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NVIDIA Now Shipping The Jetson AGX Xavier Module

NVIDIA has been shipping the Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit the past few months while now they are beginning to ship the AGX Xavier Module intended for use in next-generation autonomous machines.

12 December 2018 - Xavier Module - 1 Comment
NVIDIA Makes PhysX Open-Source

As a very big surprise bundled alongside the announcement today of the $2,499 USD TITAN RTX graphics card is word that NVIDIA's PhysX software is going open-source!

3 December 2018 - Open-Source PhysX - 25 Comments
NVIDIA's Guide For Getting Started With RTX Ray-Tracing In Vulkan

Last month's Vulkan 1.1.85 release brought NVIDIA's experimental ray-tracing extension (VK_NVX_raytracing) while for those curious how this fits into the Vulkan workflow, NVIDIA today published a guide for getting started with ray-time ray-tracing in the Vulkan space.

10 October 2018 - Vulkan Ray-Tracing - 5 Comments
NVIDIA Sends Out DRM Display Patches For Tegra's Xavier SoC

Going back to the beginning of the year NVIDIA developers have been contributing "Tegra194" enablement to the upstream Linux kernel. They've now moved on to contributing T194 support to the Tegra Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) driver for display support on this SoC that's better known as Xavier.

21 September 2018 - Tegra DRM - Add A Comment
Nouveau Developers Begin Reverse-Engineering NVIDIA Turing Driver Support

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 graphics cards are only officially beginning to ship today, but at least one independent Nouveau developer already has his hands on the hardware and beginning to work on the clean-room, driver reverse-engineering process in order to eventually get open-source "Nouveau" driver support working.

20 September 2018 - Nouveau + Turing - 17 Comments

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