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Wine 3.0.1 Released With 60 Bugs Fixed

For those not riding the exciting bi-weekly development releases of Wine, the Wine 3.0.1 stable release is out today as the first bug-fix update over the Wine 3.0 debut that happened earlier this year.

14 May 2018 - Wine 3.0.1 - 7 Comments
The Oracle vs. Google Case Is Concerning Some Wine Developers

At the end of March the US Federal Court of Appeals made a reversal in the long-running Oracle vs. Google battle over the use of Java APIs within Android. The appeals court determined that Google's use of some Java APIs were not under fair-use, which could set a dangerous precedent for some open-source projects.

14 April 2018 - Fair Use Over APIs - 74 Comments
Wine Developers Are Creating Their Own Vulkan Loader Library

While mainline Wine development code has enough Vulkan support that it can run the few Windows Vulkan games like Wolfenstein and DOOM along with the Vulkan code samples and the Vulkan information utility, it's currently dependent upon the Windows Vulkan SDK being manually installed on the system. That's now changing with Wine developers working on their own Vulkan loader library.

27 March 2018 - Vulkan-1 - 13 Comments
Wine Vulkan Patches Prepping For Direct3D 12 / VKD3D

CodeWeavers' Józef Kucia has sent out a set of patches today against Winevulkan in shifting around some code in preparing to allow for the eventual Direct3D 12 support that's implemented on top of Vulkan by the external VKD3D library.

24 March 2018 - Wine Vulkan Direct3D 12 - 2 Comments
Wine Developers Determining How To Handle Vulkan Loader Support

While this week's Wine 3.4 release delivers on working Wine Vulkan ICD support for beginning to allow Windows Vulkan programs to work under Wine assuming the host has Vulkan API support, this current implementation still requires the user to install the Windows Vulkan SDK.

18 March 2018 - Wine Vulkan Loader - 11 Comments
The Latest Winevulkan Patches Make It Usable For Doom, Wolfenstein & DXVK

Roderick Colenbrander and those working with him on "Winevulkan" to provide a clean Vulkan implementation for Wine supporting the Vulkan ICD concept, etc, rather than the old hacked together code in Wine-Staging have done a great job. With Roderick's latest Winevulkan patches, this new implementation is considered usable.

15 March 2018 - Wine Vulkan - 20 Comments
Wine-Staging 3.3 Released

While the original Wine-Staging maintainers have parted ways with the project, a new Wine-Staging initiative has been getting under way and they managed their first development release this Sunday.

4 March 2018 - Wine-Staging - 27 Comments
RADV Vulkan Driver Improvements Coming For Wolfenstein 2 On Wine

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus makes use of the Vulkan graphics API on the id Tech 6 engine but sadly remains Windows-only aside from the consoles. While it runs with Wine, there are some bugs when using the RADV Radeon Vulkan driver but fortunately one of Valve's Linux developers is working on some improvements.

24 February 2018 - Thanks Valve - 28 Comments
Wine-Staging Has Been Revived, Working Towards New Release

Wine-Staging has been a flavor of Wine popular with Linux gamers for often carrying bleeding-edge patches and other experimental work prior to being mainlined. But over two months ago, Wine-Staging went silent without any further updates. A few days ago the original maintainers announced they parted ways with the work due to lack of time and would not be issuing any new releases. Now there are new developers taking over.

21 February 2018 - Wine-Staging - 123 Comments
New Wine-Vulkan Patches Are Under Review

Roderick Colenbrander's Wine-Vulkan work for Vulkan infrastructure support under Wine has been updated and is ready for review, making these initial bits a candidate for soon being incorporated into mainline Wine.

20 February 2018 - Wine-Vulkan - 5 Comments
Wine-Staging Will No Longer Be Putting Out New Releases

Wine-Staging as many of you have known it for the past four years is unfortunately no more. We'll see if other reliable folks step up to maintain this experimental version of Wine but the original developers have sadly stepped away.

17 February 2018 - Wine-Staging - 63 Comments

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