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Chamferwm Is Still Kicking As A Vulkan-Powered X11 Compositor

While waiting on a flight delay yesterday, I was trawling through GitHub checking out different open-source projects, in this case Vulkan projects, and pleased to see that Chamferwm still exists. For those that missed our earlier coverage of Chamferwm months ago, it's a Vulkan-powered X11 compositor / window manager.

9 June 2019 - Chamferwm - 4 Comments
Prolific Red Hat Developer Starts Up "Wayland Itches" Project

Longtime Red Hat developer Hans de Goede who has been responsible for many Linux desktop improvements over the years from laptop support fixes to open-source GPU driver fixes to most recently flicker-free boot has a new area of hacking: taking care of the pain points under Wayland.

14 May 2019 - Things That Itch With Wayland - 88 Comments
Libinput 1.13 RC2 Better Detects Triple Taps

Peter Hutterer of Red Hat announced the release of libinput 1.13 Release Candidate 2 on Thursday as the newest test release for this input handling library used by both X.Org and Wayland Linux systems.

22 March 2019 - Libinput 1.13 - Add A Comment
The Greenfield Wayland Compositor Can Now Run Apps Directly In Your Web Browser

Greenfield is the nearly two year old effort providing an in-browser, HTML5 Wayland compositor. This open-source project has allowed for remote Wayland applications to run in browsers while running from remote hosts. Greenfield though can now run applications directly inside a user's web browser via Web Worker threads.

20 March 2019 - Greenfield Wayland In The Browser - 8 Comments
Wayland 1.17 & Weston 6.0 Reach Alpha, Officially Releasing Next Month

Out today are the first alpha releases for Wayland 1.17 and the Weston 6.0 reference compositor. This alpha release is about two weeks behind schedule but the developers have updated their plans to now ship the beta releases on 5 March, release candidates begin on 12 March, and potentially releasing the stable versions of Wayland 1.17.0 and Weston 6.0.0 on 19 March.

19 February 2019 - Wayland 1.17 + Weston 6.0 - 1 Comment
Greenfield Is Still Progressing As An HTML5 In-Browser Wayland Compositor

Two years ago we covered Greenfield as an in-browser HTML5-based Wayland compositor. While at first it may seem like just a short-lived toy, it turns out the project is still around and advancing with its functionality for running Wayland apps inside modern web browsers without any browser plug-ins.

3 February 2019 - Wayland Apps In The Browser - 12 Comments

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