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Wine-Staging 3.13 Released With Extra Patches

Following Friday's release of Wine 3.13 is now the adjoining Wine-Staging 3.13 version debut that incorporates various extra/testing patches atop this code-base for running Windows programs/games primarily on Linux and macOS systems.

21 July 2018 - Wine-Staging 3.13 - Add A Comment
Better Wine Benchmarking This Summer For Windows Programs On Linux

Improvements are underway for Wine benchmarking to help ensure this open-source program for running Windows apps/games on Linux and other operating systems continues without introducing performance regressions and for being able to quantitatively verify expected performance improvements around its Direct3D/OpenGL/Vulkan code-paths, among other areas of Wine.

14 June 2018 - Windows-Wine Benchmarks - 40 Comments
Wine 3.0.1 Released With 60 Bugs Fixed

For those not riding the exciting bi-weekly development releases of Wine, the Wine 3.0.1 stable release is out today as the first bug-fix update over the Wine 3.0 debut that happened earlier this year.

14 May 2018 - Wine 3.0.1 - 7 Comments
The Oracle vs. Google Case Is Concerning Some Wine Developers

At the end of March the US Federal Court of Appeals made a reversal in the long-running Oracle vs. Google battle over the use of Java APIs within Android. The appeals court determined that Google's use of some Java APIs were not under fair-use, which could set a dangerous precedent for some open-source projects.

14 April 2018 - Fair Use Over APIs - 74 Comments

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