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Loop-AES Updated For Linux 4.14~4.15 Kernel Compatibility

It's been a while since last having anything to report on with Loop-AES as a long-standing means for offering transparent data encryption in the form of a loopback device. The project is now out with a new release providing out-of-tree compatibility with Linux 4.14/4.15 kernels.

5 December 2017 - Loop-AES-Encryption - 1 Comment
A Closed-Source Apple File-System APFS Driver For Linux Announced

With macOS High Sierra finally ditching the HFS+ file-system and switching all macOS users over to Apple's new file-system, APFS, you may find the need to read a APFS file-system from another non-macOS device. Now it's possible with an APFS Linux file-system driver, but it's closed-source and doesn't yet have write capabilities.

30 November 2017 - APFS Linux Driver - 29 Comments
Funtin SFF-8639: U.2 NVMe SSD To PCI-E Card Adapter

With our review this week of the Intel Optane SSD 900P 280GB U.2 SSD there was a discussion in the forums about using U.2 SSDs in desktop systems, etc. If your system doesn't have a U.2 slot, an adapter like the Funtin SFF-8639 makes it easy to pop the SSD into a PCI-E x4 slot.

18 November 2017 - U.2 PCI-E NVMe SSD Adapter - 33 Comments
XFS For Linux 4.15 Brings "Great Scads of New Stuff"

File-system pull requests today for Linux 4.15 not only included Btrfs compression-related improvements, an overhaul to the AFS driver, and EXT4 corruption fixes but there is also a very significant set of updates to the XFS file-system.

13 November 2017 - XFS Linux 4.15 - 41 Comments
Oracle Could Still Make ZFS A First-Class Upstream Linux File-System

For many years Linux storage enthusiasts have dreamed of having the ZFS file-system part of the mainline Linux kernel. But since Oracle acquired Sun Microsystems that outlook has looked much more bleak that they would re-license the ZFS kernel code under a license compatible with the upstream GPLv2 Linux kernel. But an Oracle engineer presented today that the ZFS Linux dream might still come true.

24 October 2017 - Oracle ZFS On Linux? - 81 Comments
Btrfs Gets Fixes & Prep Work In Linux 4.14

Besides the separate pull request that brought Zstd compression support for Btrfs with the in-development Linux 4.14 kernel, the main Btrfs pull request was also submitted on Friday for updating this Linux file-system.

9 September 2017 - Btrfs Linux 4.14 - 11 Comments

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