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WireGuard 0.0.20191012 Released With Latest Fixes

WireGuard is still working on transitioning to the Linux kernel's existing crypto API as a faster approach to finally make it into the mainline kernel, but for those using the out-of-tree WireGuard secure VPN tunnel support, a new development release is available.

13 October 2019 - WireGuard 0.0.20191012 - 4 Comments
Meson 0.52 Released With Better Support For Solaris/Illumos

While popularity in Solaris-based operating systems may be on the decline, for Meson to ultimately replace other build systems it will need good support for said operating systems where Automake, CMake, and others are well supported. As such, with this weekend's Meson 0.52 release comes with better support for Solaris and the OpenSolaris-derived Illumos platforms.

7 October 2019 - Meson 0.52 - 11 Comments
PHP 7.4 Reaches Feature Freeze, Beta 1 Released

After already having gone through three alpha releases, PHP 7.4 has reached its feature freeze and branching. As a result, the first PHP 7.4 beta is now available that will follow by multiple betas and release candidates while hopefully being released by the end of November.

25 July 2019 - PHP 7.4 Beta 1 - Add A Comment
Bzip2 To See Revival Under New Maintainership, Experimental Porting To Rust

While Bzip2 compression is still widely used by Linux systems, it hasn't seen an official update since 2010 and has rather stagnated as different Linux distributions have resorted to carrying their own patches and other maintenance work on this long used data compression tool. But now there is a new maintainer looking to take Bzip2 into the next decade.

5 June 2019 - bzip2 - 65 Comments
Golang Gets Cheaper Context Switching

As good news considering how much longer it takes to perform a full context switch on Intel CPUs due to various vulnerability mitigations, the Go programming language run-time now has the ability for performing cheaper context switches.

1 June 2019 - Golang - 15 Comments
An Early Look At Some PHP 7.4 Performance Benchmarks

The initial PHP 7.4 Alpha 1 release is just two weeks away already... Curious about the performance of this yearly update to PHP7, I ran some benchmarks on the latest development code as of this morning compared to the earlier PHP7 releases and even PHP-8.0 that is in development on Git master.

22 May 2019 - PHP 7.4 Benchmarks - 3 Comments
Intel's BFloat16 Support Plumbed Into GCC 10 & LLVM Clang 9 Compilers

Last month Intel developers began working on adding BFloat16 support to the open-source/Linux compilers for this new instruction debuting with next-generation Xeon "Cooper Lake" server processors. That support is now squared away for GCC 10, due out next year, and LLVM Clang 9, which will be released this autumn.

10 May 2019 - BFloat16 - Add A Comment
Facebook Is JIT'ing C++ Code To Treat It Like A Crazy Fast Scripting Language

Facebook has worked on various programming language innovations over the years from all their work on HHVM at a time when PHP was slow to working on a super fast C/C++ pre-processor to other open-source language work. Their latest work in this area is on supporting just-in-time compilation of C++ code to treat it like a scripting language.

28 April 2019 - Cpp Scripting - 28 Comments
Meson 0.50 Build System Brings PGI Compiler Support, Various Fortran Improvements & CUDA

Meson 0.50 is now available as the latest feature update to this increasingly used cross-platform build system that is powering the likes of many GNOME projects, many X.Org/ low-level software components, and other software that when paired with Ninja is known for its lightning fast build times and better cross-OS support compared to traditional alternatives.

10 March 2019 - Meson 0.50 - 19 Comments

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