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Zstd Compression Support Coming For Linux Pstore

Linux's Pstore "persistent store" functionality, which is most often used for preserving kernel panics and related information across reboots when the system runs into a show-stopping problem, will soon be supporting Zstd compression for storing greater amounts of data.

5 August 2018 - Pstore + Zstd - Add A Comment
More XFS Fixes Readied For Linux 4.18

Last week was the main XFS file-system pull request for Linux 4.18 while submitted on Tuesday was a secondary batch of updates targeted for this next kernel version.

13 June 2018 - Linux 4.18 XFS - Add A Comment
OpenZFS Will Soon Have Zstd Compression Support

Zstd compression continues becoming more widely adopted from Ubuntu looking at Zstd-compressed packages to compressing the Linux kernel image to now the OpenZFS file-system soon having support for Facebook's Zstandard compression algorithm.

25 March 2018 - OpenZFS Zstd - 6 Comments
XFS Feature Used For Online Fsck Graduates From Experimental

Last week the main pull request of XFS file-system driver updates for the Linux 4.16 was sent in and referred to by XFS maintainer Darrick Wong as having great scads of new stuff. The Oracle engineer has now sent in a secondary pull request of XFS for Linux 4.16.

6 February 2018 - XFS Linux 4.16 - 4 Comments
XFS In Linux 4.16 Continues With "Great Scads Of New Stuff"

Back during the Linux 4.15 kernel merge window XFS file-system maintainer Darrick Wong commented there was great scads of new stuff and now with Linux 4.16 he's repeating that line. XFS for Linux 4.16 brings several significant changes to this mature Linux file-system.

31 January 2018 - XFS FEATURES!11!!!!11!!! - 11 Comments

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