27 March

A Curious Look At Eight Core Server CPU Performance From Intel Xeon Haswell To AMD EPYC Rome

When it comes to the AMD EPYC 7002 "Rome" processors we have looked at the various higher-end SKUs since their launch last August up to and including the EPYC 7742 with its 64 cores / 128 threads per socket. But for those wondering about the EPYC 7002 series performance at the bottom end of the spectrum, here are some fun benchmarks of the EPYC 7232P and EPYC 7262 on the near-final Ubuntu 20.04 LTS state compared to various vintages of Intel Xeon CPUs -- most notably, a curiosity driven look at the 8 core / 16 thread Intel Haswell Xeon performance.

27 March 01:00 PM EDT - Processors - 5 Comments
GCC's New Static Analysis Capabilities Are Getting Into Shape For GCC 10

One of many new features in the GCC 10 code compiler releasing in about one month's time is finally having a built-in static analyzer. This static analyzer can be enabled with the -fanalyzer switch and has been maturing nicely for its initial capabilities in the GNU Compiler Collection 10.

27 March 01:25 AM EDT - GNU - GCC 10 Static Analyzer - 2 Comments
PHP 7.4 Lands For Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

It shouldn't come as a big surprise but PHP 7.4 has now landed in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS to replace the existing PHP 7.3 support within the "Focal Fossa" package archive.

27 March 12:00 AM EDT - Ubuntu - PHP 7.4 - 4 Comments

26 March

AMD PassThru DMA Engine Driver Still Pending For The Linux Kernel

In addition to the AMD Sensor Fusion Hub driver that we are hopeful could land in Linux 5.7 albeit not yet queued in the iio-next branch, another AMD driver that has been around for a few months in patch form but yet to be mainlined is the AMD PassThru DMA Engine driver.

26 March 02:35 PM EDT - AMD - AMD PTDMA Driver EPYC - 10 Comments

25 March

Oracle Engineers Send Out Linux Patches For Trenchboot Secure Late-Launch Kernel Support

Going back to over a year ago were discussions by Oracle engineers and others about a secure launch boot protocol for the Linux kernel to in turn tie into the Trenchboot open-source project working on various system integrity features. We are now finally seeing new patches out of Oracle for wiring more Trenchboot support into the Linux kernel.

25 March 06:46 PM EDT - Linux Security - Linux Trenchboot - 6 Comments
Fedora Adopts A New Vision Statement

Fedora Project Leader Matthew Miller has sent out a reminder to Fedora contributors to "be excellent to each other" while announcing the project has a new vision statement.

25 March 04:30 PM EDT - Fedora - Fedora Vision - 49 Comments
OpenJDK 8/11 vs. GraalVM 20 vs. Amazon Corretto JVM Benchmarks

Following last week's benchmarks of OpenJDK 8 through the newly-released OpenJDK 14 JVM benchmarks, some Phoronix readers expressed interest in seeing Java benchmarks with Oracle's GraalVM as well as Amazon's Corretto JVM implementations. Here are some benchmarks of those benchmarks up against OpenJDK both for Java 8 and Java 11 releases.

25 March 02:00 PM EDT - Software - 31 Comments
Android-x86 9.0-r2 Released With Updated Kernel, UEFI Boot Fix

Released at the end of February was the long overdue stable release of Android-x86 9.0 that re-based this Intel/AMD focused Android spin atop the 9.0 "Pie" Android Open-Source Project state plus with various additions/improvements for running on x86_64 laptop/desktop hardware. Out today is the second stable update to the Android-x86 9.0 series.

25 March 07:08 AM EDT - Operating Systems - Android-x86 9.0-r2 - 3 Comments
LLVM Developers Are Still Debating How To Handle The Intel JCC Erratum Mitigation

Disclosed back in mid-November was the Intel JCC Erratum that required a CPU microcode update to mitigate and that in turn had broad performance hits. But via toolchain updates, some of that overhead can be offset. The GNU Assembler patches were quickly merged and new options exposed for helping to decrease that performance hit but on the LLVM side the developers are still working on their mitigation with some design decisions still to be made.

25 March 04:34 AM EDT - Intel - Jump Conditional Code - 6 Comments
RADV Lands AMD GCN 1.0/1.1 Fix For DOOM Eternal On Linux Under Steam Play

Doom Eternal was released this week by id Software as their first game atop the Vulkan-focused id Tech 7 engine. While it's another id Software game not seeing a native Linux port, with some tweaking the game can run under Steam Play / Proton. And now Mesa's RADV Vulkan driver has landed a fix for AMD GCN 1.0/1.1 era GPUs with a fix allowing those older graphics cards to handle this latest Doom title.

25 March 12:03 AM EDT - Radeon - RADV GCN 1.0/1.1 - 18 Comments

24 March

Windows 10 Outperforming Linux On A ~$5000 Laptop, Ubuntu Beating Clear Linux

We are used to seeing tier-one Linux distributions outperforming Microsoft Windows on hardware ranging from $199 laptops to HEDT and server processors and everything in between. Thus it came as a large surprise to us when finding Windows 10 outperforming multiple Linux distributions on a new Intel laptop. Not only was Windows 10 leading, but the performance paradigm shifted that Ubuntu was even outperforming Clear Linux, which normally is the fastest of Linux distributions out-of-the-box.

24 March 10:20 AM EDT - Operating Systems - 50 Comments
Google Engineer Posts Latest Patches For MAC + Audit Policy Using eBPF

One of the interesting innovations for the eBPF in-kernel virtual machine in recent times is the work by Google on supporting MAC and audit policy handling by it. This stems from currently custom real-time security data collection and analysis of Google servers internally for real-time threat protection and this patch-set is part of their work on allowing similar functionality in the upstream Linux kernel.

24 March 12:07 AM EDT - Linux Networking - MAC + Audit Policy With eBPF - Add A Comment

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