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F2FS With Linux 5.12 To Allow Configuring Compression Level

While the Flash-Friendly File-System (F2FS) allows selecting between your choice of optional compression algorithms like LZO, LZ4, and Zstd -- plus even specifying specific file extensions to optionally limit the transparent file-system compression to -- it doesn't allow easily specifying a compression level. That is fortunately set to change with the Linux 5.12 kernel this spring.

12 January 2021 - F2FS Compression Level - 7 Comments
OpenZFS 2.0.1 Released With Linux 5.10 Support, Many Fixes

Released at the end of November was the much anticipated OpenZFS 2.0 open-source ZFS file-system implementation for Linux and FreeBSD systems. Today that has been succeeded by OpenZFS 2.0.1 with support for newer Linux kernels and many bug fixes.

6 January 2021 - OpenZFS 2.0.1 - 9 Comments
Paragon Publishes Latest NTFS File-System Patches For Linux

One of the pleasant kernel surprises in 2020 was Paragon Software looking to upstream their previously commercial NTFS driver. This driver offers read-write support and more advanced capabilities than the current read-focused NTFS driver presently in the mainline kernel and better off than the other FUSE-based driver. This driver hasn't been mainlined yet but Paragon published new patches on Christmas.

26 December 2020 - Still Not Mainlined - 11 Comments
Linux 5.11 XFS Will Flag File-Systems In Need Of Repair

The main feature change for the XFS driver code in Linux 5.11 is adding a new "needs repair" feature flag. When the XFS code marks a file-system as needing repair, it will refuse to mount until the xfs_repair operation is run on it.

20 December 2020 - "Needs Repair" - 23 Comments
Micron's HSE Open-Source Storage Engine Hits v1.9

Announced earlier this year by Micron was the HSE open-source storage engine aimed for low-latency, speed-performance on modern SSD storage and ideal for powering the likes of NoSQL databases. In squeezing out one more major release before year's end, HSE 1.9 was released on Friday.

12 December 2020 - HSE 1.9 - Add A Comment
Tencent Updates Their "Direct Memory File-System" Proposal For Linux

Back in October there were engineers from Tencent proposing DMEMFS as the "Direct Memory File-System" for Linux. DMEMFS is about reserving some RAM that is not managed by the kernel to avoid that overhead and in turn expose it directly to virtual machines in the cloud. Those initial DMEMFS kernel patches have now been updated by Tencent as they continue working to get this functionality into the Linux kernel.

7 December 2020 - DMEMFS - 7 Comments
The New NTFS Linux Driver Updated With Better Compression Handling

One of the surprises this year in the Linux kernel world was Paragon Software wanting to upstream their "NTFS3" kernel driver that supports read-write operations on Microsoft NTFS file-systems and is much more full-featured than the existing read-focused NTFS kernel driver or the user-space NTFS FUSE driver. The driver hasn't yet been mainlined but continues to be updated in preparing for that milestone.

6 December 2020 - NTFS3 Compression - 15 Comments
OpenZFS 2.0 Released With Unified FreeBSD/Linux Support, Many New Features

OpenZFS 2.0 has been officially released! OpenZFS 2.0 marks a major step forward for open-source ZFS file-system support for what started out as ZFSOnLinux but is now OpenZFS with unified FreeBSD and Linux support (macOS support is still being pursued as well) and this release also bringing many new features.

30 November 2020 - OpenZFS 2.0 - 17 Comments
Following FUSE & CUSE, Now There Is "MUSE" For MTD In Userspace

FUSE is well known to longtime Linux users for allowing file-systems to be implemented in user-space for where a Linux kernel port isn't feasible for portability or licensing restrictions, among other factors. There is also CUSE for character devices in user-space. Now being based on FUSE, there is "MUSE" being worked on for MTD in user-space.

27 November 2020 - MUSE Based On FUSE - 11 Comments
Reiser5 Stabilizing Its Logical Volume Functionality

This New Year's Eve will mark one year since the announcement of the in-development Reiser5 file-system. While the outlook for getting Reiser5 upstreamed into the mainline kernel remains murky given the out-of-tree status of Reiser4, Edward Shishkin does continue advancing this latest Reiser file-system iteration.

23 November 2020 - Reiser5 - 19 Comments
F2FS With Linux 5.11 To Support Casefolding With Encryption

For over one year the Flash-Friendly File-System (F2FS) has supported case-folding for optional case-insensitive file/folder support. The past number of years F2FS has also supported FSCRYPT-based file encryption. But now as we roll into 2021, support is finally seemingly ready for mainline in supporting casefolding with encryption enabled.

22 November 2020 - Linux 5.11 F2FS - 7 Comments

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