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Gentoo Saw Total Commits Rise By 42% In 2020, Great Progress On Wayland

The pandemic didn't adversely impact the Gentoo Linux project's operations with seeing the overall number of commits grow by nearly 42% last year within the Gentoo repository. Gentoo also saw commits from 333 unique authors in 2020, up from 333 the year prior. Plus they've made other improvements too for this technical-minded Linux distribution too during 2020.

17 January 2021 - Gentoo 2020 - 40 Comments
Genode OS Planning For PinePhone Bring-Up, Better GPU Support In 2021

For those wanting to run a micro-kernel operating system for your low-cost, open-source friendly PinePhone, the Genode OS framework plans to port to the PinePhone this year. Genode OS and its Sculpt general purpose platform are also wanting to better embrace GPU support in 2021.

15 January 2021 - Genode OS Framework - 7 Comments
CloudLinux Announces AlmaLinux As Their 1:1 RHEL Fork, Alternative To CentOS

Following the surprise announcement last month that CentOS 8 will be discontinued at EOY2021 with CentOS Stream to be the new upstream for RHEL, several different organizations and developers have announced their intentions to create new community-oriented, open-source rebuilds of Red Hat Enterprise Linux that will be free. One of the promising announcements so far has been from CloudLinux and today they have announced it as AlmaLinux.

14 January 2021 - AlmaLinux - 9 Comments
OpenIndiana 2020.10 Released For Continuing Where OpenSolaris Left Off

September marked a decade since the OpenIndiana project was announced for continuing on with the OpenSolaris code-base (and ultimately based on Illumos) in being born out of the justified and proven accurate concerns when Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems. OpenIndiana Hipster 2020.10 was released this weekend as the newest version of this open-source operating system.

1 November 2020 - OpenIndiana 2020.10 - 41 Comments
Linux-Based TrueNAS SCALE Alpha Released

The crew at iXsystems this week not only released TrueNAS 12.0 as their convergence of TrueNAS and FreeNAS, but they have also put out an alpha build of TrueNAS SCALE as their new Linux-based offering.

22 October 2020 - TrueNAS SCALE - 8 Comments
Gentoo Offers Up New Easy Kernel Options

Gentoo Linux is looking to improve the kernel maintenance experience by offering up Ebuilds that make it easier to maintain the kernel through the package manager -- including prebuilt binary kernels.

16 September 2020 - Kernel Ebuilds - 19 Comments
Haiku Seeing Better Rust Support Following Important Fix

Following a summer quest for figuring out a pesky thread issue with Rust, a fix has been merged into the BeOS-inspired Haiku kernel for one less patch to worry about with getting this popular programming language running well.

6 September 2020 - Haiku + Rust - 4 Comments

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