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OpenSUSE's OBS Can Now Spin Windows Subsystem for Linux Images

The openSUSE's Open Build Service (OBS) has been picking up the ability to build Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) images for those wishing to craft their own WSL distribution or just rebuild openSUSE from source as a reproducible/verifiable build.

13 October 2019 - openSUSE OBS + WSL - 2 Comments
OpenSUSE Expanding Encryption Options For Its Installer

While Ubuntu developers are busy adding experimental ZFS support to their installer, the SUSE developers working on their YaST installer are working on offering better security options for their platform by beefing up the encryption capabilities at install-time.

10 October 2019 - OpenSUSE Installer Encryption - 7 Comments
GCC 10 Likely To See "-flto=auto" Option

With OpenSUSE now LTO'ing their Tumbleweed packages by default, SUSE's compiler team is looking at improving the compilation experience and one of those steps is via a proposed "-flto=auto" option.

24 July 2019 - -flto=auto - 24 Comments
OpenSUSE Adds Option To Installer For Toggling Performance-Hitting CPU Mitigations

With the newly released openSUSE Leap 15.1 they have added an option to their installer for toggling the CPU mitigations around Spectre / Meltdown / Foreshadow / Zombieload to make it very convenient should you choose to retain maximum performance while foregoing the security measures. But it also allows disabling SMT/HT from the installer should you prefer maximum security.

22 May 2019 - Spectre / Meltdown / L1TF / MDS - 25 Comments
SUSE Marks Its New Independence Under EQT Ownership

It was in July of last year that Swedish private equity firm EQT Partners acquired SUSE from Micro Focus. That deal is now closed and SUSE is marking its independence today while proclaiming to be the largest independent open-source company.

15 March 2019 - SUSE Independent - 13 Comments
SUSE Continues Working On Transactional Updates With Btrfs

While Red Hat and several other Linux vendors have either deprecated Btrfs support or at least not embraced it like they originally talked up this "next-gen file-system" years ago, SUSE has continued supporting Btrfs both with openSUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise.

2 September 2018 - Btrfs + RPMs - 32 Comments
SUSE Sold Off To Swedish Private Equity Fund

It was just shy of four years that SUSE was effectively acquired by Micro Focus as yet another changing of the guard for this long-standing German enterprise Linux distribution. Now today it's been announced that a Swedish private equity fund will be acquiring SUSE.

2 July 2018 - SUSE Linux Sold, Again - 17 Comments

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