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Qt Creator 4.12 Reaches Beta

The Qt Company has put out the first public beta of the Qt Creator 4.12 integrated development environment focused on Qt/C++ development.

7 March 2020 - Qt Creator 4.12 Beta - Add A Comment
Qt Wayland's Maintainer Is Leaving The Company

While the Qt5 tool-kit on Wayland is in fairly good shape in recent times, the Qt Wayland module that provides the Wayland platform abstraction and helpers for assembly Qt-based Wayland compositors could run the risk of regressing.

29 February 2020 - Qt Wayland - 32 Comments
Qt Shader Tools Looks To Become Official Qt6 Module

The currently-experimental Qt Shader Tools allows for graphics/compute shader conditioning and used by the in-development Qt graphics abstraction layer for supporting Vulkan / Metal / Direct3D / OpenGL APIs.

11 December 2019 - Qt Shader Tools - 11 Comments
The Qt 3D Story With Vulkan Should Be Quite Compelling For Qt 6.0

With the soon to be released Qt 5.14 is the start of their new high-level 3D API that itself is graphics API independent for being able to target the likes of Apple Metal and Vulkan as well as Direct3D and still falling back to OpenGL. The start of the graphics API independent scenegraph renderer is turning out well for Qt 5.14 but there will be more to come in the spring with Qt 5.15 while at the end of next year with Qt 6.0 should be a much more compelling story.

27 October 2019 - Qt 3D + Qt Quick 3D - 15 Comments
Qt 5.14 Hits Alpha With Major Renderer Work, Better HiDPI Support

The Qt Company has announced the availability of the Qt 5.14 Alpha release ahead of this half-year tool-kit update due out before year's end. Qt 5.14 is also the second to the last in the Qt5 series with an increasing amount of work shifting to Qt6 that is expected to debut towards the end of 2020.

25 September 2019 - Qt 5.14 - 9 Comments
The State Of Qt Quick Vulkan Support With Qt 5.14

Of the exciting changes so far for Qt 5.14, one of the big ticket items on the path to Qt 6 is the experimental implementation of Qt's new graphics API independent scenegraph renderer. Rather than being limited to OpenGL, Qt 5.14+ can target Vulkan, Direct3D 11, and even Apple's Metal API for rendering.

16 September 2019 - Qt 5.14 + Vulkan - 2 Comments
The Qt Company Is Now Working On Qt For Microcontrollers

There have been a lot of announcements pertaining to Qt as of late, most of which have been about forthcoming efforts around Qt 6 development. A new announcement out of The Qt Company catching us off-guard is their plans for the tool-kit on micro-controllers.

22 August 2019 - Qt For MCUs - 24 Comments
Qt's Development Branch To Begin Forming Qt 6

Following the feature freeze and code branching for Qt 5.14, the Qt "Dev" branch will likely be shifting immediately to Qt 6 development. A Qt 5.15 release is still expected to happen before Qt 6.0, but that 5.15 milestone will likely just be a polished release derived from Qt 5.14.

18 August 2019 - Qt 6 On Dev Branch - 12 Comments

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