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Khronos To Develop New Standard For VR

The Khronos Group is going public this morning with a call for participation of companies that are not yet Khronos members but looking to join a new initiative: developing a new, cross-vendor VR standard to allow for better virtual reality interoperability of hardware devices, game engines, and more.

6 December 2016 - Khronos VR - 29 Comments
Guillemot: Various OpenGL Tips & Tricks

For those invested in OpenGL and don't want to abandon it so soon for Vulkan, a few Phoronix readers pointed out a blog post this week filled with various OpenGL rendering tips and tricks.

27 November 2016 - OpenGL Guide - 5 Comments
Igalia Joins The Khronos Group

The well known Linux/open-source focused consulting firm Igalia has joined The Khronos Group as a contributing member.

10 November 2016 - Khronos + Igalia - 3 Comments
HTTP-SS: "A New Faster Internet Protocol"

A German company is promising a new protocol dubbed "HTTP-SS" that "should be able to double Internet speed, decrease data volume almost by 90% and get rid of the other general issues" compared to HTTP/HTTPS, at least that's what they claim.

6 November 2016 - HTTP-SS - 98 Comments
LLGL Aims To Be Abstraction Layer For OpenGL, Direct3D 11/12 & Vulkan

One of my "hobbies" when news is light and there isn't any fun/new/exciting hardware keeping me busy on a given weekend is checking out the various Vulkan projects on GitHub. It's been great seeing all of the independent graphics renderers/engines being tried by different individuals, tons of different Vulkan samples, and a lot of other innovative projects around Vulkan, many of which I've written about in the past few months on Phoronix. One of the projects I see being regularly updated when checking on weekends and haven't written about yet is LLGL, the Low-Level Graphics Library.

23 October 2016 - Low-Level Graphics Library - 24 Comments
Khronos, Mesa, Standards & Conformance / Certification: Open Source, Open Standards

The past week or two in our forums and elsewhere there's been a lot of comments about Khronos' conformance testing for OpenGL 4.4/4.5 with the Mesa drivers finally reaching that point, concern over Khronos' fees being prohibitive for open-source projects (particularly in cases like Nouveau where it's community driven without a main corporate backer), and some FUD related to this matter. I've now received some clarification from The Khronos Group to lay these concerns to rest.

15 October 2016 - Conformance Test Suite - 13 Comments
Khronos Launches NNEF, OpenVX NNE

The Khronos Group, the organization behind OpenGL, Vulkan, and other industry standards, is expanding their footprint when it comes to new neural network initiatives.

4 October 2016 - Neural Networks - 2 Comments
We Might Never See A New OpenGL Version, At Least Not For A Long Time

During past Khronos press briefings about OpenGL/Vulkan and in other communications, while Vulkan is the organization's big graphics API focus, it was implied during these conversations that OpenGL would continue to march to its own beat and evolve as needed. While OpenGL continues to be significantly used by cross-platform graphics application/game developers, it turns out there might not be a new official version for a long time - if ever.

1 October 2016 - New OpenGL Version? - 39 Comments
Indigo 4 Lets You Have Full Graphics Rendering Over OpenCL

Many have hypothesized in the past about implementing full OpenGL for graphics over OpenCL -- or now, implementing OpenGL directly over Vulkan -- while Glare Technologies with their Indigo renderer appears to be one of the first renderers to achieve 100% GPU rendering over OpenCL.

23 July 2016 - Indigo 4 Graphics Over OpenCL - 12 Comments
Khronos Makes Progress On Its GL Transmission Format

Next week is SIGGRAPH while taking place now in Anaheim, California is the Web3D Conference. From this conference focused around 3D graphics for the web, the glTF 1.0.1 specification was released and more.

22 July 2016 - GL Transmission Format - 5 Comments

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