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Some Windows Server 2016 vs. Linux Network Benchmarks

A Phoronix Premium supporter recently requested some Windows vs. Linux networking performance benchmarks. That is being done as part of a larger comparison also featuring the popular BSDs, but for some initial measurements, here are some Netperf networking performance metrics on Microsoft Windows Server 2016 and various Linux distributions.

15 March 2018 - Initial Tests - 26 Comments
OpenMandriva Switching Back From RPM5 To RPM4

It was seven years ago that Mandriva 2011 switched to using RPM5 from RPM4, but now for the next OpenMandriva release they are transitioning back to using RPM4 and with that making use of Fedora's DNF.

5 March 2018 - RPM4 - 25 Comments
Linux From Scratch 8.2 Released

For fans of Linux From Scratch for assembling your own operating system, LFS and BLFS 8.2 are released in time for some weekend adventures.

3 March 2018 - LFS 8.2 - 2 Comments
Solus Releases Linux Driver Management 1.0

The Solus Project this week released Linux Driver Management 1.0, a library created by this innovative Linux distribution for enumerating system components and detecting matches between said components and packages/drivers providing additional functionality.

28 January 2018 - Linux Driver Management - 34 Comments
OpenWRT + LEDE Move Ahead With Their Re-Merge

Last summer the embedded Linux OpenWRT and LEDE projects voted in favor of re-merging their efforts while now in 2018 that effort is coming back together now that the logistics have been addressed.

3 January 2018 - OpenWRT-LEDE Hookup - 3 Comments

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