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Wayland 1.14 & Weston 3.0 Released

Bryce Harrington has just tagged the Wayland 1.14 update that is joined by the Weston 3.0 reference compositor release, which is seeing another major version bump due to API/ABI breakage compared to the previous Weston 2.0 release cycle.

8 August 2017 - Wayland 1.14 / Weston 3 - 10 Comments
Libinput 1.8 Released

Peter Hutterer has released libinput version 1.8 for X.Org and Wayland systems as the generic input handling library.

3 July 2017 - libinput 1.8 - 1 Comment
April Fools' Or Should Wayland Switch Away From Using C?

An independent developer wrote a message on the Wayland mailing list this weekend how Wayland should "move away from C." While Rust is all the fun these days to those looking towards a "safer" programming language, it was suggested Wayland be re-implemented in Haskell.

2 April 2017 - Wayland Not C? - 51 Comments
Some Of The Lesser Known Wayland Compositors

While GNOME Shell, KDE Plasma, and Enlightenment are among the most talked about Wayland desktop/compositor implementations right now, there are still many active smaller projects working on their own Wayland compositors. Here's a look at some of them.

19 March 2017 - Wayland Compositors - 26 Comments
Wayland Weston Compositor's Next Version Will Be v3.0

With the recent Wayland 1.13 release, the Weston reference compositor broke tradition of being the same version as Wayland due to having ABI breakage that forced them to bump the version to 2.0. With the next release, it won't be Weston 2.1 but now Weston 3.0 due to additional ABI breaks for libweston.

14 March 2017 - Weston 3.0 - 11 Comments

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