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LIBEI Yields New Effort For Emulating Input Devices In Wayland

Red Hat's input expert Peter Hutterer has started writing another library to help the Linux input ecosystem: LIBEI. This new library is focused on offering emulated input device support for Wayland in order to support use-cases like xdotool for automating input events.

31 July 2020 - Emulated Input - 10 Comments
Wayland's Weston 9.0 Reaches Alpha

Weston 9.0 release preparations are getting underway. At least compared to the original Weston 9.0 release plans, this Wayland compositor is running about a month behind those plans but in any case the release is now making its way to reality.

31 July 2020 - Weston 9.0 - 2 Comments
Libinput 1.16 Will Warn You If Your System Is Too Slow

It's been over a half-year already for the current libinput 1.15 series for this input handling library used on both X.Org and Wayland environments. But libinput 1.16 is finally en route with the first release candidate out today.

15 July 2020 - libinput 1.16 - 42 Comments
Wayland-Info Spun From Weston Code For Offering Wayland Helper Tool

Wayland's Weston compositor has provided a weston-info utility to display information on supported Wayland extensions and versioning along with other details of the Wayland compositor environment. That utility is now being spun out as wayland-info as a Wayland compositor-agnostic utility for displaying this information.

10 July 2020 - wayland-info - Add A Comment
Experimental Linux Live OS For Showcasing Wayland Updated With Latest Desktops

Years ago long before GNOME had great Wayland support and was used by default on the likes of Fedora Workstation and long before other Wayland compositors had mature support along with other areas of the stack, there was a Linux distribution offering up an experimental Linux "Live DVD/USB" OS for showcasing Wayland. That distribution is now out with a new release.

7 May 2020 - RBOS - 25 Comments
The Wayland Book Is Now Freely Available

For those wanting to learn more about the inner-workings of Wayland and its architecture, The Wayland Book is now freely available for all to learn from for moving past the X11 world on the Linux desktop.

5 May 2020 - The Wayland Book - 44 Comments

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