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Xen Project Hypervisor 4.8 Released

The Xen Project Hypervisor 4.8 release was announced today as their first to be done off a six-month release cycle. There is a lot of ARM work in Xen 4.8 but also a lot of other enhancements.

7 December 2016 - Xen 4.8 - 10 Comments
Xen Orchestra 5.0 Released With Several New Features

While Xen 4.7 was released this week as the latest for this virtualization hypervisor, the independent Xen Orchestra software that provides a web interface to Xen Server is out with its version 5.0 milestone.

24 June 2016 - Xen Orchestra 5 - 1 Comment
Handling I/O Bursts With QEMU 2.6

The recent release of QEMU 2.6 has support for allowing guests to do bursts of I/O for a configurable amount of time, whereby the I/O level exceeds the normally allowed limits.

24 May 2016 - IO Bursts - Add A Comment
Xen Orchestra 4.12 Brings New VM Features

Version 4.12 of Xen Orchestra is now available, the open-source project built around XenServer. The Xen Orchestra 4.12 release brings new features and is one of the few remaining before focusing on Xen Orchestra 5.

18 January 2016 - Xen Orchestra 4.12 - Add A Comment

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