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Experimenting Is Underway For Rust Code Within Mesa

Longtime Mesa developer Karol Herbst who has worked extensively on the open-source NVIDIA "Nouveau" driver as well as the OpenCL/compute stack while being employed by Red Hat is now toying with the idea of Rust code inside Mesa.

17 September 2021 - Rust + Mesa - 68 Comments
Mesa's LLVMpipe + Lavapipe Land FP16 Support

The latest work landing for Mesa 21.3 is supporting FP16 within the LLVM-based software driver code namely for the LLVMpipe Gallium3D OpenGL and Lavapipe Vulkan drivers.

16 September 2021 - 16-bit floating point - 2 Comments
Google Is Successfully Using The Open-Source Qualcomm GL/VLK Drivers On Chromebooks

It's been known that Google has been using the open-source "MSM" DRM/KMS driver on Qualcomm-powered devices that originally started out as a reverse-engineered driver project separate from the company. Now it's also been confirmed how Google is successfully using the open-source Mesa Freedreno OpenGL and TURNIP Vulkan drivers on Qualcomm-powered Chromebooks too.

16 September 2021 - Mesa Drivers - 19 Comments
Zink OpenGL-On-Vulkan Tackling Support For More Games

After last month landing the Zink sub-allocator code for improved performance and also enabling OpenGL ES 3.2 support for Zink, lead developer Mike Blumenkrantz at Valve has been spending time this month working to get more games running on this OpenGL-over-Vulkan Mesa driver.

13 September 2021 - Getting More Games Working - 8 Comments
Zink Now Achieves OpenGL ES 3.2 Atop Vulkan

Mike Blumenkrantz in addition to addressing that big performance problem with Tesseract and other Zink OpenGL-on-Vulkan improvements in recent days has now landed OpenGL ES 3.2 support.

31 August 2021 - OpenGL ES 3.2 On Vulkan - 20 Comments
OpenGL Drivers In 2021 Still Sadly Benefit From Faking Their Driver Name / GPU

Years ago particularly when the open-source Linux GPU drivers were in their infancy it was known in some cases having to fake/spoof the GPU driver name or model in order to workaround artificial bugs / problematic code paths targeted to a particular OpenGL driver or even to achieve greater performance. With a new Mesa merge request called "Unleash the dragon!", this is still very much a problem in 2021 even now in the Android space.

30 July 2021 - Faking It - 29 Comments
Mesa 21.2 Lands NVIDIA's Code For Handling Alternate GBM Backends

Earlier this year was the proposed NVIDIA code from NVIDIA for allowing Mesa's GBM to support alternative back-ends. This support is notable given that most Wayland compositors are catering to using Mesa's Generic Buffer Manager (GBM) rather than EGLStreams or other options for buffer management. That support code has now been merged into Mesa 21.2.

7 July 2021 - Alternative GBM Backends - 79 Comments
Mesa's Exciting Milestones So Far In 2021 From Zink To Great Intel/AMD Open-Source Work

With the half-way point for the year upon us, here is a look back at the most exciting Mesa open-source graphics driver news so far in 2021 with exciting contributions from Microsoft, AMD and Intel continuing to be the most open-source friendly graphics vendors, Zink making remarkable progress for OpenGL over Vulkan, performance optimizations galore, more embedded Vulkan drivers coming about, and other milestones for open-source Linux graphics.

27 June 2021 - Mesa 2021 - Add A Comment

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