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The OpenCL 2.0 CTS Can Now Run On Gallium3D Clover - But Doesn't Pass The Tests

Red Hat's Karol Herbst who has spent years now working on Nouveau SPIR-V support and other GPU open-source compute efforts around Mesa has provided a trivial implementation of clCreateCommandQueueWithProperties() that is now enough to begin running the OpenCL 2.0 conformance test suite on the Gallium3D "Clover" state tracker.

10 February 2020 - clCreateCommandQueueWithProperties - 6 Comments
Mesa 19.3.3 Released With Many Fixes

While Mesa 20.0 will be entering its feature freeze this week and branching ahead of the stable release expected in about one month, for now the Mesa 19.3 series is the newest available for stable users.

28 January 2020 - Mesa 19.3.3 - 18 Comments
Zink Is Moving Closer To OpenGL 3.0 Support Over Vulkan

Zink was one of the Mesa/Gallium3D innovations that saw mainline status in 2019 for offering OpenGL support atop Vulkan hardware drivers. While an interesting approach, so far only the dated OpenGL 2.1 support has been exposed but the Collabora-led effort is closing in on OpenGL 3.0 capabilities.

4 January 2020 - OpenGL 3.0 Milestone - 14 Comments
Mesa's Radeon R600 Gallium3D Driver Now Has NIR Support Under Review

Similar to the trend with other Mesa drivers, the Radeon R600g driver for supporting Radeon HD 2000 through Radeon HD 6000 series graphics cards has been seeing experimental work to introduce a NIR back-end for this modern intermediate representation. That R600 NIR support now has a merge request open meaning it could possibly land still for Mesa 20.0.

30 December 2019 - R600 NIR - 12 Comments
Mesa 20.0's LLVMpipe Now Supports Running OpenCL On The CPU

Mesa's LLVMpipe Gallium3D driver has long been about running OpenGL on GPUs as a software fallback / debug path but as of this morning in Mesa 20.0-devel there is now the experimental ability of having OpenCL support making use of OpenCL "Clover" with NIR for CPU-based execution.

27 December 2019 - LLVMpipe OpenCL On The CPU!!! - 10 Comments
Mesa's LLVMpipe Software OpenGL Driver Now Uses NIR By Default

Joining the NIR driver bandwagon recently was LLVMpipe adding support for this new intermediate representation. Now with that support having matured, Mesa 20.0-devel's LLVMpipe software OpenGL driver is switching to NIR by default in place of TGSI.

21 December 2019 - LLVMpipe NIR Default - 1 Comment

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