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Libinput 1.3 Brings Tablet Pads Support

Libinput 1.3 was released today with support for tablet pads -- the tablet part of a graphics tablet, with this being the last feature the developers needed for declaring feature-complete graphics tablet support in this widely-used input handling library.

10 May 2016 - Libinput 1.3 - 3 Comments
Wayland 1.11 Alpha Released

The first alpha is now available of Wayland 1.11 along with the adjoining Weston 1.11 reference compositor. This also marks the feature freeze for the Wayland/Weston 1.11 series.

4 May 2016 - Plus Weston 1.11 Alpha - 8 Comments
Pointer Warping Emulation Is Being Worked On For XWayland To Fix Games

While many games are running on Wayland either natively or through XWayland (the most likely scenario right now), not all of them offer a great experience due to functional issues. One of the functionality problems right now for games being piped through XWayland is the lack of pointer/mouse warping.

13 April 2016 - Wayland Pointer Warping - 14 Comments
Libinput 1.2 Officially Released

Libinput 1.2.0 was officially released this morning by Red Hat's Peter Hutterer for improving the Linux input support on X.Org, Wayland, and Mir systems.

23 February 2016 - libinput 1.2 - 13 Comments
Wayland 1.10 Officially Released

Wayland 1.10 was officially released today with Bryce Harrington of Samsung's Open-Source Group announcing the release on behalf of all Wayland developers.

16 February 2016 - Wayland 1.10 - 18 Comments
XWayland Gets GLAMOR X-Video Support

If you are interested in the X-Video output mechanism at all for video presentation under X11, thanks to a new patch it could soon be working under XWayland for maintaining legacy support.

16 February 2016 - XWayland X-Video - Add A Comment
Libinput 1.2 Steps Closer To Reality

Peter Hutterer announced the release today of libinput 1.1.902 as the latest development snapshot of this input handling library becoming very common to Wayland / Mir / X11 systems.

15 February 2016 - libinput 1.2 - Add A Comment
2016 Wayland Experiences: GNOME: Perfect, KDE: Bad, Enlightenment: Good

Developer Pavlo Rudyi has written a blog post about his experiences with the different desktop environments currently supporting Wayland. The results aren't a big surprise, but nevertheless it's great to see the continued interest in Wayland and the ongoing work by many different parties in ensuring Wayland will be able to dominate the Linux desktop.

12 February 2016 - 2016 Wayland - 39 Comments
Wayland Network Transparency Patches Published

For the longest time, when bringing up Wayland a recurring question was "what about network transparency?!" Well, Samsung's Derek Foreman has today published the set of Wayland patches for providing Wayland network traparency by pushing the Wayland protocol over TCP/IP.

9 February 2016 - Wayland Network Transparency - 17 Comments
Why Enlightenment & Tizen Love Wayland

Longtime free software developer Carsten Haitzler, better known as Rasterman, presented at last weekend's FOSDEM conference about Enlightenment on Wayland. As part of that, with Samsung's Tizen environment using Enlightenment, they too are after Wayland as being the superior solution to X11.

3 February 2016 - Love For Wayland - 19 Comments

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