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Better Wine Benchmarking This Summer For Windows Programs On Linux

Improvements are underway for Wine benchmarking to help ensure this open-source program for running Windows apps/games on Linux and other operating systems continues without introducing performance regressions and for being able to quantitatively verify expected performance improvements around its Direct3D/OpenGL/Vulkan code-paths, among other areas of Wine.

14 June 2018 - Windows-Wine Benchmarks - 40 Comments
Wine 3.0.1 Released With 60 Bugs Fixed

For those not riding the exciting bi-weekly development releases of Wine, the Wine 3.0.1 stable release is out today as the first bug-fix update over the Wine 3.0 debut that happened earlier this year.

14 May 2018 - Wine 3.0.1 - 7 Comments
The Oracle vs. Google Case Is Concerning Some Wine Developers

At the end of March the US Federal Court of Appeals made a reversal in the long-running Oracle vs. Google battle over the use of Java APIs within Android. The appeals court determined that Google's use of some Java APIs were not under fair-use, which could set a dangerous precedent for some open-source projects.

14 April 2018 - Fair Use Over APIs - 74 Comments
Wine Developers Are Creating Their Own Vulkan Loader Library

While mainline Wine development code has enough Vulkan support that it can run the few Windows Vulkan games like Wolfenstein and DOOM along with the Vulkan code samples and the Vulkan information utility, it's currently dependent upon the Windows Vulkan SDK being manually installed on the system. That's now changing with Wine developers working on their own Vulkan loader library.

27 March 2018 - Vulkan-1 - 13 Comments

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