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Mesa Sees An Initial Meson Build System Port

A few months ago was a vibrant discussion about a Meson proposal for libdrm/Mesa while today the initial patches were posted in bringing a possible Meson build system port for Mesa.

20 September 2017 - Mesa Meson - 8 Comments
Mesa Drivers' Use Of Multiple IRs, Gallium3D With NIR

Following the news this week that RadeonSI may switch to NIR completely in the future, in the forums a number of questions were raised about why the Linux graphics drivers are using multiple forms of intermediate representation and whether this would still make RadeonSI a Gallium3D driver if it doesn't default to TGSI.

27 August 2017 - IR Happy - 1 Comment
RadeonSI May Eventually Switch To NIR Completely

RadeonSI developers have been working on supporting the NIR intermediate representation within their Gallium3D driver as a means to support ARB_gl_spirv for being able to load SPIR-V shaders in OpenGL and interact with the RADV Vulkan driver code paths, which is making use of NIR. It's looking like in the future the RadeonSI driver could end up using NIR completely by default.

25 August 2017 - RadeonSI NIR - 32 Comments
Mesa DRM 2.4.83 Library Released

Mesa's DRM library, libdrm, that sits between the Linux kernel DRM and Mesa among other possible user-space components, is out with a new release today.

24 August 2017 - libdrm 2.4.83 - Add A Comment
Trying Out RadeonSI's Experimental NIR Support

Last week AMD developers landed experimental NIR support inside RadeonSI as ultimately a step towards ARB_gl_spirv support for this OpenGL Gallium3D driver in being able to re-use the NIR/RADV code-paths. I decided to take the experimental NIR support through a spin to see if it impacted various titles at this point.

7 August 2017 - R600_DEBUG=nir - 8 Comments

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