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NVIDIA Launches Open-Source Video Processing Framework For Python

NVIDIA's "VideoProcessingFramework" is an open-source set of C++ libraries that are wrapped around by Python bindings for interacting with their closed-source Video Codec SDK. The function of this framework is to make it easy to exploit GPU-accelerated video encode/decode from Python.

16 December 2019 - NVIDIA Video Processing Framework - 26 Comments
NVIDIA Looks To Have Some Sort Of Open-Source Driver Announcement For 2020

Start looking forward to March when NVIDIA looks to have some sort of open-source driver initiative to announce -- likely contributing more to Nouveau and we're crossing our fingers they will have sorted out the signed firmware situation to unblock those developers from delivering re-clocking support to yield better driver performance.

5 December 2019 - NVIDIA Open-Source - 88 Comments
NVIDIA DP MST Audio To Begin Working With The Linux 5.5 Kernel

While the official NVIDIA Linux driver has worked well with DisplayPort Multi-Stream Transport (DP MST) setups for years now for driving large displays, audio hasn't worked under Linux for NVIDIA's driver in this combination. But with the upcoming Linux 5.5 cycle that will be addressed.

21 November 2019 - NVIDIA DP-MST Audio - 1 Comment
NVIDIA 390.132 Linux Driver Released For Legacy Fermi Support

Not nearly as exciting as the recent NVIDIA 440 Linux driver series going stable but for those with older Fermi graphics cards and wanting to use the latest NVIDIA binary driver experience, their 390 series legacy driver series has been updated.

8 November 2019 - NVIDIA Legacy Driver - 1 Comment
NVIDIA Launches Jetson Xavier NX As 70x45mm 10~15 Watt "AI Supercomputer"

NVIDIA announced today the newest member of the Jetson family: the Xavier NX as "the world's smallest supercomputer" coming in at smaller than the size of a credit/debit card. This mini supercomputer can deliver 21 TOPS for modern AI workloads while consuming less than 10 Watts or optionally a higher-performance 15 Watt mode.

6 November 2019 - NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX - 13 Comments
NVIDIA Still Working On A Generic Allocator - Has Working Open-Source Implementation

For those wondering, NVIDIA is still pursuing a generic allocator / Unix device memory allocator that has been talked about for years and a potential successor to the likes of the Generic Buffer Manager (GBM). They now have an implementation of their proposed allocator working for the open-source NVIDIA (Nouveau) driver though there still is a lot of work ahead.

7 October 2019 - Unix Device Memory Allocator - 21 Comments
NVIDIA 435.19.03 Vulkan Linux Driver Brings DXVK Fixes

NVIDIA on Friday released their 435.19.03 Vulkan beta driver as their newest Linux driver update. This Vulkan beta doesn't come with any new extensions this go around but does have some DXVK fixes for helping Linux gamers.

7 September 2019 - NVIDIA 435.19.03 - 2 Comments

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