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Intel's Project ACRN To Upstream More Code With Linux 5.12

Announced nearly three years ago by Intel was the ACRN reference hypervisor framework intended for IoT/embedded use-cases with real-time capabilities and safety-critical computing. More of the kernel bits to this "Big Little Hypervisor for IoT Development" are set to see mainline with the imminent Linux 5.12 kernel cycle.

10 February 2021 - ACRN Hypervisor - Add A Comment
Bareflank 2.1 Released As The Last Before A Major Rework To This Open-Source Hypervisor

Bareflank is an open-source Linux hypervisor in development for several years and written around modern C++11/C++14 code and other modern functionality compared to longstanding virtualization hypervisors. Over the past few years it's been picking up many new features while this week Bareflank 2.1 released prior to a major overhaul coming with Bareflank 3.0 that will radically change the codebase.

30 January 2021 - Bareflank 2.1 Hypervisor - 3 Comments
Linux 5.9 Dropping Xen 32-bit PV Guest Support

Back in Linux 5.4 Xen 32-bit PV guest support was deprecated while now for Linux 5.9 it's set to be removed entirely. Last year's deprecation comes with the 32-bit usage dwindling in general but PVH being preferred to PV, Meltdown mitigations not being present, and the code not seeing much activity. Now for Linux 5.9 that support is being gutted.

14 August 2020 - Para-Virtualized Guest - 4 Comments
Intel Engineer Proposes Software-Based KVM Protected Memory Extension

While modern AMD EPYC CPUs support Secure Encrypted Virtualization (SEV) and Intel more recently has been working on MKTME for similarly offering hardware-backed total memory encryption, an Intel open-source engineer has now proposed a software-based solution for protected memory support for KVM virtualization.

24 May 2020 - Software Memory Protection - 8 Comments

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