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Wine 5.0 Code Freeze To Begin Next Week

As expected by Wine's annual release cadence, next week Wine 5.0 will enter its code freeze followed by release candidates until this next stable Wine release is ready to ship around early 2020.

6 December 2019 - Wine 5.0 - 1 Comment
Wine Patches Coming To Allow UMIP Emulation - Works Around Issues For Ryzen 3000

Coming up this weekend with the Linux 5.4 kernel is emulation/spoofing of the SGDT/SIDT/SMSW instructions around UMIP for allowing newer 64-bit Windows games to run on Wine and Steam Play (Proton). With newer CPUs like the AMD Ryzen 3000 series that support UMIP, these instructions are not allowed to run in user-space with Wine due to UMIP. So while the first stable kernel release is about to land with this support, some Wine-based emulation not contingent on the kernel patches is also in the works.

22 November 2019 - UMIP Emulation - 3 Comments
Wine-Staging 4.12 Adds In New Patches

Hot off yesterday's Wine 4.12 release, the Wine-Staging crew has announced their v4.12 release that is carrying more than 800 patches atop upstream Wine.

6 July 2019 - Wine-Staging 4.12 - 3 Comments

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