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Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Changes Default For NVIDIA Driver Back To Using X.Org Rather Than Wayland

While back in March Ubuntu 22.04 "Jammy Jellyfish" changed the default behavior for NVIDIA's driver to use Wayland inline with Intel and Radeon graphics having used the GNOME Wayland session rather than X.Org for the past few releases, this change was reverted at the last-minute. With a launch-day SRU, Ubuntu 22.04 LTS is defaulting to using the GNOME X.Org session rather than Wayland when running the proprietary NVIDIA driver.

23 April 2022 - Last Minute Change - 178 Comments
NVIDIA To Focus On LLVM Upstream For Further Fortran/Flang Development

NVIDIA by way of their GPU compute / CUDA Fortran interests and having acquired the PGI compiler company nearly a decade ago has been active contributors to the LLVM Fortran scene. NVIDIA spearheaded the work on the modern LLVM Fortran compiler support and worked with other vendors and the open-source ecosystem on the since-upstreamed FLANG compiler. NVIDIA had been maintaining a "fir-dev" downstream for their latest Fortran compiler patches while now moving forward they will be focused on upstream LLVM contributions.

21 April 2022 - No More fir-dev - 1 Comment
New NVIDIA Open-Source Linux Kernel Graphics Driver Appears

Appearing with NVIDIA's latest Linux4Tegra code drop is a new open-source kernel graphics driver not previously published. This driver isn't based on the existing Nouveau driver but rather appears to be derived from their internal driver code-base with some copyright references going back to 90's.

8 April 2022 - Open-Source NVIDIA DRM Driver - 52 Comments
GStreamer Lands New NVIDIA Video Encoder Implementation

For those relying on software that leverages the GStreamer multimedia framework and you use the NVIDIA proprietary driver stack on Windows or Linux, with the next release you will be able to enjoy a better NVIDIA GPU-based video encoding experience.

24 March 2022 - GStreamer + NVIDIA - 8 Comments
VDPAU 1.5 Video Decode Library Released With AV1 Support

With the NVIDIA 510 series Linux driver back in January NVIDIA added AV1 video decode support to their Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix (VDPAU) driver. Now finally out is libvdpau 1.5 as the adjoining open-source VDPAU library update.

7 March 2022 - libvdpau 1.5 - 4 Comments
Linux 5.18 Adding Audio Support For NVIDIA's Orin SoC

NVIDIA's Orin SoC with twelve Cortex-A78AE CPU cores and Ampere graphics should be quite a strong offering when it's more broadly available later this year. This "Tegra234" SoC has been seeing work on enabling it with the mainline Linux kernel and the latest fruit of that work is a new HDA audio driver set for introduction with Linux 5.18.

26 February 2022 - NVIDIA Orin Tegra 234 - 9 Comments
NVIDIA GeForce FX / 6 / 7 Series GPUs Get Notable Open-Source Driver Improvement In 2022

The NVIDIA GeForce FX "NV30" graphics cards are nearly two decades old while via the open-source, community-driven Nouveau project even these old GPUs still see occasional Linux graphics driver improvements. Hitting Mesa 22.1-devel today is the most notable driver work we've seen in years for the open-source NV30 and NV40 (GeForce 6 / 7 series) graphics cards.

16 February 2022 - NIR Usage - 15 Comments
NVIDIA Releases Open-Source Image Scaling SDK 1.0.2

Back in November NVIDIA announced their open-source Image Scaling SDK with cross-platform GPU support to better position their DLSS technology given the ground that AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) has been gaining. The Image Scaling SDK is complementary to DLSS but still requires integration on the behalf of the game/engine developer. Today marks a new update to the NVIDIA Image Scaling SDK.

15 February 2022 - NVIDIA Image Scaling SDK - 3 Comments
NVIDIA 510.54 Linux Driver Released

Two weeks ago NVIDIA released the 510.47.03 Linux driver as their first stable driver in the 510 series. Today that has been succeded by the NVIDIA 510.54 stable update.

14 February 2022 - NVIDIA 510.54 - 36 Comments
NVIDIA VAAPI Driver 0.0.5 Released With AV1 Acceleration

Started recently was an experimental VA-API implementation atop NVIDIA's NVDEC interface. This independently-developed, open-source implementation has successfully allowed Mozilla Firefox's VA-API video acceleration to work with NVIDIA's proprietary driver with its NVDEC video decoding interface. A new release of nvidia-vaapi-driver is now available that now offers AV1 support too.

12 February 2022 - nvidia-vaapi-driver 0.5 - 11 Comments

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