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NVIDIA OpenGL vs. Vulkan CPU Core Scaling For Linux Gaming

At the end of June I posted some Vulkan vs. OpenGL Linux Game CPU Core Scaling using RADV/RadeonSI with a Polaris graphics card. At that time I also carried out some NVIDIA CPU core scaling results in a Vulkan vs. OpenGL manner, but simply forgot to post those numbers until now.

8 July 2017 - NVIDIA CPU Scaling - 15 Comments
NVIDIA 384.47 On Linux Brings Some Vulkan Speed Boosts

Today NVIDIA released their first 384 series Linux driver beta and for the occasion I fired up some fresh OpenCL / Vulkan / OpenGL benchmarks in seeing if there are any performance changes for users to see with this new series that will eventually succeed the 381.22 stable release.

29 June 2017 - NVIDIA 384.47 - 9 Comments
NVIDIA 381.10.10 Vulkan Linux Driver Benchmarks

With NVIDIA just releasing a new beta Vulkan driver that in addition to having new Vulkan extensions and better Vulkan/OpenGL interoperability also has "various performance improvements", I couldn't resist running some benchmarks.

28 June 2017 - NVIDIA 381 Benchmarks - 7 Comments
PGI 2017 v17.4 Compiler Released

Yesterday marked an updated release of a community edition build for the NVIDIA-owned PGI code compiler that focuses on code compilation for CPU and GPU execution.

1 May 2017 - PGI 17.4 - 1 Comment
NVIDIA Tegra X2 GPU Firmware Published

The necessary GPU firmware for providing accelerated support for NVIDIA's Tegra X2 SoC found on the Jetson TX2 developer board has landed within linux-firmware.git.

5 April 2017 - Jetson TX2 - 3 Comments
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti On Linux?

The GeForce GTX 1080 Ti is NVIDIA's new high-end gamer graphics card as a step-up from the previous GTX 1080 flagship. The GTX 1080 Ti is getting ready for release by retailers and, thankfully, NVIDIA did mail out a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti for Linux testing at Phoronix.

9 March 2017 - GeForce GTX 1080 Ti - 27 Comments
NVIDIA 375.27.13 Linux Driver Released To Fix SteamVR

NVIDIA released their new Vulkan beta driver on Monday to support the new Vulkan 1.0.42 extensions but that ended up breaking the SteamVR Linux support, which relies upon Vulkan. NVIDIA has now corrected this support.

1 March 2017 - NVIDIA 375.27.13 - 5 Comments

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