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Trying Out The New OpenGL Threaded Dispatch In Mesa 17.1

At the beginning of today, OpenGL threaded dispatch landed in Mesa as work that's existed in patch form for years but was recently revived for Mesa Git due to the potential for significant performance gains in select scenarios.

16 March 2017 - Mesa 17.1 Threaded Dispatch - 61 Comments
Arceri Is Working To Further Improve Mesa's Shader Cache Startup Performance

Timothy Arceri at Valve is still working on the on-disk Mesa shader cache even though the GLSL/TGSI shader cache and RadeonSI binary caches have landed. In particular, his recent effort has been about improving the cold performance -- or when there isn't a shader cache present or it needs to be re-generated.

12 March 2017 - Mesa Shader Cache - 1 Comment
Timothy Arceri Takes To Revising Mesa OpenGL Threaded Dispatch

One month ago AMD developer Marek Olsak sent out threaded OpenGL dispatch code for Mesa, which can be a big win for some games but unfortunately Marek is now too busy to handle the code. Fortunately, Collabora-turned-Valve developer Timothy Arceri has taken to getting this code vetted.

7 March 2017 - OpenGL Threaded Dispatch - 14 Comments
Mesa's Shader Disk Cache Now Enabled By Default

With the recent roll-out of Mesa's on-disk shader cache, an initial limitation was that the entire cache would be erased if a user switched between 32-bit and 64-bit applications. That's now been fixed. And now the OpenGL GLSL shader cache is enabled by default.

5 March 2017 - Disk Cache Architectures - 17 Comments
RadeonSI On-Disk Shader Cache Lands In Mesa Git

Taking things further than the recent landing of the TGSI on-disk shader cache for this Gallium3D IR, Timothy Arceri at Valve has landed his support for a RadeonSI driver on-disk shader cache.

2 March 2017 - RadeonSI Shader Cache - 27 Comments
A Soft Implementation Of ARB_gpu_shader_fp64 Is Slowly Being Tackled For Mesa

Last year there was a Google Summer of Code student working on a library to implement double-precision operations (FP64) in pure GLSL 1.30 as a benefit to older GPUs not having native FP64 capabilities. While that work didn't materialize as a solution in 2017 for those wanting "soft" ARB_gpu_shader_fp64 for being able to potentially expose OpenGL 4.0 on more R600g era GPUs, the work is ongoing.

25 February 2017 - GL_ARB_gpu_shader_fp64 - 12 Comments
Fuzzing Mesa Drivers Begin To Uncover Bugs

Last December we wrote about work being done on fuzzing OpenGL shaders leading to wild differences with the work being done at the Imperial College London. While they were testing other drivers on different operating systems, they have now fired up tests of Mesa.

24 February 2017 - Intel Mesa Fuzzing - 13 Comments
OpenGL 4.0 Patches For Intel Ivy Bridge Revised

While yesterday's Mesa 17.0 release took Intel Haswell hardware from OpenGL 3.3 to OpenGL 4.5, this quarterly update didn't end up bring the older Ivy Bridge hardware past OpenGL 3.3. But consulting firm Igalia has continued working on their patches to bring Ivy Bridge hardware up to OpenGL 4.0.

14 February 2017 - FP64 IVB - 25 Comments
R600/RadeonSI GLSL/TGSI On-Disk Shader Cache Revised

Last week Timothy Arceri posted TGSI shader cache patches for Mesa that so far benefit the R600g and RadeonSI Gallium3D drivers but could also help out the other Gallium3D drivers too. The second version of those patches have now been published.

13 February 2017 - Mesa Shader Cache - 16 Comments
A Student Developer Wants To Write A Software Implementation Of Vulkan For Mesa

Vulkan is going on one year old and while the hardware driver support has continued to advance, we haven't yet seen a software implementation of Vulkan for running on a CPU. Of course, not for expecting any performance miracle or the like, but as a vendor-neutral platform for being able to test Vulkan's behavior, certain fallback scenarios, and other use-cases like Mesa's LLVMpipe/swrast/Softpipe software rasterizers.

11 February 2017 - GSoC / EVoC - 3 Comments
Mesa RFC Changes To Help Worms WMD, Tropico 5 & Crookz

In continuation of this morning's article about Valve Planning To Carry Mesa GL Thread Feature On SteamOS, Per-Game Features, it looks like the developers working for Valve on the open-source Linux graphics driver stack are looking to do more in the per-game profile space.

10 February 2017 - Thanks Valve - 11 Comments

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