Release Enables OpenMP 5.0 By Default...   Radeon   20 Aug 2020
AMD's ROCm AOMP Compiler 11.7-1 Brings OMPD Support,...   Radeon   30 Jul 2020
AMD/ROCm "AOMP" Compiler Enables OpenMP 5.0...   Radeon   30 Jun 2020
LLVM 11 Merges AMD Radeon GCN Offloading For OpenMP   Radeon   27 May 2020
AMD AOMP 11.5 Released For OpenMP Offloading To Radeon...   Radeon   30 Apr 2020
AMD Rebases Their OpenMP For Radeon GPUs Against LLVM...   Radeon   08 Apr 2020
AMD AOMP 0.7-7 Released For Radeon OpenMP Offloading   Radeon   13 Mar 2020
AMD Begins Providing PowerPC Builds Of Their...   Radeon   14 Jan 2020
Radeon ROCm 3.0 Released With LLVM "AOMP"...   Radeon   21 Dec 2019