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Android-x86 9.0-r2 Released With Updated Kernel, UEFI Boot Fix

Released at the end of February was the long overdue stable release of Android-x86 9.0 that re-based this Intel/AMD focused Android spin atop the 9.0 "Pie" Android Open-Source Project state plus with various additions/improvements for running on x86_64 laptop/desktop hardware. Out today is the second stable update to the Android-x86 9.0 series.

25 March 2020 - Android-x86 9.0-r2 - 3 Comments
Arch Linux Announces New Project Leader

Aaron Griffin is stepping down as the Arch Linux Project Leader, who has led the distribution since 2007 where under his tenure Arch Linux boomed in popularity. With him stepping away due to minimal time to invest in the project, a process for selecting a new leader has formed.

24 February 2020 - New Arch Linux Leader - 31 Comments
Haiku R1 Beta 2 Is Hopefully Not Too Far Away

The BeOS-inspired Haiku operating system that has been in development since 2001 saw its long-awaited beta release in late 2018 while it looks like a second beta release could be on approach for this open-source operating system.

3 February 2020 - Haiku R1 Beta 2 - 22 Comments
Project Trident Reaches Beta For Its ZFS-Based Void Linux Powered OS

Making rounds in Q4 of last year was the little known Project Trident open-source operating system switching from its TrueOS/FreeBSD base to in turn moving to Void Linux as a base for their platform. Towards the end of the year they offered some initial images of their reborn OS while now Project Trident based on Void Linux has reached beta.

12 January 2020 - Project Trident Beta - 7 Comments

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