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NVIDIA Vulkan Ray-Tracing Extensions Coming Soon, OptiX API Unveiled

Back during GDC when everyone was talking about ray-tracing and Microsoft's DirectX Ray-Tracing API for DX12, but NVIDIA has now confirmed they will be soon releasing ray-tracing extensions for Vulkan. Additionally, the company has now thoroughly gone over their new OptiX API for CUDA-based ray-tracing.

2 April 2018 - OptiX Ray-Tracing API - 11 Comments
NVIDIA's New Allocator Library Will Need A Lot Of Work In 2018

Last week NVIDIA sent out an experimental allocator driver for the Nouveau code-base as well as EXT_external_objects support for Nouveau NVC0 in Mesa. So far though many upstream open-source driver developers are not yet convinced about the current design of this Unix Device Memory Allocation library as a potential replacement to GBM.

29 December 2017 - Not Yet Baked - 3 Comments
NVIDIA To Stop Offering 32-bit Driver Support

2017 could go down as the year that marked the descent of x86 32-bit support. Ubuntu 17.10 dropped their 32-bit desktop ISO, Ubuntu Server is now dropping their 32-bit installer, and more. Now NVIDIA Corp is announcing they are ending 32-bit support for their graphics driver.

22 December 2017 - 32-Bit Bye Bye - 38 Comments

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