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Using UEFI/OVMF In VMs With Virt-Manager

If you are just a casual user of the Linux virtualization stack with the open-source virt-manager, you might not know that for months they have already been supporting UEFI-based installations inside virtual machines.

2 January 2016 - Virt-Manager 1.2 - 4 Comments
Dell Is Going To Buy Out VMware's Parent, EMC

After rumors were swirling last week that Dell was planning to buy EMC, the parent company of VMWare, for $50 billion USD, today that information was firmed up and the purchase price is actually $67 billion -- making it one of the largest tech deals ever.

12 October 2015 - Dell Buying EMC - 7 Comments
VirtIO-GPU Gets Patches For 3D Rendering

Landing in the Linux 4.2 kernel was the new VirtIO GPU driver to be used with the open-source Linux virtualization stack as the first step towards having open-source GPU hardware acceleration in guest VMs. While that initial code drop didn't hook up any 3D rendering support, there's now patches for doing just that.

10 September 2015 - VirtIO-GPU - 10 Comments
QEMU Vulnerability Exposes The Host Through Emulated CD-ROM Drive

Back in May was the big "VENOM" security vulnerability affect QEMU whereby VM security could be escaped through QEMU's virtual floppy disk drive. In June was a PCNET controller buffer overflow allowing a guest to escape to have host access. Today there's a similar security vulnerability going public about its virtual CD-ROM drive.

27 July 2015 - CVE-2015-5154 - 9 Comments
QEMU 2.4-rc1 Brings More Fixes

A new release candidate came out yesterday for QEMU 2.4, the next release of this important piece to open-source Linux virtualization. With QEMU 2.4 comes several new features.

17 July 2015 - QEMU 2.4 - 1 Comment
QEMU Affected By Another Security Vulnerability

Back in May a security vulnerability went public that let VMs escape QEMU's security and gain access to the host via an issue in QEMU's virtual floppy disk driver code. Another QEMU security issue is going public today.

10 June 2015 - PCNET - 3 Comments
New Benchmarks Of Eltechs ExaGear For x86 Apps On ARM

In the past we've written about Eltechs' ExaGear Desktop software that claims to be 4.5x faster than QEMU and allows x86 Windows/Linux programs to run on ARM. The company has sent over their latest benchmark results of their latest performance claims.

31 May 2015 - Eltechs ExaGear - 10 Comments
VirtualBox 5.0 Beta 3 Released

The third beta to VirtualBox 5.0 is now available. VirtualBox 5.0 is a big step forward to Oracle's virtualization software and adds PV support to Windows/Linux guests, XHCI controller support for USB 3.0 devices, bi-directional drag-and-drop to guests, and more.

7 May 2015 - VirtualBox 5.0 - 3 Comments

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