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CentOS Linux 8 2105 Released As RHEL 8.4 Equivalent

While CentOS Linux 8 is being discontinued at the end of the year in favor of Red Hat focusing those resources on CentOS Stream, CentOS Linux 8 2105 was released today as the newest version that is now based on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4 sources.

3 June 2021 - CentOS 8 - 19 Comments
CentOS SIG To Help Get Community CentOS Stream Features Into Next RHEL Releases

With CentOS Stream to be the upstream of Red Hat Enterprise Linux moving forward, a CentOS special interest group is being formed that is driven by Red Hat stakeholders in helping to ensure technically interesting CentOS Stream changes made by community members are evaluated and primed for inclusion into future Red Hat Enterprise Linux releases.

22 May 2021 - Community Features - 24 Comments
Red Hat Is Hiring Even More Graphics Engineers

Red Hat is already one of the leading employers of open-source graphics driver developers and other engineers working on the upstream Linux desktop graphics stack while they are adding even more.

20 May 2021 - Red Hat Hiring - 92 Comments
Stratis 2.4 Released With Multi-Threaded Daemon, Root File-System Support

While Fedora Workstation has been moving along with its Btrfs file-system usage and beginning to make greater use of its functionality, Red Hat does continue investing heavily in Stratis-Storage as their path forward for next-generation Linux storage with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Today marks the release of Stratis 2.4.

27 April 2021 - Stratis 2.4.0 - 3 Comments
Red Hat Announces No-Cost RHEL For Small Production Environments

Following the announcement at the end of last year that CentOS 8 will be ending and instead focusing on CentOS Stream as the future upstream to RHEL, there have been many concerned by the absence of CentOS 8 past this year. In trying to fill that void, Red Hat announced today they will be making Red Hat Enterprise Linux free for small production deployments.

20 January 2021 - Red Hat Enterprise Linux For Free - 60 Comments
Red Hat Continues Pleading The Case For Its CentOS Changes

Taking many by surprise was the news last week of CentOS 8 being EOL'ed next year as what has been a popular downstream of Red Hat Entrprise Linux that is free of charge and often adapted for use within large organizations. Instead, IBM-owned Red Hat is looking to position CentOS "Stream" in front of RHEL as its upstream. That still isn't sitting over well for many and today is a new post on the CentOS Blog.

19 December 2020 - CentOS Stream - 86 Comments
CentOS 8 Ending Next Year To Focus Shift On CentOS Stream

Well here is a surprise for those that have long used CentOS as the community-supported rebuild of Red Hat Enterprise Linux... CentOS 8 will end in 2021 and moving forward CentOS 7 will remain supported until the end of its lifecycle but CentOS Stream will be the focus as the future upstream of RHEL.

8 December 2020 - CentOS Stream - 138 Comments
CentOS Stream Begins Seeing RHEL 8.3 Bits, Real-Time Repository

Introduced alongside CentOS 8 last year was CentOS Stream as a developer-focused, rolling-release of CentOS/RHEL. With those processes getting squared away and CentOS recently debuting its RHEL 8.2 rebuild, CentOS Stream is beginning to see new and interesting material.

7 July 2020 - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.3 - Add A Comment
CentOS 8 Rebased Against RHEL 8.2

The CentOS crew maintaining this community enterprise Linux operating system rebuild of Red Hat Enterprise Linux have announced their RHEL 8.2-based release.

15 June 2020 - CentOS 8 Version 2004 - 17 Comments

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