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ROSA Desktop Fresh R10 Still Lets You Pick Between KDE 4 & Plasma 5

For our Russian readers who are fans of the KDE desktop, ROSA Desktop Fresh R10 was released this week as one of the notable Russian Linux distributions that is aligned with a KDE desktop. ROSA Desktop Fresh continues offering both KDE 4 and KDE Plasma 5 desktop options.

9 December 2017 - ROSA Desktop Fresh R10 - 3 Comments
Genode OS 17.11 Reworks Its "Nitpicker" GUI Server

Genode is the open-source operating system framework designed for "highly secure" special-purpose operating systems from embedded platforms to desktops while subscribing to a Unix philosophy and going for an L4 micro-kernel approach. The Genode OS 17.11 represents another quarter's worth of changes.

30 November 2017 - Genode 17.11 - 1 Comment
Slax Is Planning A Return, But Will No Longer Be Slackware-Based

Longtime Linux users will likely recall the Slax distribution from back in the day that was Slackware-based, shipped with KDE, and offered a pretty nice live OS experience while being highly modular and made it easy to re-spin derivatives. Now it's coming back in new form.

3 November 2017 - Slax - 14 Comments
Kodi-Powered LibreELEC 8.2 Released

There's a new release of LibreELEC, the Linux distribution focused on delivering a premiere HTPC/multimedia experience by being built around the Kodi HTPC software.

28 October 2017 - LibreELEC 8.2 - 19 Comments
OpenWRT-Based LEDE 17.01.3 Released

LEDE 17.01.3 is the newest release of the Linux Embedded Development Environment that is derived from OpenWRT and intended as a complete firmware replacement for various routers and other devices.

4 October 2017 - LEDE 17.01.3 - 15 Comments
macOS' APFS File-System Performing Much Better Than The Dated HFS+

I'm currently running some macOS 10.13 vs. Linux benchmarks for publishing within the next day or two on Phoronix. But so far in my macOS 10.12 Sierra vs. macOS 10.13 High Sierra benchmarks, what has stood out the most is the file-system performance due to HFS+ file-systems automatically being converted to the Apple File-System (APFS).

26 September 2017 - macOS 10.13 - 97 Comments
Linux Mint Continues Working On HiDPI Improvements

The latest Linux Mint monthly news is out that highlights some of the recent development efforts around this Ubuntu-derived Linux distribution. A common theme still are HiDPI improvements and Cinnamon 3.6 finally enabling HiDPI by default.

18 September 2017 - HiDPI Cinnamon - 4 Comments

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