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Systemd 243 RC2 Released

Released nearly one month ago was the systemd 243 release candidate while the official update has yet to materialize. It looks though like it may be on the horizon with a second release candidate being posted today.

22 August 2019 - systemd 243 - 25 Comments
systemd Clocks In At More Than 1.2 Million Lines

Five years ago today was the story on Phoronix how the systemd source tree was approaching 550k lines so curiosity got the best of me to see how large is the systemd Git repository today. Well, now it's over 1.2 million lines.

21 May 2019 - Systemd Size - 131 Comments
Systemd's Nspawn Lands OCI Runtime Support

Merged this morning into the systemd code-base was a big feature addition that's been in the works for the better part of one year by Lennart Poettering and other developers.

21 March 2019 - systemd-nspawn OCI Runtime - 67 Comments
Systemd 241 Paired With Linux 4.19+ To Enable New Regular File & FIFO Protection

The Linux 4.19 kernel brought the ability to disallow the opening of FIFOs and regular files not owned by the user in world-writable sticky directories in the name of security. Had this ability been around previously it could have prevented a number of CVEs going back a long time. In helping ensure this functionality gets utilized, Systemd 241 will now set these sysctl options to enable the behavior by default.

17 January 2019 - systemd 241 - 79 Comments
What systemd Is Up To With The Latest Developments In 2018

At the end of September in Berlin was the All Systems Go! conference focusing on user-space Linux and evolving from what years ago was the annual systemd conference. We've covered many of the interesting sessions from that conference while what we hadn't highlighted until now was Lennart Poettering's systemd update.

7 October 2018 - systemd 2018 - 11 Comments

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