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A Gallium3D State Tracker For Vulkan?

It didn't take long after yesterday's Vulkan 1.0 release for a question to be asked whether there could be a Gallium3D Vulkan state tracker developed.

17 February 2016 - Gallium3D Vulkan - 17 Comments
Latest Mesa Update Lands In Ubuntu 16.04, Enables OpenGL 4.1 With LLVM 3.8

In the process of landing in the Ubuntu 16.04 "Xenial Xerus" package archive is the newly-minted Mesa 11.1.2. While a point release update for Ubuntu of Mesa isn't usually noteworthy, with this change they are also building against LLVM 3.8 to allow OpenGL 4.1 support for the RadeonSI Gallium3D driver.

11 February 2016 - Mesa 11.1.2 - 5 Comments
OpenGL 4.5 Is Not The End Of The Road For OpenGL

Particularly after writing about OpenGL 4 progress in Mesa, it's quite common to see comments in our forums and elsewhere about people thinking when "Mesa is done" or how "OpenGL 4.5 is the last major release" or "Vulkan makes OpenGL dead", etc.

4 February 2016 - OpenGL Still Has A Future - 28 Comments
Gallium3D Gets Accelerated PBO Texture Uploads

AMD's Nicolai Hähnle has taken over where KDE developer Fredrik Höglund left off in working on accelerated texture uploads from Pixel Buffer Objects for Gallium3D drivers. This is a change just not for the Radeon Gallium3D drivers but for all of the drivers using the Mesa state tracker.

18 January 2016 - Texture Uploads - 13 Comments
Yes, Mesa Is Working Towards GLVND Support

With yesterday's news about AMD planning GLVND support for their Linux driver -- which follows the NVIDIA 361 driver being the first to ship GLVND, years after NVIDIA began working on this OpenGL Vendor-Neutral Dispatch Library -- many have been wondering how Mesa fits into the equation.

17 January 2016 - OpenGL Vendor-Neutral Dispatch - 10 Comments
Mesa Saw The Most Commits Last Year Since 2010

Similar to yesterday's look at the Linux kernel Git code with its nearly 20.8 million lines, I also ran some Git statistics on Mesa to see how its development numbers panned out for the year.

1 January 2016 - Mesa 2015 Activity - 6 Comments
Better Multi Indirect Draw Support Coming To Mesa

Ilia Mirkin has seemingly not taken much time off from his Mesa hacking for the holidays. On Thursday this developer who most frequently works on the Nouveau and Freedreno drivers has published patches for better ARB_multi_draw_indirect handling.

1 January 2016 - ARB_multi_draw_indirect - 5 Comments
The Mesmerizing Mesa Milestones Of 2015

This year Mesa made a heck of a lot of progress on advancing open-source 3D driver support for Linux and other operating systems. While Mesa isn't yet caught up with OpenGL 4.5, over the past twelve months there was a heck of a lot of progress made on OpenGL 4 support.

27 December 2015 - Mesa!!! - 13 Comments

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