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NVIDIA Launches The Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial Module

Given the success and popularity of their Jetson AGX developer board, NVIDIA has now launched the Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial Module that is a rugged, module-based version of the AGX Xavier intended for various industrial / manufacturing / construction use-cases.

15 June 2021 - Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial - 2 Comments
NVIDIA 470.76 WSL Driver Released

While waiting for NVIDIA to publicly launch a beta of their much anticipated 470 Linux driver series, today they issued a new 470.76 release of their WSL "Windows Subsystem for Linux" driver.

4 June 2021 - Windows Subsystem For Linux - 18 Comments
AMD Introduces FidelityFX Super Resolution, NVIDIA Announces DLSS For Steam Play

At AMD's Computex Taipei 2021 keynote they announced FidelityFX Super Resolution as coming later this month as their own open-source alternative to NVIDIA's Deep Learning Super Sampling for image upscaling while gaming. While we are waiting to see how the Linux support for FidelityFX Super Resolution will play out, NVIDIA is already trying to one up them by announcing DLSS for Steam Play.

1 June 2021 - DLSS For Steam Play - 68 Comments
Linux Adding New Thermal Code To Deal With Hot Tegra Devices

Simple CPU throttling isn't sufficient for cooling some NVIDIA Tegra devices running the upstream Linux kernel so thermal cooling integration into the device frequency "devfreq" scaling code is in the work for such high performance NVIDIA SoCs.

31 May 2021 - Thermal Cooling For Devfreq - 1 Comment
Quake II RTX Performance For AMD Radeon 6000 Series vs. NVIDIA On Linux

Last month with the Radeon Software for Linux 21.10 driver there was finally Vulkan ray-tracing support added to that proprietary Vulkan driver component, the first time that Vulkan ray-tracing has been available on Linux for any AMD Radeon 6000 series graphics card across the multiple driver options. Last month I posted some initial Vulkan ray-tracing AMD vs. NVIDIA Linux benchmarks while questions were raised how well the driver performs with NVIDIA's Quake II RTX port. Here are some initial benchmarks for those wondering.

27 May 2021 - Quake 2 RTX - 45 Comments
Linux 5.13 Yanks A NVIDIA NVLink Driver For Lack Of Open-Source User

The VFIO changes for the Linux 5.13 kernel aren't particularly exciting this cycle but one of the changes does raise some eyebrows with the VFIO NVIDIA NVLink2 driver being removed. This driver is being removed as it shouldn't have been even added in the first place for lack of an open-source client/user exercising it.

7 May 2021 - VFIO NVLink2 - 24 Comments
NVIDIA Announces Grace CPU For ARM-Based AI/HPC Processor

NVIDIA announced today in kicking off GTC21 the "Grace" high performance Arm processor for AI and high performance computing workloads. But before getting too excited, this high performance Arm chip isn't expected to be ready until 2023.

12 April 2021 - NVIDIA Grace CPU - 98 Comments
NVIDIA 465.19.01 Linux Beta Driver Released

While looking forward to the NVIDIA 470 series Linux driver for Wayland support improvements, before getting there NVIDIA is first introducing the 465 driver series. Today marks the first publicly available NVIDIA 465 Linux driver beta.

30 March 2021 - NVIDIA 465.19.01 - 11 Comments
NVIDIA's Open-Source DALI Reaches Version 1.0

Announced nearly three years ago by NVIDIA as one of their open-source projects was the DALI library for GPU-accelerated data augmentation and image loading. The DALI library today reached the v1.0.0 milestone.

24 March 2021 - NVIDIA DALI 1.0 - 4 Comments
NVIDIA 470 Series Driver Looks Like It Will Bring OpenCL 3.0 Support

We are already quite eager for NVIDIA's 470 series Linux driver due to Wayland / DMA-BUF improvements coming to this next major feature release for their proprietary driver stack. Making it all the more exciting is it looks like the NVIDIA 470 series driver will have OpenCL 3.0 support.

9 March 2021 - OpenCL 3.0 - 36 Comments

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