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Qt 6.0 Beta 4 Released

For those on the Qt 5.12 LTS series the Qt 5.12.10 point release is out today with 30 new bug fixes. But for those looking ahead to Qt 6 also out today is Qt 6.0 Beta 4.

10 November 2020 - Qt 6 - 9 Comments
Qt Developers Discuss What To Do With All Their "P1" Priority Bugs

While Qt 6.0 is aiming to ship in December there are many open bugs against the Qt code-base. Given the increasing number of P1 priority bug reports that are the highest besides the "P0" build breakage bug reports, developers are discussing what to do with these bugs and the merits of their current priority classifications.

3 November 2020 - Qt Bugs - 54 Comments
Qt 6.0 Alpha Released

Even with the tumultuous year due to the coronavirus pandemic, The Qt Company is still on track for delivering the Qt 6.0 toolkit release before year's end.

6 October 2020 - Qt 6.0 - 31 Comments
Qbs 1.17 Released With This Build System Still Alive

Back in late 2018 there was the decision by The Qt Company to deprecate Qbs in favor of CMake. The Qbs build system hasn't been actively worked on by The Qt Company in one year but some community members have been still hacking on it leading to today's Qbs 1.17 release.

14 September 2020 - Qbs 1.17 - Add A Comment
Qt 6.0 Development Host/Target Changes Announced

The Qt Company announced their planned development hosts for Qt 6.0 around continuous integration and the platforms they intend to support for Qt 6.0, some that are no longer set to be supported, and other targets they plan to support later on in future Qt 6.x releases.

11 September 2020 - Qt 6 Platforms - 29 Comments
More Open-Source Participants Are Backing A Possible Fork Of Qt

This week's bombshell that future Qt releases might be restricted to paying customers for a period of twelve months has many open-source users and developers rightfully upset. Qt so far only provided a brief, generic statement but several individuals and projects are already expressing interest in a Qt fork should it come to it.

11 April 2020 - Forking Qt - 219 Comments
The Qt Company Provides A Brief Comment On Open-Source

Yesterday a KDE developer who serves on the board of the KDE Free Qt Foundation commented that The Qt Company is evaluating restricting new releases to paying customers for 12 months. That was said to be under consideration due to COVID19 / coronavirus impacting their finances and needing to boost short-term revenues. The Qt Company has now come out with an incredibly brief statement on the matter.

9 April 2020 - Qt Open-Source Concerns - 94 Comments

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