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Greenfield: An In-Browser HTML5 Wayland Compositor

Earlier this year we covered the Westfield project as Wayland for HTML5/JavaScript by providing a Wayland protocol parser and generator for JavaScript. Now that code has morphed into Greenfield to provide a working, in-browser HTML5 Wayland compositor.

23 November 2017 - HTML5 Wayland Compositor - 16 Comments
Stereoscopy/3D Protocol Being Worked On For Wayland

Collabora consultant Emmanuel Gil Peyrot has sent out a series of patches proposing a new (unstable) protocol for Wayland in dealing with stereoscopic layouts for 3D TV support but could be used in the future for VR HMDs, etc.

14 November 2017 - Wayland 3D - 2 Comments
Wayland 1.14 & Weston 3.0 Released

Bryce Harrington has just tagged the Wayland 1.14 update that is joined by the Weston 3.0 reference compositor release, which is seeing another major version bump due to API/ABI breakage compared to the previous Weston 2.0 release cycle.

8 August 2017 - Wayland 1.14 / Weston 3 - 10 Comments
Libinput 1.8 Released

Peter Hutterer has released libinput version 1.8 for X.Org and Wayland systems as the generic input handling library.

3 July 2017 - libinput 1.8 - 1 Comment

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