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New NTFS Linux Driver Spun A Ninth Time, Still Under Review

Back in August was the surprise that Paragon Software is looking to mainline their NTFS read-write driver in the mainline Linux kernel after years of offering it as a commercial driver for those needing reliable support for this Microsoft file-system on Linux. Two months later they are now up to their ninth revision of this driver in their pursuit of mainline inclusion.

18 October 2020 - NTFS3 v9 - 39 Comments
Paragon Sends Out Latest NTFS Read-Write Linux Driver Patches

Back in August was the big surprise of file-system driver vendor Paragon Software wanting to mainline their NTFS driver into the Linux kernel that is much more advanced than the existing NTFS Linux driver. While not merged yet, on Friday the latest version was sent out for review.

9 October 2020 - NTFS Linux Driver - 23 Comments
Google Is Adding Support For Metadata Encryption To F2FS

F2FS as the Flash-Friendly File-System has long supported transparent file-system encryption via Linux's FSCRYPT framework but now Google engineers are working on allowing the file-system metadata to also be encrypted.

6 October 2020 - F2FS Metadata Encryption - 9 Comments
Red Hat's Stratis 2.2 Linux Storage Solution Released

A new version of Stratis is ready to go as Red Hat's open-source storage solution built atop LVM and XFS for offering easy and modern local storage management on Linux systems that aim to rival the likes of Btrfs and ZFS but without having to rely on a new file-system.

28 September 2020 - Stratis 2.2 - 16 Comments
Google Is Still Striving To Upstream Incremental FS In Linux

After originally publishing the Incremental FS patches back in May of 2019, Google's Android kernel team is still working to upstream this virtual file-system into the mainline Linux kernel and at this week's Linux Plumbers Conference was working to drum up support for it.

29 August 2020 - Incremental File-System - 21 Comments
Paragon Submits Third Version Of New NTFS Kernel Driver For Linux

Two weeks ago file-system driver vendor Paragon Software posted patches for their previously commercial NTFS Linux driver with hopes of getting the code mainlined. That initial patch drew some criticism for how it was handled but a week later a new version was published that split up the patches nicely and had other feedback. Prior to calling it a weekend, Paragon sent out a third version of the "NTFS3" Linux kernel driver patches.

29 August 2020 - NTFS3 v3 For Linux - 50 Comments
EXT4 Changes Land For Linux 5.9 With Block Allocator Performance Work

With all the Linux 5.9 kernel changes you may have noticed no major EXT4 file-system pull request was submitted during the kernel merge window the prior two weeks. Fortunately, the EXT4 work has now been sent out and Linus Torvalds honored the late changes for this widely-used Linux file-system.

22 August 2020 - Linux 5.9 EXT4 - 13 Comments

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