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Wine Reflink Support Continues To Be Worked On For Significant Space Savings

Last month I wrote about the proposed reflink support for Wine that would provide significant space savings for those having multiple Windows games/applications on Linux installed where Wine and derivatives like Crossover and Steam Play (Proton) generally maintain a separate "prefix" per software installation. Fortunately, that reflink support continues to be worked on for Wine where it can lead to savings up to several hundred megabytes per Wine prefix.

23 August 2021 - Wine + Reflinks - 49 Comments
Proposed Reflink Support Would Provide Big Space Savings For Wine

When sticking to Wine recommendations of maintaining separate prefixes per-application, a lot of system files get duplicated for each game/application and in turn leading to significant bloat. With the current state of Wine it can mean hundreds of megabytes per prefix in duplicated files. But proposed reflink patches for Wine are aiming to cut down on this severe bloat.

25 July 2021 - Reflink For Wine - 69 Comments
Wine 6.0.1 Pops Open Support For The Apple M1, Dozens Of Fixes

While Wine's bi-weekly development releases are normally in good shape and suitable for Linux gamers and other enthusiasts wanting to run Windows games and applications on Linux or macOS, Wine 6.0.1 is out this week for those sticking to the yearly stable releases with follow-on point releases.

8 June 2021 - Wine 6.0.1 - 4 Comments
Wine-Staging 6.10 Ships With Just Under 600 Patches Atop Upstream Wine

It's been a few releases since there has been much in the way of new additions to Wine-Staging worth talking about. This staging/experimental version of Wine has at some points carried 700+ patches over upstream Wine but with not many new patches introduced recently while the flow of patches from staging to upstream Wine continuing, at this point its down to "only" 571 patches. With today's Wine-Staging 6.10 there are also some new improvements incorporated into this build.

5 June 2021 - Wine-Staging 6.10 - 3 Comments
Wine 6.6 Released With Better Plug & Play Driver Support

Wine 6.6 is out as the open-source project's first release of April for running Windows games and applications primarily on Linux and macOS platforms. With Wine 6.6 comes more feature work that will ultimately be incorporated into the Wine 7.0 release due out in early 2022.

9 April 2021 - Wine 6.6 - 33 Comments
Wine's Project Leader Has Given A Blessing To The Wayland Effort

Published last month was an updated but still experimental version of the native Wayland support for Wine after that code was originally published last year. One of the lingering questions has been around the prospects of mainlining this Wayland driver in Wine while last week the longtime Wine project leader, Alexandre Julliard, provided some clarity on the matter.

5 March 2021 - Wine + Wayland - 31 Comments
Wine-Staging 6.2 Drops Down To 669 Patches

Two weeks ago with Wine-Staging 6.1 it was at nearly 800 patches atop the upstream Wine code-base while for Wine-Staging 6.2 it has fallen to just a 669 patch difference.

13 February 2021 - Wine-Staging 6.2 - 7 Comments
Wine Begins Landing PPC64 Code To Eventually Help With Windows Programs On POWER

Going back about two years there has been work on properly supporting Wine on POWER 64-bit (PPC64). Now past the Wine 6.0 stable release, it looks like that work that work is finally beginning to land. In conjunction with Hangover to handle the cross-architecture aspect, the hope is to eventually allow Windows x86 programs to work on libre POWER systems or at the very least with native Winelib support to help in porting open-source Windows software to IBM POWER / OpenPOWER.

10 February 2021 - Wine PPC64 - 21 Comments

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