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Red Hat Recommends Disabling The Intel Linux Graphics Driver Over Hardware Flaw

It's been another day testing and investigating CVE-2019-14615, a.k.a. the Intel graphics hardware issue where for Gen9 all turned out to be okay but for Gen7 graphics leads to some big performance hits. Besides the Core i7 tests published yesterday in the aforelinked article, tests on relevant Core i3 and i5 CPUs are currently being carried out for seeing the impact there (so far, it's looking to be equally brutal).

16 January 2020 - CVE-2019-14615 - 24 Comments
Red Hat Provides New VirtIO Windows Driver Installer

Red Hat engineers are busy working on oVirt 4.4 as the next feature release for this virtualization management platform that forms the basis of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization. For this next release they are planning to ship a new Windows installer for their drivers to ease the deployment.

24 October 2019 - VirtIO Windows Drivers - 19 Comments
GlusterFS Planning To Drop 32-Bit Support

The GlusterFS network attached storage file-system developed by Red Hat with a focus on cloud computing is the latest open-source project eyeing the removal of 32-bit (i686) software support.

5 August 2019 - GlusterFS Ending 32-bit - 16 Comments
The State Of EPEL-8 For Complementing RHEL8's Packages

Under the Fedora umbrella has been the "Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux" to complement the official RHEL packages with extra packages largely based on Fedora packages. While RHEL 8.0 launched in May, there hasn't been full support for EPEL-8 yet but it's being worked on.

10 July 2019 - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 EPEL - 1 Comment

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