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Wine-Staging 4.12 Adds In New Patches

Hot off yesterday's Wine 4.12 release, the Wine-Staging crew has announced their v4.12 release that is carrying more than 800 patches atop upstream Wine.

6 July 2019 - Wine-Staging 4.12 - 3 Comments
Wine Staging 4.10 Adds EXT4 Case Insensitive Support

Following Monday's release of Wine 4.10, Wine-Staging 4.10 is now available as the latest work on this bleeding-edge / testing version of Wine for running Windows applications and games on Linux and other platforms.

12 June 2019 - Wine-Staging 4.10 - 8 Comments
WineD3D Optimistic In Their Yet To Be Proven Vulkan Backend, DXVK "Dead End"

For the past months we've been aware of CodeWeavers/Wine developers exploring a possible Vulkan back-end to WineD3D as an alternative to their long-standing approach of taking Direct3D calls and mapping it to OpenGL. This WineD3D Vulkan back-end would be akin to DXVK, VK9, D9VK, and others of ultimately using Vulkan to accelerate an alternative API. While the code has just been started, it appears the upstream Wine developers believe in their approach.

7 June 2019 - WineD3D Vulkan - 111 Comments

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