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Wayland's Weston 5.0 Moved Up To An August Release

Following the recent discussions of moving Wayland's Weston compositor to a 4-month release schedule and possibly doing away with time-based Wayland releases itself, Weston 5.0 will now be coming out in August.

13 June 2018 - Weston 5.0 - 1 Comment
Purism Is Proposing A Virtual Keyboard Protocol For Wayland

Purism's Dorota Czaplejewicz has been active within the Wayland community recently as they work on their Librem 5 phone Wayland compositor and Phosh shell for this software stack and iMX8 hardware they hope to begin shipping next year.

18 May 2018 - Wayland Virtual Keyboard - 4 Comments
Wayland's Weston Begins Switching To Head-Based Output API

Following last week's release of Wayland 1.15 / Weston 4.0, the development gates are once again open for new feature activity to land for Wayland and the reference Weston compositor. Weston has already landed a big patch series for what will likely become Weston 5.0.

18 April 2018 - Allows For Clone Mode - 3 Comments
Wayland 1.15 & Weston 4.0 Release Candidates Published

Not only is there a new X.Org Server 1.20 release candidate today but the folks managing Wayland/Weston development have today announced the first release candidates of Wayland 1.15 and the Weston 4.0 reference compositor.

2 April 2018 - Wayland 1.15 + Weston 4.0 - 2 Comments
Wayland's Weston Getting New Touchscreen Calibrator

With Wayland appearing in more places from automobile in-vehicle infotainments to planes to smartphones, having a good touchscreen calibration system is certainly important. Collabora developers have been working on a new touchscreen calibrator and new protocol extension for Weston.

23 March 2018 - Wayland Weston - 1 Comment
Wayland's Weston Gets Patch For High Priority GPU Support

Last year Intel open-source developers squared away priority GPU scheduling support within their kernel DRM driver and from Mesa are exposing support for "high priority" GPU processes via the EGL_IMG_context_priority extension. There hasn't been any major real-world user of this support yet, but a patch would allow Wayland's Weston OpenGL renderer to make use of it.

1 March 2018 - High Priority Rendering - 9 Comments

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