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Radeon VCN Encode Support Lands In Mesa 17.4 Git

It's an exciting day for open-source Radeon Linux users today as besides the AMDGPU DC pull request (albeit still unmerged as of writing), Radeon VCN encoding support has landed in Mesa Git.

17 November 2017 - VCN Video Encoding - 8 Comments
VC4 & VC5 Drivers Get More Fixes Ahead Of The Holidays

Eric Anholt at Broadcom has continued his spree of bringing up the next-gen VC5 Linux graphics driver stack while also continuing to maintain and improve upon the VC4 driver most commonly associated as being the open-source GPU driver option for the Raspberry Pi.

15 November 2017 - Broadcom Open-Source GPUs - 7 Comments
OpenGL 4.2 Support Could Soon Land For AMD Cayman GPUs On R600g

David Airlie is looking to land OpenGL image support in the R600 Gallium3D driver that would be enabled for Radeon HD 5000 "Evergreen" GPUs and newer. For the HD 6900 "Cayman" GPUs, this would be the last step taking it to exposing OpenGL 4.2 compliance.

14 November 2017 - Image Support For Evergreen+ - 20 Comments
Mesa 17.2.5 Released

The fifth point release to Mesa 17.2 is now available with the latest fixes while the Mesa 17.3 official release is imminent.

11 November 2017 - Mesa 17.2.5 - Add A Comment
Freedreno Works On Context Priority Support, Plumbs Into Gallium3D

There's been a theme recently with the open-source graphics drivers of working on priority scheduling support from AMDGPU priority scheduling for VR use-cases and tied into RADV to Intel also allowing context priority support that in turn is exposed through EGL. The Freedreno driver has also been working on a context priority implementation.

25 October 2017 - Freedreno Priority - 3 Comments
Mesa 17.3 By The Numbers

With Mesa 17.3 having been branched yesterday and the first release candidate issued for this quarterly feature update, here's a look at some of the development numbers for this Q4'17 Mesa update.

24 October 2017 - Mesa 17.3 - Add A Comment

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