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TURNIP Vulkan Driver Gets MSAA Working

Mesa's TURNIP Vulkan driver that provides open-source Vulkan API support for Qualcomm Adreno hardware in recent weeks has been back to seeing new activity and this week more useful contributions are being made.

16 October 2019 - Freedreno Vulkan - Add A Comment
Raspberry Pi 4's V3D Mesa Driver Nearing OpenGL ES 3.1

Back during the summer Eric Anholt who had been the lead developer of Broadcom's VC4/V3D graphics driver stack most notably used by Raspberry Pi boards left the company to join Google. In his place, the Raspberry Pi Foundation is working with consulting firm Igalia to continue work on the DRM/KMS kernel driver and Gallium3D drivers for this open-source graphics driver support.

11 October 2019 - Raspberry Pi Graphics Driver - 10 Comments
Mesa's Gallium3D LLVMpipe Driver Adds Compute Shader Support

Red Hat's David Airlie has been refocusing efforts recently on improving the state of the LLVMpipe driver that implements OpenGL / OpenGL ES on top of CPUs using LLVM. In the past few weeks he's been wiring up more GL4 / GLES 3.1 extensions and this morning the latest achievement is supporting OpenGL compute shaders!

4 September 2019 - LLVMpipe Compute Shaders! - 4 Comments
Mesa 19.2-RC1 Released But Intel Still Looking To Add OpenGL 4.6 Support

Yesterday we shared that Mesa 19.2's release process would finally be getting underway with the first release candidate expected today following the code branching. Sure enough, that process began but now prominent Intel open-source graphics developer Jason Ekstrand is looking to get the OpenGL 4.6 support into this release.

20 August 2019 - Mesa 19.2 + Maybe OpenGL 4.6 - 1 Comment
Etnaviv Gallium3D Picks Up A NIR Compiler

Landing on Tuesday ahead of this week's Mesa 19.2 feature freeze is an experimental NIR compiler for the Etnaviv Gallium3D driver that provides open-source OpenGL driver support for Vivante graphics IP.

7 August 2019 - Etnaviv NIR - 1 Comment

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