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AlmaLinux 8.6 Beta Available For Testing

Those with extra time on their hands this weekend can try out the AlmaLinux 8.6 Beta as the newest version of this completely free enterprise Linux distribution built off the RHEL sources.

7 May 2022 - Alma Linux 8.6 - Add A Comment
AlmaLinux 9 Beta Released For Testing As No-Cost RHEL9 Alternative

Following the RHEL 9.0 Beta from last November and CentOS Stream 9 for the bleeding-edge RHEL9, the AlmaLinux crew today announced their 9.0 beta milestone. AlmaLinux over the past year has proven itself capable as a popular, community-based RHEL alternative that started after Red Hat announced it would discontinue the no-cost CentOS Linux downstream.

19 April 2022 - AlmaLinux 9 - 8 Comments
Gentoo Linux Back To Spinning A Weekly LiveGUI DVD/USB ISO

To complement their minimal install images and various stage archives produced, the Gentoo project has restarted the process to also begin producing a LiveGUI DVD/USB image as a more friendly first encounter with this Linux distribution.

4 April 2022 - Gentoo GUI LiveUSB - 6 Comments
ReactOS "Open-Source Windows" Manages To Run Some Battlefield Games

ReactOS as the open-source operating system project striving for binary compatibility with Windows applications/games/drivers has made much progress over the past two decades but in some areas still lacking like still working on SMP/multi-core support and other functionality. To some surprise, some of the older Battlefield games are at least now in a playable state on ReactOS.

2 April 2022 - ReactOS + Battlefield - 18 Comments
Linux Mint Debian Edition 5 Reaches Beta

Linux Mint Debian Edition "LMDE" continues to be developed in the event that Linux Mint itself which is based on Ubuntu would have to shift its base over to upstream Debian. Out today is LMDE 5 Beta.

28 February 2022 - LMDE 5 Beta - 9 Comments
OpenBMC 2.11 Released As The Leading Open-Source Linux Distro For BMCs

With OpenBMC 2.10 never having materialized beyond a release candidate, the release of OpenBMC 2.11 today is a big one with roughly a year's worth of changes since OpenBMC 2.9. OpenBMC 2.11 brings many improvements for this Linux distribution intended for baseboard management controllers (BMCs) on servers and other management controllers.

16 February 2022 - OpenBMC 2.11 - 5 Comments
Chimera Linux Pushes Ahead For FreeBSD User-Space Atop Linux, Built Using LLVM

While so many Linux distributions these days are just cosmetic changes and basic package alterations atop the likes of Ubuntu / Debian and Fedora, Chimera Linux that started last year continues to be an interesting project to watch for using the Linux kernel but with the FreeBSD user-space, making use of the LLVM Clang compiler rather than GCC, using musl as its preferred C library, and other differences.

8 February 2022 - Chimera Linux - 51 Comments
airyxOS Aims To Build Upon FreeBSD With The "Finesse of macOS"

One of the promising new BSD projects started over the past year was helloSystem as "the macOS of BSDs" and built atop FreeBSD but with a macOS-inspired design. A Phoronix reader has pointed out another entrant in this field with airyxOS as a FreeBSD-based operating system designed to be similar to Apple's macOS experience.

30 January 2022 - airyxOS = FreeBSD + macOS - 53 Comments
Genode OS Planning For WireGuard, Mobile Usability With The PinePhone

I've been writing about Genode OS for over a decade as one of the interesting original, open-source operating system frameworks that has taken novel approaches to many design elements and continues persevering with their efforts. For 2022 the project has yet more ambitious goals ahead.

20 January 2022 - Genode - 4 Comments
ReactOS 0.4.14 "Open-Source Windows" OS Brings Many Improvements

ReactOS as the "open-source Windows" operating system developed by the community with an aim for binary compatibility with Microsoft Windows is out with a big update. The last release was ReactOS 0.4.13 all the way back in April 2020 while this week has been succeeded by the big ReactOS 0.4.14 update.

18 December 2021 - ReactOS 0.4.14 - 32 Comments

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