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Wayland's Weston 2.0 Compositor Released

Wayland 1.13 was released earlier this week but the adjoining Weston compositor update didn't happen at the same time due to some last minute changes needing more time to test, but this Friday, Weston 2.0 is now shipping.

24 February 2017 - Weston 2.0 - Add A Comment
Wayland 1.13 Released

Wayland 1.13 is now available thanks to release management by Samsung OSG's Bryce Harrington.

21 February 2017 - Wayland 1.13 - 18 Comments
Wayland 1.13 RC1, Weston 2.0 RC1 Released

Bryce Harrington today announced the Wayland 1.13 Release Candidate along with the Weston 2.0 Release Candidate in hoping to push out these Wayland feature updates next week.

14 February 2017 - Wayland 1.13 / Weston 2.0 - 3 Comments
Wayland 1.13 Alpha & Weston 2.0 Alpha Released

Bryce Harrington of Samsung's Open-Source Group has announced the alpha release of Wayland 1.13 along with the Weston 2.0 alpha release. Rather than it being Weston 1.13, it's bumping to Weston 2.0 for this reference Wayland compositor.

25 January 2017 - Wayland Weston - 6 Comments
The Wayland Highlights Of 2016

Wayland much progress in 2016 and arguably the biggest milestone of it shipping by default in Fedora 25 Workstation with the GNOME 3.22 desktop.

28 December 2016 - Wayland 2016 - 4 Comments
Developers Explore Meson Build System For Wayland / Weston

A growing number of GNOME projects have been exploring Meson as a next-gen build system with one of the benefits being much faster build times. Now Daniel Stone at Collabora is exploring using Meson for Wayland and its Weston Weston compositor.

29 November 2016 - Meson Build Systems - 21 Comments
Enlightenment's Ecore_Drm2 Library Is Working Out Well For Wayland Support

While GNOME is frequently brought up for its well-vetted Wayland support when using the latest packages, the Enlightenment desktop has also been progressing very well with its Wayland compositor and they continue making improvements to their display stack. One of these important pieces has been the Ecore_Drm2 library.

7 October 2016 - Ecore_Drm2 - Add A Comment
NVIDIA's Proposal For A New API Better Than GBM Has Already Made Some Progress

On the first day of the XDC2016 conference this week in Finland NVIDIA presented over their GBM vs. EGLStreams debate that's been ongoing for months with NVIDIA's lack of GBM API support by their driver being what's preventing the binary blob from working with current-generation Wayland compositors. In that session they called for a new community-driven API to suit the needs of device memory / surface allocation and could succeed the Generic Buffer Manager. By the end of XDC2016, some progress has already been made.

23 September 2016 - NVIDIA New Memory API - 73 Comments
NVIDIA Presents Over GBM vs. EGLStreams, The Big Wayland Support Debate Continues

James Jones of NVIDIA just finished taking the stage at XDC2016 where he was talking about Unix device memory allocation, which comes down to the big EGLStreams vs. GBM debate... A.k.a. NVIDIA pushing a different approach for their Wayland support from the Wayland compositors currently focusing around GBM for buffers. This debate is leading towards the development of a new API.

21 September 2016 - Device Memory Allocation - 82 Comments

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