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More NVIDIA CUDA Benchmarks With Blender Cycles Engine

Yesterday I published Blender Cycles Render Engine Benchmarks With NVIDIA CUDA On Linux numbers that included the GTX 1000 and GTX 900 series for the Blender 3D modeling software now that there's an automated test profile for Blender via OpenBenchmarking.org for the Phoronix Test Suite. Here are more Blender CUDA benchmarks from a more diverse range of NVIDIA hardware.

12 July 2016 - CUDA Linux Blender - 7 Comments
NVIDIA Provides A Surprise For Pascal GPU Owners Wanting Open-Source

After it took NVIDIA until earlier this year to release the signed firmware for the GeForce GTX 900 "Maxwell" GPUs, I expected -- and based upon what I heard -- that it could be months before seeing the firmware for GeForce GTX 1000 "Pascal" GPUs in order to enable hardware acceleration with these latest-generation GPUs. Thus it's a huge surprise today to see NVIDIA already making public their Pascal GP100 firmware images!

11 July 2016 - GP100 Firmware - 100 Comments
NVIDIA Posts Patches For Mesa, But Just For Wiring Up An EGL Extension

It's not often we get to talk about NVIDIA developers making open-source contributions to Mesa... After all, their contributions to the Nouveau driver tend to be limited just to the Nouveau DRM/KMS kernel driver and even there seeing patches from the green giant tend to be very infrequent. The latest Mesa patches from NVIDIA aren't even tied to Nouveau but just for wiring up an EGL extension.

7 July 2016 - EGL_KHR_debug - 14 Comments
NVIDIA Linux Performance-Per-Dollar: What The RX 480 Will Have To Compete Against

There's a lot of benchmarking going on this weekend at Phoronix in preparation for next week's Radeon RX 480 Linux review. Here are some fresh results on the NVIDIA side showing the current performance-per-dollar data for the NVIDIA Maxwell and Pascal graphics cards for seeing what the RX 480 "Polaris 10" card will be competing against under Linux.

25 June 2016 - Radeon RX 480 - 47 Comments
Running The NVIDIA 367.27 Linux Driver With The GeForce GTX 1070

Yesterday NVIDIA released the 367.27 long-lived driver release to succeed the earlier 367 betas. That driver arrived too late for my initial round of GeForce GTX 1070 / 1080 Linux testing with that GTX 1070 review published this morning. However, since then I decided to fire up this stable driver release on Pascal.

14 June 2016 - GTX 1070 + NVIDIA 367.27 - Add A Comment
CUDA vs. OpenCL GPGPU Performance On NVIDIA's Pascal

Following yesterday's Deep Learning and CUDA Benchmarks On The GeForce GTX 1080 Under Linux one of the Phoronix reader inquiries was about the OpenCL vs. CUDA performance on the GTX 1080... Is one GPGPU compute API faster than the other with NVIDIA's proprietary driver? Here are some side-by-side benchmarks.

12 June 2016 - GTX 1080 GPGPU - 10 Comments
See How Your Linux System Compares To The Performance Of A GeForce GTX 1080

I've still been swamped with my 18+ hour days this week of testing the GeForce GTX 1080 and friends for our Linux review. Tomorrow morning is when my initial GeForce GTX 1080 Linux review will be published with OpenGL, OpenCL, and Vulkan benchmarks. Additional tests and other fun comparisons featuring the GTX 1080 will continue through the weekend. But while waiting for those featured articles, you can easily compare your own system's results to some of my initia GTX 1080 numbers.

3 June 2016 - GTX 1080 Comparison - 29 Comments
Fresh 10-Way GeForce Linux Benchmarks With The NVIDIA 367.18 Driver

In prepping for our forthcoming GeForce GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 Linux benchmarking, I've been running fresh rounds of benchmarks on my large assortment of GPUs, beginning with the GeForce hardware supported by the NVIDIA 367.18 beta driver. Here are the first of those benchmarks with the ten Maxwell/Kepler GPUs I've tested thus far.

30 May 2016 - 10-Way NVIDIA Linux Comparison - 9 Comments
New NVIDIA 361 Linux Driver Released

While the NVIDIA 367 Linux driver series is where the very latest proprietary driver features from the green team can be found, if you have been sticking to the NVIDIA 361 driver series since it's the current long-lived branch, a new release is now available.

24 May 2016 - NVIDIA 361.45.11 - 1 Comment

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