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Linux's KVM Sees Patches For RISC-V Support

In continuation of the article last week how the RISC-V Linux kernel support has been maturing and various missing gaps filled in, another feature just arrived in patch form: support for KVM virtualization.

30 July 2019 - Linux + KVM + RISC-V - 5 Comments
Linux Kernel Looks To Remove 32-bit Xen PV Guest Support

Coming soon to a kernel near you could be the removal of 32-bit Xen PV guest support as better jiving with Xen's architectural improvements and more of the Linux/open-source community continuing to shift focus to 64-bit x86 with trying to finally sunset 32-bit x86.

17 July 2019 - Xen 32-bit PV Guest - 22 Comments
Linux 5.3 Ready To Support Linux Guests On ACRN

Back in March 2019 when Intel announced Sound Open Firmware, they also announced ACRN as a small footprint hypervisor intended for real-time and safety-critical use-cases. Now with Linux 5.3 this IoT-focused hypervisor can handle Linux guests on the ACRN hypervisor.

9 July 2019 - ACRN Hypervisor - Add A Comment
Jailhouse 0.11 Hypervisor Brings New CPU Support, Spectre V2 Mitigation For ARM

The past several years Siemens and others have been working on Jailhouse as a Linux-based partitioning hypervisor for bare metal appliances. Their previous release was all the way back during last year's Oktoberfest and now with construction for this year's fest kicking off at the wiesn, the developers happen to be releasing their next version of Jailhouse.

8 July 2019 - Jailhouse 0.11 - Add A Comment
The KVM Changes Aren't Too Notable For Linux 5.1, But Many x86 Cleanups

Paolo Bonzini submitted the Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) changes for the Linux 5.1 kernel on Friday, much later in the cycle than normal. This isn't due to some big ticket features landing but rather "some ugly factors" in the form of tracking down some bugs and ended up dropping some premature optimizations.

17 March 2019 - KVM For Linux 5.1 - Add A Comment
Preliminary Support Allows Linux KVM To Boot Xen HVM Guests

As one of the most interesting patch series sent over by an Oracle developer in quite a while at least on the virtualization front, a "request for comments" series was sent out on Wednesday that would enable the Linux Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) to be able to boot Xen HVM guests.

21 February 2019 - Kernel-based VM Booting Xen HVM - 2 Comments
Virgl Lands A Number Of Performance Optimizations In Mesa 19.1

For those using the Virgl3D driver stack for having OpenGL acceleration within KVM guest VMs with VirtIO-GPU that is then accelerated by hosts, there are performance optimizations that have just landed in the Mesa 19.1 development code.

15 February 2019 - Mesa 19.1 + Virgl Performance - 1 Comment
LXD For Linux Containers Had A Very Fruitful 2018

While Canonical often takes heat for their various project "forks", their work on LXD for further innovating atop LXC for Linux containers has really paid off. Over the past few years LXD has really evolved into quite a capable system container manager beast.

4 February 2019 - LXD 2018 - 13 Comments

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