Intel OpenCL NEO Compute Stack Moves To "Production" Quality OpenCL 2.1

This year Intel open-sourced their "NEO" OpenCL compute stack included a new compute runtime, a new LLVM/Clang-based compiler, makes use of the Intel Graphics Memory Management Library (GMMLIB), etc. While we don't hear too much from the NEO effort on an ongoing basis, their OpenCL 2.1 support for recent hardware generations is now to production quality.

3 Hours Ago - Intel - Intel Compute Runtime - 5 Comments

24 April

Fedora Workstation 28 Is Shaping Up To Be Another Terrific Update

Fedora Workstation 28 is shaping up to be another compelling update for those that are fans of this bleeding-edge Red Hat sponsored Linux distribution. I've been running Fedora Workstation 28 snapshots on a few laptops and test machines here and am quite happy with how it's shaped up as another Fedora release that delivers not only the latest features, but doing so in a seemingly sane and stable manner: I haven't encountered any problems unlike some of the past notorious Fedora releases from years ago. Overall, I am quite excited for next month's Fedora 28 release and will be upgrading my main production system to it.

24 April 05:11 PM EDT - Fedora - Fedora Workstation 28 - 13 Comments
AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Linux Performance Boosted By Updated BIOS/AGESA

With last week's initial launch-day Linux benchmarks of the Ryzen 5 2600X / Ryzen 7 2700X some found the Linux performance to be lower than Windows. While the root cause is undetermined, a BIOS/AGESA update does appear to help the Linux performance significantly at least with the motherboard where I've been doing most of my tests with the Ryzen 7 2700X. Here are the latest benchmark numbers.

24 April 01:12 PM EDT - Motherboards - 39 Comments
UBPorts Ubuntu Touch To Be Supported By The Purism Librem 5

In addition to Purism working on their GNOME-based interface with their PureOS GNU/Linux on their upcoming Librem 5 smartphone as well as supporting KDE Plasma Mobile as another option, they will also be supporting the UBPorts community Ubuntu Touch work on this privacy-minded Linux smartphone.

24 April 11:02 AM EDT - Ubuntu - Librem 5 + Ubuntu Touch - 10 Comments
GNU Guix Wrangled To Run On Android

The GNU Guix transactional package manager can be made to run on Android smartphones/tablets, but not without lots of hoops to jump through first.

24 April 05:49 AM EDT - GNU - Guix + Android - 3 Comments

23 April

SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 Prepares HPC Module

The upcoming release of SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 is offering an HPC (High Performance Computing) module for development, control, and compute nodes. Today that SLE15-HPC module is now available in beta.

23 April 02:37 PM EDT - SUSE - SUSE High Performance Computing - 6 Comments
Ryzen Stability Issues Are Still Affecting Some FreeBSD Users

While in recent months there have been some improvements to FreeBSD that have helped yield greater reliability in running AMD Ryzen processors on this BSD operating system, some users are still reporting hard to diagnose stability problems on FreeBSD.

23 April 10:42 AM EDT - BSD - Ryzen Stability On FreeBSD - 31 Comments
Panfrost Gallium3D Driver For ARM Mali Can Now Render A Cube

The Panfrost open-source driver project previously known as "Chai" for creating an open-source 3D driver stack for ARM's Mali Midgard hardware now has a working shaded cube being rendered using the open-source code as part of its new "half-way" driver based on Gallium3D.

23 April 06:25 AM EDT - Mesa - Panfrost + Gallium - 2 Comments

22 April

Valve Acquires Campo Santo Game Studio

While still hoping to see their new Artifact game this year, it seems Valve is serious after all about getting back into the gaming spirit. News coming out this weekend is that Valve has acquired the Campo Santo game studio and its developers will be joining Valve.

22 April 04:11 PM EDT - Valve - Valve + Campo Santo - 28 Comments

21 April

DragonFlyBSD 5.2, TrueOS 18.03, FreeBSD 11.1, Ubuntu 16.04/18.04 & Clear Linux Tests

This week I posted some benchmarks looking at the Meltdown mitigation impact on BSD vs. Linux as well as some tests of DragonFly's stabilized HAMMER2 while for your viewing pleasure this weekend are a variety of general BSD vs. Linux benchmarks while using the newly-released DragonFlyBSD 5.2, TrueOS 18.03, FreeBSD 11.1, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Ubuntu 18.04, and Intel's Clear Linux.

21 April 12:10 PM EDT - Operating Systems - 28 Comments
EGLStreams XWayland Code Revised Ahead Of X.Org Server 1.20

It's still not clear if the EGLStreams XWayland support will be merged for xorg-server 1.20 but at least the patches were revised this week, making it possible to merge them into this next X.Org Server release for allowing the NVIDIA proprietary driver to work with XWayland.

21 April 11:34 AM EDT - X.Org - EGLStreams + XWayland - 21 Comments

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