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Mesa 19.0 Deprecates GNU Autotools Build System In Favor Of Meson

Last month was a proposed patch that would have killed the Autotools build system within Mesa. Developers have decided for the upcoming Mesa 19.0 release not to eliminate this GNU Autotools support but rather to mark it as deprecated and require an extra flag in order to make use of it.

16 January 2019 - Autotools Deprecated - 4 Comments
Mesa 18.3.2 Is Finally En Route With 78+ Changes

It's been more than a month since the debut of Mesa 18.3 and the emergency 18.3.1 release while due the holidays and the release manager being sick, the next point release fell off the tracks. Mesa 18.3.2 is now being crafted and should be out in the next few days. Given the time since the previous release, Mesa 18.3.2 is heavy on fixes.

15 January 2019 - Mesa 18.3.2 - 10 Comments
RADV Vulkan Driver Picks Up Memory Budget Information For Mesa 19.0

With Mesa 19.0 entering its feature freeze this week, the race is on for developers to land their last minute additions to this next quarterly installment of Mesa. Valve developer Samuel Pitoiset has landed support in the Radeon "RADV" Vulkan driver for the new memory budget extension.

15 January 2019 - VK_EXT_memory_budget - 3 Comments
"Soft" FP64/INT64 Implementations Merged To Mesa, Intel Driver Already Making Use

For those with older graphics processors, rejoice as with the upcoming Mesa 19.0 driver release it might now be possible to have OpenGL 4.0 thanks to software-based implementations of ARB_gpu_shader_int64 and ARB_gpu_shader_fp64 finally being merged to mainline. The FP64 one is most notable with that being a requirement for OpenGL 4.0 but some older GPUs lacking that capability for bumping past OpenGL 3.3.

10 January 2019 - Software-Based FP64!!!! - 19 Comments
SPIR-V Clover Support Might Still Land For Mesa 19.0, Working Towards Nouveau OpenCL

One of the major open-source GPU compute driver initiatives going the past year has been the Red Hat folks working on adding Nouveau SPIR-V support as part of allowing GPU compute to work for this open-source NVIDIA driver. By longtime Nouveau contributor Pierre Moreau has also been work on adding SPIR-V support to Clover, the Gallium3D OpenCL state tracker.

8 January 2019 - SPIR-V Clover For Mesa 19.0 - 5 Comments
Gallium-Nine-Standalone: Making Gallium D3D9 Easier To Use On Wine

At least until D3D9-over-Vulkan is in better shape, the means by which you can achieve the greatest Direct3D 9 performance right now under Wine/Linux is by using Gallium3D's "Nine" state tracker. Unfortunately though upstream Wine developers have been reluctant to support it upstream since its limited to just Linux and of that just Gallium3D drivers, but Gallium-Nine-Standalone makes this support easier to deploy across Wine versions.

7 January 2019 - Gallium Nine Standalone - 27 Comments
Mesa Made Massive Progress In 2018 On Open-Source Vulkan / OpenGL Drivers

Mesa had another wild year with countless improvements to the multiple vendor OpenGL/Vulkan drivers, continued improvements by Valve and other companies to make these drivers better for Linux gaming, the Meson build system support took shape, new Intel and AMD Radeon graphics support was punctually added, and many other milestones achieved.

26 December 2018 - Mesa 2018 - Add A Comment
Freedreno Gets Patches For A2xx NIR Backend

Should you still be utilizing Qualcomm Adreno 200 series graphics hardware, the open-source graphics driver support is getting better for this hardware that was Adreno's first offering a programmable pipeline and clock speeds up to 133MHz.

20 December 2018 - Freedreno A2xx - Add A Comment
Mesa 19.0 RADV Vulkan Driver Gets New Fixes To Help DXVK Gaming

Samuel Pitoiset of Valve's Linux graphics driver team has landed some fresh patches in Mesa 19.0 (and also marked for back-porting to the stable branch) to help out the DXVK gaming experience for Windows games using Direct3D 11 that are re-mapped to run on top of the Vulkan graphics API.

13 December 2018 - RADV + DXVK - Add A Comment

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