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Qt Creator 4.4 Enters Beta

The Qt Company has announced the first public beta of the Qt Creator 4.4 integrated development environment.

20 July 2017 - Qt Creator 4.4 - 2 Comments
Qt 5.9.1 Released

The Qt Company has made good on their word to improve release management and get Qt 5.9.1 shipped punctually.

30 June 2017 - Qt 5.9.1 - 4 Comments
Qt 5.9.1 Should Be Out This Month

While there didn't end up being any point/patch releases to Qt 5.8, The Qt Company is making good on their word for improving the release flow with Qt 5.9 and maintaining it as an LTS release.

12 June 2017 - Qt 5.9.1 - 4 Comments
KDAB Experimenting With Qt 3D For VR

Last year we covered some interest by Qt developers in potentially having virtual reality support for Qt 3D with OpenGL. It appears that work is getting closer to fruition.

20 May 2017 - Qt 3D VR - 15 Comments
Qt 5.9 Beta Released

The official Qt 5.9 Beta is now out thanks to The Qt Company and the Qt developer community.

7 April 2017 - Qt 5.9 - 9 Comments

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