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OpenShot 2.0 Beta 4 Released

While OpenShot 2.0 is long overdue, things are finally looking up for this open-source non-linear video editor with going into beta this past January and today marking the release of the fourth beta.

29 March 2016 - OpenShot 2.0 - 2 Comments
Skylake Audio Still Being Tuned In Linux 4.6

While Skylake systems have been in the marketplace for several months already, the Skylake audio support continues to be refined after the initial support landed rather late relative to Skylake's launch last year.

18 March 2016 - Sound Updates - 1 Comment
Kodi 16.0 Now Available

For those wanting to upgrade their Home Theater PC software, Kodi 16, formerly known as XBMC, has been officially released.

21 February 2016 - Kodi 16.0 - 3 Comments
MythTV 0.27.6 Release Brings Bug Fixes

It's been quite a while since last having anything major to talk about with the MythTV open-source DVR software, but at least today they have put out a new point release.

2 February 2016 - MythTV 0.27.6 - Add A Comment
Kodi 16 Beta 4 Ships More Bug-Fixes

It's been just one week since the last beta update of Kodi 16 but its development steam is sticking to the "release early, release often" and this morning shipped beta #4.

13 December 2015 - Kodi 16 - Add A Comment
GStreamer VA-API Plugins 0.7.0 Adds VP9 Decoder

GStreamer VA-API Plugins 0.7.0 has been released as the newest version of thsi set of GStreamer plug-ins for interfacing with video encode/decode accelerated by VA-API, the Video Acceleration API largely backed by Intel.

7 December 2015 - GStreamer VA-API - 2 Comments
MPlayer 1.2 Released

It's been three years since the release of MPlayer 1.1 while surprisingly this weekend MPlayer 1.2 was released.

3 October 2015 - MPlayer 1.2 - 10 Comments
Kodi 16 Alpha 3 Released

The third alpha release of the Kodi 16 HTPC open-source software is now available for testing with long-press support.

3 October 2015 - Kodi 16 - 1 Comment

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