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QEMU 3.0 Brings Spectre V4 Mitigation, OpenGL ES Support In SDL Front-End

QEMU 3.0 is now officially available. This big version bump isn't due to some compatibility-breaking changes, but rather to simplify their versioning and begin doing major version bumps on an annual basis. As an added bonus, QEMU 3.0 comes at a time of the project marking its 15th year in existence.

15 August 2018 - QEMU 3.0 - 4 Comments
Virt-Viewer 7.0 Released

For those making use of Virt-Viewer, this utility for displaying the graphical console of a virtual machine via SPICE/VNC, its version 7.0 release is now available.

29 July 2018 - virt-viewer 7.0 - Add A Comment
QEMU 3.0 Is Being Prepared For Release In August

The march to QEMU 3.0 is now underway following discussions at the end of last year for jumping to the v3.0 milestone after the long-running v2.x series. The first release candidate is now available and marks a hard feature freeze for the QEMU 3.0 milestone.

10 July 2018 - QEMU 3.0 - 15 Comments
Tracking Mesa's VirGL OpenGL Features

It's now much easier tracking the state of VirGL that allows for OpenGL acceleration within guest virtual machines by passing on the rendering calls to the system's host OpenGL driver via Mesa and the virglrenderer library.

7 June 2018 - VirGL Features.txt - 14 Comments
Jailhouse v0.8 Linux Hypervisor Released

The past few years Siemens has been working on Jailhouse as a Linux-based partitioning hypervisor that has aimed to be a lighter alternative to KVM. It's been seven months since the last update, but now Jailhouse 0.8 is now available.

28 December 2017 - Jailhouse - 1 Comment

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