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NVIDIA Releases Linux Graphics Debugger 2.2

NVIDIA has today released an updated version of their Linux Graphics Debugger to help game/application developers in analyzing issues and performance problems around OpenGL 4.x on GeForce/Quadro GPUs.

11 October 2017 - Linux Graphics Debugger 2.2 - 1 Comment
NVIDIA Talks Up Numba For GPGPU Computing With Python

Numba is designed to allow for high performance Python JIT-compiled code designing for C/C++ levels of performance while using LLVM for optimizations and allowing GPU offloading too. NVIDIA is promoting Numba in the context of CUDA.

3 October 2017 - Python Numba - 6 Comments
NVIDIA Offers Update On Their Proposed Unix Device Memory Allocation Library

James Jones of NVIDIA presented this morning at XDC2017 with their annual update on a new Unix device memory allocation library. As a reminder, this library originated from NVIDIA's concerns over the Generic Buffer Manager (GBM) currently used by Wayland compositors not being suitable for use with their driver's architecture and then the other driver developers not being interested in switching to EGLStreams, NVIDIA's original push for supporting Wayland.

20 September 2017 - Unix Device Memory - 42 Comments
NVIDIA Working On A New OpenGL Memory Usage Extension

NVIDIA is working on a new OpenGL memory usage reporting extension, NV_query_resource. Before anyone jumps though to bash NVIDIA over coming up with yet-another-memory-reporting extension for OpenGL, this one is aimed at reporting the usage at an object-level rather than just overall amounts.

17 August 2017 - NV_query_resource - 5 Comments
NVIDIA OpenGL vs. Vulkan CPU Core Scaling For Linux Gaming

At the end of June I posted some Vulkan vs. OpenGL Linux Game CPU Core Scaling using RADV/RadeonSI with a Polaris graphics card. At that time I also carried out some NVIDIA CPU core scaling results in a Vulkan vs. OpenGL manner, but simply forgot to post those numbers until now.

8 July 2017 - NVIDIA CPU Scaling - 15 Comments
NVIDIA 384.47 On Linux Brings Some Vulkan Speed Boosts

Today NVIDIA released their first 384 series Linux driver beta and for the occasion I fired up some fresh OpenCL / Vulkan / OpenGL benchmarks in seeing if there are any performance changes for users to see with this new series that will eventually succeed the 381.22 stable release.

29 June 2017 - NVIDIA 384.47 - 9 Comments
NVIDIA 381.10.10 Vulkan Linux Driver Benchmarks

With NVIDIA just releasing a new beta Vulkan driver that in addition to having new Vulkan extensions and better Vulkan/OpenGL interoperability also has "various performance improvements", I couldn't resist running some benchmarks.

28 June 2017 - NVIDIA 381 Benchmarks - 7 Comments

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