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Mir 0.26.3 Released

With Canonical divesting in Mir from the desktop and abandoning their mobile phone/tablet ambitions, we might not see Mir v1.0 ever reached as was anticipated to happen for the Ubuntu 17.10 cycle. However, Mir is still being maintained for IoT use-cases and today is a new point release.

15 June 2017 - Mir 0.26.3 - 16 Comments
Ubuntu 17.10 Release Schedule Published

In addition to the Ubuntu 17.10 codename of Artful Aardvark coming out this week, the release schedule for this next Ubuntu Linux development cycle has also been published.

21 April 2017 - Ubuntu 17.10 Release Date - 13 Comments
Ubuntu 17.10 Is Artful

According to Launchpad, it looks like we finally have the codename for the successor to the Zesty Zapus.

20 April 2017 - Artful Aardvark - 23 Comments
Mir Developers See The Door, No Commits In A Week

With switching back over to the GNOME desktop, Ubuntu is migrating to Wayland by default as presumed. But Mir is to be maintained for IoT use-cases, according to previous comments by Shuttleworth. However, it looks like multiple developers from the small Mir team were sent packing and there's been no public commits to Mir in the past week.

20 April 2017 - Mir - 34 Comments
Trying AMDGPU-PRO 17.10 On Ubuntu 17.04

In early April AMD released the AMDGPU-PRO 17.10 driver as their first hybrid proprietary driver update in some time. With this update came support for Ubuntu 16.04.2 (and also 16.10, unofficially) but to little surprise it doesn't work out-of-the-box with this week's Ubuntu 17.04 release. But it can be made to work.

16 April 2017 - AMDGPU-PRO + Ubuntu 17.04 - 48 Comments
Ubuntu GNOME Will No Longer Be A Separate Flavor

Ubuntu GNOME 17.04 was released today alongside the other Ubuntu 17.04 flavors, but for those wondering what's happening to Ubuntu GNOME now that Ubuntu 18.04 will use GNOME with Unity being dropped, the Ubuntu GNOME flavor is winding down.

13 April 2017 - Ubuntu GNOME Winding Down - 61 Comments
GLAMOR 2D Tests On Ubuntu 17.04 With X.Org Server 1.19

With Ubuntu 17.04 having switched to X.Org Server 1.19 at the last minute, I ran some classic 2D tests from the Zesty Zapus to see how the 2D X11 performance has been impacted thanks to the GLAMOR optimizations that took place for the xorg-server 1.19 cycle.

13 April 2017 - xorg-server 1.19 - Add A Comment
Mir Developer Pleads The Case "Why Mir"

Canonical developer Alan Griffiths has been blogging a lot in recent days about the Mir display server. He's been trying to get the community to support Mir and even potentially add native Wayland client support. His latest post is entitled "Why Mir" with many still wondering why they should care about Mir when Wayland has proven to be the tested and widely-adopted path forward.

12 April 2017 - Mir - 45 Comments
Mir Developer: Anyone Interested In Native Wayland Clients In Mir?

While Canonical is expected to maintain Mir for IoT use-cases, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is expected to use the GNOME desktop on Wayland. The community forks so far of Unity 8 also appear to want to switch to Wayland eventually rather than Mir. In trying to maintain relevance for Mir, longtime Mir developer Alan Griffiths is asking whether the community would be interested in native Wayland client support in Mir.

11 April 2017 - Alan Griffith Post - 54 Comments
Mir Developer Hopes Community Will Use It & Add Wayland Compatibility

One of the lead developers on the Mir project at Canonical, Alan Griffiths, has finally opened up about this week's news of Ubuntu dropping efforts around Unity 8 and switching back to GNOME. This also is pretty much definitive that Mir is being dropped and Ubuntu will end up making use of Wayland.

7 April 2017 - Mir-over-Wayland - 66 Comments
Mark Shuttleworth Reportedly Returning To Role As Canonical CEO

There's a big meeting going on today at Canonical regarding changes being made at the company. This follows the dramatic news this week of Ubuntu dropping Unity 8 and switching back to GNOME Shell. There's now information obtained that Mark is planning to reprise the role of CEO.

7 April 2017 - Shakeup - 30 Comments
Ubuntu Server Exploring A New Installer & More

Dustin Kirkland, the leader of product manager at Canonical, recently asked the folks at HackerNews what they would like to see done for Ubuntu 17.10. He's collected their feedback and offered a few insights into the current happenings.

6 April 2017 - Ubuntu Features - 25 Comments

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