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Wine-Staging 5.12 Comes In Much Lighter With Many Patches Upstreamed

Wine-Staging at one point was traditionally 800+ testing/experimental patches on top of the upstream Wine code-base, even as recently as March when it was 850+ patches. Thanks to more work being upstreamed, last month it hit just over 700 patches and now with today's release of Wine-Staging 5.12 it represents a delta of just 665 patches.

4 July 2020 - Wine-Staging - 5 Comments
Wine Patches Cleaned Up, Out For Review On Very Early POWER 64-Bit Support

With the Raptor Blackbird popular among open-source enthusiasts for a libre 64-bit Linux desktop compute and that getting more POWER9 hardware out in the wild, more users are interested in seeing Wine work for 64-bit POWER hardware. Last year was some early porting work done by Raptor Computing Systems but now a cleaned up patch series has been sent out with this very primitive PPC64 work.

26 April 2020 - WINE POWERPC64 - 15 Comments
Wine's Direct3D Vulkan Backend Is Seeing Some New Activity

While there exists DXVK offering great Direct3D 9/10/11 support atop Vulkan that is used by Steam Play / Proton and others, Wine developers continue working on their Vulkan back-end to WineD3D as a similar Direct3D-over-Vulkan approach for pre-D3D12.

17 April 2020 - WineD3D Vulkan - 18 Comments
Wine-Staging 5.3 Fixes Online Play For Some Recent Games

Following yesterday's Wine 5.3 release, Wine-Staging 5.3 was issued as the latest testing/experimental flavor of Wine. Wine-Staging 5.3 is still carrying 800+ extra patches compared to upstream Wine while it has updated its Event FD synchronization code and also added one important addition this cycle.

29 February 2020 - Wine-Staging 5.3 - 2 Comments

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