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Skylake Iris Pro Graphics: Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, Antergos, Clear Linux Benchmarks

For those craving some more end-of-year Linux distribution benchmarks, this morning I finished carrying out a fresh Linux distro comparison focusing upon the Intel OpenGL performance when making use of "Skylake" Iris Pro hardware. For this New Year's Eve benchmarking fun was Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, Antergos, and Clear Linux.

31 December 2016 - Skylake Linux Graphics Results - 4 Comments
Genode OS Framework 16.11 Now Available

The latest installment of the ten-year-old Genode open-source operating system framework is now available with low-level improvements, support for smart cards, and kernel improvements to the NOVA hypervisor.

30 November 2016 - Genode OS 16.11 - Add A Comment
DatArcs Is Aiming For Dynamically-Tuned, Self-Optimizing Linux Servers

DatArcs is a new software start-up aiming to provide software to dynamically tune Linux servers for maximum performance and energy efficiency in the data-center. The DatArcs optimizer analyzes the server's workload over time and optimizes the server "several times per minute" to achieve better performance or lower power use.

21 November 2016 - DatArcs - 9 Comments
ToaruOS With Kernel Written From Scratch Is Still In Development

Two years ago to the day the most-viewed article was about A Hobby Kernel and User-Space, Runs Mesa and GCC. That hobbyist OS written from scratch seemed promising back then but hadn't heard anything at all since. When deciding to check on the project today I was anticipating that it had died off, but surprisingly, it's still under development.

6 November 2016 - ToaruOS - 40 Comments
Maru OS 0.3 Released: Android + Debian

Maru OS, the open-source operating system providing a Debian desktop from your Android smartphone that's been making progress since being announced early this year, released version 0.3 of their OS stack this week.

5 November 2016 - Maru OS 0.3 - 10 Comments
Minoca Is A New GPLv3, General Purpose OS

Released as a Halloween treat yesterday was Minoca, a new open-source (GPLv3) operating system designed for general purpose tasks, features a POSIX-like interface, and takes a modern design approach.

1 November 2016 - Minoca - 11 Comments
Manjaro 16.10 "Fringilla" Released

A new version of the Arch-based Manjaro Linux distribution is available and continues with its Xfce desktop choice while a KDE Plasma 5.8 version is also available.

1 November 2016 - Manjaro Linux - 5 Comments
A Look At The Most Promising Next-Gen Linux Software Update Mechanisms

With traditional software package management solutions like APT and Yum showing their age and not adapting well to the embedded world and the slew of new areas for Linux like IoT, a new generation of atomic-based Linux software update solutions continue to be worked on. Matt Porter of the Konsulko Group is presenting at this week's Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2016 with a comparison of these update technologies.

10 October 2016 - Embedded Linux - 81 Comments

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