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AMD EPYC 7002 & Ryzen 3000 Series Dominated Linux Interest During August

When looking back over the 270 original news articles on Phoronix during August and our 17 featured Linux hardware reviews / benchmark articles, the majority of the most popular content came down to our continued testing of the AMD Ryzen 3000 series processors and the newly-launched AMD EPYC 7002 "Rome" processors.

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AMD Dominated The Conversation Among Linux/Open-Source Fans In July

AMD dominated the Linux hardware conversations and benchmarking in July with their 7/7 launch of their 7nm Ryzen 3000 series "Zen 2" processors and Radeon RX 5700 "Navi" processors. Of the 273 original news articles on Phoronix during July and the 19 featured Linux hardware reviews / benchmark specials, AMD news and Linux benchmark results tended to dominate many of the top spots.

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Ubuntu Drama, Clear Linux Speed & WSL2 Sparked Lots Of Interest In June

June was a very interesting month with the varying statements out of Canonical about the future of Ubuntu 32-bit support, AMD's Zen 2 processors and Navi product announcements (benchmarks next week!), Microsoft pushing out the new Windows Terminal and WSL2, Clear Linux continuing to further enhance their offering, and more Linux performance happenings in general.

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Linux 5.0, Radeon VII, Intel Iris Driver & Other Exciting Milestones In February

While February is the shortest month, this year there wasn't any letdown of exciting open-source/Linux milestones. Besides the usual FOSDEM conference with the interesting mix of tech topics, AMD's Radeon VII release excited open-source Linux GPU driver fans, Linux 5.0 approached the finish line with a lot of new features, GCC 9 and Clang 8 are also approaching their respective finish lines, and a lot of other activities made this February quite exciting on the Linux/open-source scene.

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Linux 4.20, Debian, Intel, x32, Microsft's Actions & STIBP Topics Rounded Out 2018

Even with the downtime by companies and developers in December around the holidays, December 2018 was action-packed with Linux 4.20 releasing, continued development controversies, talk of deprecating the Linux x32 ABI, Microsoft continuing to make surprising open-source actions, Intel's interesting Architecture Day where we learned of work to open-source the FSP, and many other events made last month interesting.

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That's A Wrap For 2018 With 3,693 News Articles, 314 Linux Hardware Reviews/Benchmarks

That's a wrap for 2018 with Phoronix this year having published 3,693 original Linux/open-source related news articles and 314 featured articles comprising of our Linux hardware reviews and multi-page benchmark specials. 2019 will bring us into the 15th calendar year since I started Phoronix and now around 4,000 featured articles in its time and more than 27,300 original news articles.

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Linux's Slowdown, Raptor's Talos II, Clear Linux & Other Dominating Topics This Month

Another month is in the books as we approach the 15th birthday of Phoronix in June. This month on Phoronix there was a lot of interest in the major Linux kernel slowdown that ended up being attributed to "STIBP" but fortunately improvements are on the way, a lot of interest in Raptor Computing Systems' Talos II libre system and their lower-cost Blackbird board, excitement starting to heat up around Linux 4.21 changes, and the Mesa 18.3 release being on approach while Mesa 19.0 feature development is in full swing.

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Speck, Steam Play, RTX 2080 & Linux Kernel Activity Dominated The Scene In September

Over the course of September on Phoronix were 308 original news articles and 22 featured Linux hardware reviews and benchmarking articles. There was a lot of interesting activity on the hardware side from continued Threadripper tests to the GeForce RTX 2080 series launch as well as interesting news from the Linux code of conduct to the controversial Speck crypto code being removed.

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Q3 Was Exciting For Linux Enthusiasts With Threadripper, Mesa, Steam Play & Kernel Drama

The third-quarter was extremely busy to say the least... There was so much going on from the notable Linux 4.19 kernel merge window, the exciting material queueing ahead of Linux 4.20~5.0, continued open-source graphics driver advancements, Valve announcing Steam Play / Proton, many Vulkan milestones, and countless other reasons for Linux and open-source fans to celebrate. On the hardware front was also extremely busy with the AMD Threadripper 2 launch, the recent GeForce RTX graphics card launch delivering great performance for Linux gamers but at a significant cost, and continued hardware testing around Spectre mitigation.

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Fresh GPU Benchmarks, Fedora Features & More Spectre Were Popular In July

Another month is in the books with 280 original news articles and 24 featured Linux hardware reviews / featured articles. As with most months, there was a lot of interesting open-source and Linux progress this month, PC hardware continuing to work better under Linux, and the Linux kernel and other key projects continuing to mature gracefully.

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Today Marks The Phoronix 14th Birthday

It was on 5 June 2004 that I founded for developing a Linux hardware review site while today also marks ten years since the public release of Phoronix Test Suite 1.0 for what would end up pushing forward open-source, cross-platform benchmarking.

5 June 2018 - Phoronix Turns 14, PTS Turns 10 - 36 Comments
Help Celebrate The 14th Birthday Of Phoronix Next Week

Next week marks the 14th birthday of the founding of as well as ten years since the initial stable release of the Phoronix Test Suite (v1.0) on 5 June. There is a lot of content queued up for the days ahead and more.

1 June 2018 - Phoronix 14 - PTS 10 - 16 Comments
Linux Distro Tests, New Ryzen, & LLVM Topped Our 333 Articles This Month

Of our 23 featured articles and 310 original news articles this month on Phoronix, here is a look back at the most popular open-source/Linux news and reviews to happen this month with our original daily content happening each and every day on Phoronix. Next week is also marked by the 14th birthday of Phoronix.

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Linux 4.16, Ubuntu 18.04 & Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Have Been Definitely Exciting

This month on Phoronix has been more than 320 original news stories and 22 featured Linux hardware reviews. Here's a look at what has been exciting readers the most this month, which includes the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ launch, Linux 4.16 maturing and Linux 4.17 being around the corner, Windows vs. Linux benchmarks, and much more.

31 March 2018 - March Highlights - 7 Comments
Spectre & Meltdown Defined January 2018

A majority of last month was spent looking at and testing/benchmarking the Linux code to mitigate the much talked about Spectre and Meltdown CPU vulnerabilities.

1 February 2018 - All The Talk - 9 Comments

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