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Manjaro 16.10 "Fringilla" Released

A new version of the Arch-based Manjaro Linux distribution is available and continues with its Xfce desktop choice while a KDE Plasma 5.8 version is also available.

1 November 2016 - Manjaro Linux - 5 Comments
A Look At The Most Promising Next-Gen Linux Software Update Mechanisms

With traditional software package management solutions like APT and Yum showing their age and not adapting well to the embedded world and the slew of new areas for Linux like IoT, a new generation of atomic-based Linux software update solutions continue to be worked on. Matt Porter of the Konsulko Group is presenting at this week's Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2016 with a comparison of these update technologies.

10 October 2016 - Embedded Linux - 81 Comments
Elementary OS 0.4 "Loki" Released

More than one year after the last Elementary OS Linux distribution update that focuses upon design elegance, v0.4 "Loki" was released today.

9 September 2016 - Elementary OS - 15 Comments
Sailfish OS Update "Aurajoki" Released

It's been a while since last having a Sailfish OS update from Jolla to talk about, but that's changed with the "Aurajoki" release finally hitting supported devices.

9 September 2016 - Sailfish OS - 20 Comments
Clear Linux Makes HTTP/2 The Default, Adds Images To Dockerhub

For those that may be interested in the Clear Linux distribution for improved performance or other innovative functionality, the third "Clear Linux Highlights" newsletter has been published to share more of the recent changes to this Linux distribution out of the Intel Open-Source Technology Center.

12 August 2016 - Clear Linux Highlights 3 - 2 Comments
ReactOS 0.4.2 Nears With Many Features

The first release candidate to the upcoming ReactOS 0.4.2 release is now available, the project aiming to be an open-source re-implementation of Microsoft Windows.

30 July 2016 - ReactOS 0.4.2 - 11 Comments
Calamares 2.3 Installer Released

There's a new release of Calamares, the distribution installer framework used by several Linux distributions like Manjaro, Netrunner, Sabayon, Chakra, OpenMandriva, and others.

1 July 2016 - Calamares 2.3 - Add A Comment
OpenMandriva Lx 3.0 Beta 2 Released

It's been two years since the last stable OpenMandriva Lx release and more than one year since Lx 3 Alpha was released but coming out today is finally the second beta of this Mandriva-derived Linux distribution.

27 June 2016 - OpenMandriva Lx 3.0 - 10 Comments
PowerNex: A Kernel Written In The D Programming Language

We've already seen Redox OS as an operating system and micro-kernel written in the Rust programming language. With just about every newer programming language we've seen ambitious developers take to the lengthy and complicated process of writing a kernel and the start of an OS in their new favorite language. With PowerNex, the D programming language is being used to write an OS kernel.

25 June 2016 - PowerNex - 57 Comments

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