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Nouveau: Mesa 13.0 vs. 17.0 vs. 17.1-devel OpenGL Benchmarks

Having now published RADV/RadeonSI Mesa 17.0 benchmarks and Intel i965/ANV Mesa 17.0 benchmarks compared to Mesa 13.0 and 17.1-devel, here are now benchmarks of the Nouveau NVC0 Gallium3D driver for seeing how this open-source NVIDIA 3D driver performs on the imminent Mesa 17.0 release.

11 February 2017 - Mesa Git - 3 Comments
Trying Nouveau NVC0 Gallium3D With Civilization 6 On Mesa 17.1

With Intel Kabylake graphics on Mesa working (albeit very slowly) for Aspyr Media's latest Linux game port, Civilization VI, and RadeonSI Gallium3D running too albeit at a less than desirable speed, I decided to try running the open-source NVIDIA (Nouveau) driver with this latest AAA Linux game release.

10 February 2017 - Nouveau Gaming? - 10 Comments
Nouveau Gets Patches For HDMI Stereoscopic 3D Output

Nouveau continues advancing on the display front: beyond getting DP MST and atomic mode-setting support in the Linux 4.10 kernel, there are now patches available for wiring this open-source NVIDIA Linux driver up to supporting stereoscopic 3D output via HDMI.

18 January 2017 - Stereoscopic 3D - 12 Comments
Nouveau Queues Up Last Minute Updates For Linux 4.10

Overall the Nouveau DRM updates for Linux 4.10 are significant after they missed out on any feature changes for Linux 4.9. Given all the churn, there's been a last minute pull into DRM-Next of some more fixes and other minor activity.

6 December 2016 - Nouveau DRM - 9 Comments
Nouveau Exposes Performance Counters For Maxwell

Samuel Pitoiset, one of the few significant contributors to the open-source NVIDIA Linux graphics stack particularly when it comes to the area of performance counters, has now enabled MP performance counters in the NVC0 Gallium3D driver for NVIDIA GTX 750/900 series Maxwell hardware.

10 November 2016 - NVC0 Maxwell Counters - 1 Comment
Nouveau DRM Driver Progressing With Atomic Mode-Setting, DP MST

We've known Nouveau DRM maintainer Ben Skeggs of Red Hat has been working on atomic mode-setting and DisplayPort Multi-Stream Transport (DP MST) for this open-source NVIDIA Linux driver as that what led to Nouveau having no feature additions for Linux 4.9. Some of this code is now having the Nouveau kernel development tree.

4 November 2016 - Nouveau Atomic - 2 Comments
Initial Nouveau DRM Changes Queued For Linux 4.10

With Linux 4.9 there is unfortunately no new feature code for Nouveau due to being late to merge the new functionality, but that work that missed 4.9 is now staged in DRM-Next for merging to mainline when the Linux 4.10 merge window rolls along.

28 October 2016 - DRM-Next Nouveau - 8 Comments
NVIDIA Maxwell Support Patches For The Nouveau X.Org Driver

The Nouveau DDX X.Org driver, xf86-video-nouveau, hasn't supported NVIDIA's GTX 750/900 Maxwell graphics processors even though there's been the reverse-engineered, open-source support within the Nouveau DRM kernel driver and NVC0 Gallium3D Mesa driver. Patches revised today implement Maxwell support for the X.Org driver.

27 October 2016 - xf86-video-nouveau - 31 Comments
NVIDIA Developer Posts Secure Boot Refactoring For Nouveau

It's not as important as NVIDIA publishing new signed firmware images, but then again it's not every day we see NVIDIA developers contribute to the open-source Nouveau driver stack. Nevertheless, today a new set of patches were published for the Nouveau DRM driver.

11 October 2016 - Nouveau Secure Boot - 14 Comments
The Ongoing Work Of Nouveau Power Management / Re-Clocking

In addition to the Nouveau status update talk at XDC2016, Nouveau contributor Karol Herbst had carried out an additional presentation on Friday dedicated to this open-source NVIDIA driver's work on power management and re-clocking.

24 September 2016 - Nouveau Power Management - 2 Comments
Nouveau 1.0.13 X.Org Driver Released

The latest stable release of the Nouveau X.Org driver is now available for users of this open-source NVIDIA DDX component in conjunction with the Nouveau DRM kernel driver.

22 September 2016 - xf86-video-nouveau - 4 Comments
Nouveau Developers Remain Frustrated By NVIDIA's Firmware Practices

Nouveau developers Samuel Pitoiset, Karol Herbst, Pierre Moreau, and Martin Peres presented their status update on this open-source, reverse-engineered NVIDIA Linux graphics driver during the second day of the XDC2016 conference. Nouveau developers had a few words for the NVIDIA developers in the room.

22 September 2016 - Nouveau - 55 Comments
Maxwell OpenGL Improvements Coming To Nouveau

In addition to the GeForce GTX 900 "Maxwell" open-source driver support on Nouveau being in rough shape due to lack of re-clocking / power management for allowing sufficient performance, the NVC0 Gallium3D driver for Maxwell has also lagged behind with some OpenGL 4.x features on the GTX 900 GPUs.

18 July 2016 - OpenGL 4.x Features - Add A Comment

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