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Wine 6.0-rc6 Released With More Fixes

Wine 6.0-rc6 is out today as the latest weekly release candidate of Wine 6.0 that will be released in the near future. Either due to nearing the end of the release cycle and/or Wine developers having a post-holiday hangover, Wine 6.0-RC6 is coming in light on new fixes.

8 January 2021 - Wine 6.0-rc6 - Add A Comment
Wine 6.0-RC5 Released With 21 Bug Fixes

Wine 6.0 stable should be out this month but for now is another weekly release candidate of this open-source project that allows running Windows games/applications on Linux, macOS, and BSD platforms.

2 January 2021 - Wine 6.0 - Add A Comment
Wine 6.0-RC2 Released With 40 More Bugs Fixed

Following last week's Wine 6.0-RC1 release that marked the feature freeze and start of the release process for the annual stable Wine release, Wine 6.0-RC2 is out today with the latest assortment of fixes.

11 December 2020 - Wine 6.0 - 5 Comments
Wine 6.0 Release Preparations Begin In Two Weeks

With Wine on an annual stable release cadence for shipping new stable feature releases generally at the beginning of each calendar year after a year's worth of bi-weekly development snapshots, Wine 6.0 is due for release around January.

23 November 2020 - Wine 6.0 - 11 Comments
Hangover Alpha 2 Lets Windows x86/x64 Programs Run On ARM64, POWER 64-bit

The Wine program for running Windows games/applications on Linux and other platforms can run on a number of different architectures, but Wine doesn't handle the emulation of running Windows x86/x64 binaries on other architectures like 64-bit ARM or PowerPC. But that's what the Wine-based Hangover is about with currently allowing those conventional Windows binaries to run on AArch64 (ARM64) and 64-bit POWER too.

31 October 2020 - Hangover Alpha 2 - 7 Comments
CodeWeavers Announces Rebrand With PortJump + ExecMode

CodeWeavers as the main contributor to the Wine code-base and employing many of the key developers thanks to the development of their Linux and macOS CrossOver software is working on a rebrand and promotion of their consulting services.

13 October 2020 - CodeWeavers - 22 Comments

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