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How AMD Kaveri's Graphics Performance Has Evolved...   Display Drivers   06 Jan 2017
Open vs. Closed Driver Benchmarks Of AMD's A10-7850K...   Display Drivers   23 Feb 2016
AMD A10-7870K Godavari: RadeonSI Gallium3D vs....   Display Drivers   17 Jun 2015
AMD Kaveri: Open-Source Radeon Gallium3D vs. Catalyst...   Display Drivers   15 Dec 2014
LLVM Clang 3.4 Is Running Very Well On AMD's High-End...   Software   01 Feb 2014
AMD Kaveri's Open Radeon Performance Now Multiple...   Display Drivers   28 Jan 2014
AMD Kaveri OpenCL Compared To Radeon & GeForce...   Graphics Cards   23 Jan 2014
Testing Out The Configurable TDP On AMD's Kaveri   Processors   22 Jan 2014
AMD Kaveri: Gallium3D vs. Catalyst Drivers   Display Drivers   19 Jan 2014
Intel vs. AMD Performance-Per-Watt On Ubuntu 14.04...   Processors   18 Jan 2014
AMD A10-7850K vs. Intel/AMD CPU/APU Comparison   Processors   16 Jan 2014
AMD A10-7850K Radeon R7 Graphics Comparison   Graphics Cards   15 Jan 2014
AMD A10-7850K Kaveri: Windows 8.1 vs. Ubuntu Linux   Processors   14 Jan 2014
AMD A10-7850K Kaveri: The Linux Introduction   Processors   14 Jan 2014

7850K Linux News

The Most Popular Linux Hardware Reviews / Benchmarks...   Phoronix   12 Dec 2019
AMD Queues More AMDKFD HSA Kernel Driver Changes For...   AMD   25 Dec 2017
AMDKFD Preps More Carrizo/Kaveri Code For Linux 4.15...   AMD   18 Oct 2017
AMD Kaveri vs. Intel Skylake With The Latest...   Intel   06 Jan 2017
HSA Accelerator Support Should Be Usable For GCC 6   GNU   23 Aug 2015
You May Want To Wait On Trying Out The Linux 4.2...   Linux Kernel   06 Jul 2015
AMD Launches The A10-7870K "Godavari" APU   AMD   28 May 2015
More Than 226k Open-Source Benchmarks Were Collected...   Phoronix   05 Jan 2015
New ARM Boards, Kernel Improvements Won Over December   Phoronix   01 Jan 2015
The Most Viewed Phoronix Articles & Linux News In...   Phoronix   31 Dec 2014
The Top Linux Graphics Articles Of 2014: Testing Lots...   Hardware   31 Dec 2014
The Top AMD, Intel & NVIDIA Linux News For 2014   Hardware   30 Dec 2014
The Most Viewed Compiler News & Milestones Of This...   Programming   27 Dec 2014
See How Your Linux System Performs Against The Latest...   Hardware   31 Aug 2014
AMD Launches The A10-7800, The 65 Watt Kaveri   AMD   31 Jul 2014
AMD Publishes Open-Source Linux HSA Kernel Driver   AMD   10 Jul 2014
The Most Popular Linux Stories So Far In 2014   Phoronix   30 Mar 2014
Recapping The AMD Kaveri Linux Experience   AMD   09 Feb 2014
AMD "Bdver3" Steamroller GCC Testing With...   AMD   03 Feb 2014
Valve Continues Dominating & Kaveri Excited Linux...   Valve   31 Jan 2014
Testing The AMD Kaveri GPU Burst Turbo/Extreme   Hardware   20 Jan 2014
LLVM Clang vs. GCC Compilers For AMD's Steamroller   LLVM   19 Jan 2014
RadeonSI GLAMOR 2D Performance vs. Catalyst   Radeon   18 Jan 2014
HPC Challenge Benchmarks For AMD A10-7850K Kaveri   Hardware   17 Jan 2014
More AMD A10-7850K Kaveri APU Linux Benchmarks   AMD   15 Jan 2014
AMD's Updated Catalyst Linux Driver Now Available   AMD   14 Jan 2014
AMD Will Post A New Catalyst Linux Driver Today   AMD   14 Jan 2014
AMD "Kaveri" APU Linux Review, Benchmarks...   AMD   07 Jan 2014