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What systemd Is Up To With The Latest Developments In 2018

At the end of September in Berlin was the All Systems Go! conference focusing on user-space Linux and evolving from what years ago was the annual systemd conference. We've covered many of the interesting sessions from that conference while what we hadn't highlighted until now was Lennart Poettering's systemd update.

7 October 2018 - systemd 2018 - 11 Comments
Dbus-Broker Is Still A Faster User-Space-Based D-Bus

With BUS1 still appearing out in the distant for the mainline Linux kernel as an in-kernel IPC mechanism, dbus-broker is the year-and-a-half long effort so far at making a faster D-Bus compliant implementation in user-space.

1 October 2018 - dbus-broker - 21 Comments
Making Use Of Systemd Portable Services

With last week's release of systemd 239 one of the key new features is the introduction of Portable Services. Systemd Portable Services is a new concept that is akin to Linux containers while at this stage is considered still a preview/experimental feature.

27 June 2018 - Systemd Portable Services - 60 Comments
Systemd 237 Will Have Support For WireGuard

The next release of systemd, v237, will introduce support for WireGuard. WireGuard as a reminder is the effort to provide a fast, modern and secure VPN tunnel that eventually plans to be part of the mainline Linux kernel.

12 January 2018 - systemd-networkd - 15 Comments
systemd 228 Had A Local Root Exploit

Just in case any of you are running a slightly older Linux system that is still running systemd 228, it turns out there was a local root exploit in that version.

24 January 2017 - systemd root exploit - 72 Comments
The Development Pace Of Systemd Fell Sharply This Year

With systemd having the most commits ever in 2015 for this project, I was curious to see how the statistics for 2016 compared... To some surprise, the number of commits to systemd fell sharply and the code churn is also down to a point not seen in a few years.

30 December 2016 - systemd 2016 - 47 Comments
Lennart's Look At Systemd This Year, What's Going To Happen In 2017

We have already covered some of the interesting talks from this year's systemd conference including how to use it for application sandboxing, a new wireless daemon coming to replace wpa_supplicant, and BUS1 is on the way. But saving the best for last in another presentation to watch this weekend for those interested in systemd: Lennart Poettering's state of the union address for systemd and a look ahead to 2017 features.

2 October 2016 - Systemd State of The Union - 39 Comments

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