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ADriConf Linux News

A Control Panel / UI For Intel's Linux Graphics...   Intel   08 Jul 2021
ADRIConf Remains The Primary GUI Control Panel For...   Mesa   22 Sep 2020
ADriConf GUI Control Panel Support For Mesa Vulkan...   Mesa   09 Dec 2019
Intel's Vulkan Driver Now Hooks Into DriConf For...   Intel   07 Sep 2019
Valve's ACO Compiler, Zink, FreeSync & Other...   X.Org   06 Aug 2019
ADriConf Looks To Move Under The Mesa Umbrella As...   Mesa   02 Apr 2019
EGL_MESA_query_driver Merged Into Mesa 19.0, ADriConf...   Mesa   26 Jan 2019
Mesa EGL Extension Needed For Universal Driver...   Mesa   24 Jan 2019
Advanced DRI Configuration Picking Up New Features   Mesa   04 Aug 2018
RadeonTop 1.1 Brings GTT Reporting, Updated PCI IDs   Radeon   26 Mar 2018
Advanced DRI Configurator Now Supports PRIME GPU...   Mesa   24 Mar 2018
Advanced DRI Configurator: A New Mesa GUI Project   Mesa   16 Jan 2018