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DRM Lease Protocol Support Merged For Wayland For VR Headsets

The months-long effort for adding DRM lease support to Wayland via a new protocol has now been merged into Wayland Protocols as a new staging addition. The "drm_lease_v1" is principally motivated for improving the virtual reality head-mounted dispkay support under Wayland.

7 August 2021 - drm_lease_v1 - 45 Comments
Surface Suspension Protocol Proposed For Wayland

Joshua Ashton who is known for his work on DXVK (formerly D9VK) and related Steam Play / Proton graphics related efforts has submitted a proposal for a Wayland Surface-Suspension protocol.

20 June 2021 - Wayland Surface-Suspension - 34 Comments
OBS Studio Now Ready With Wayland Capture Support

Well known GNOME developer Georges Stavracas has been working to make OBS Studio fully-working under Wayland and today that reality has been achieved with native Wayland support and the ability to capture monitors and windows on Wayland compositors.

31 March 2021 - OBS Studio + Wayland - 35 Comments
Taiwins Wayland Compositor Switches From WLROOTS To Its Own Library

Taiwins debuted last year as a compact Wayland compositor and focused on being modular with Wayland scripting support. Up to now Taiwins relied upon the WLROOTS effort born out of the Sway project for doing much of the Wayland heavy-lifting but the developer has now replaced it with its own Wayland support library.

31 January 2021 - Taiwins 0.2.9 - 91 Comments

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