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Btrfs Gets Fixes & Prep Work In Linux 4.14

Besides the separate pull request that brought Zstd compression support for Btrfs with the in-development Linux 4.14 kernel, the main Btrfs pull request was also submitted on Friday for updating this Linux file-system.

9 September 2017 - Btrfs Linux 4.14 - 11 Comments
NOVA: The Newest Linux File-System, Designed For Persistent Memory

It's been an interesting week for Linux storage with Red Hat deprecating Btrfs and Stratis being their next-gen Linux storage bet. Independent of that is now the announcement of NOVA, a new Linux file-system coming out of university research into file-systems for persistent memory.

3 August 2017 - NOVA File-System - 17 Comments
AES-128-CBC Support Coming To Fscrypt

AES-128-CBC support is coming to fscrypt, the generic file-system crypto code in the Linux kernel that's currently in use by F2FS and EXT4 for offering native file-system encryption support.

26 June 2017 - Linux 4.13 - 2 Comments

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