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Firewalld 1.0 Released With Big Improvements

Firewalld was started by Red Hat a decade ago for managing Linux firewall functionality with Netfilter. Ten and a half years after the first release, Firewalld 1.0 was released this afternoon.

22 July 2021 - firewalld 1.0 - 70 Comments
The Big Set Of Networking Changes For Linux 5.14

Given the dominance of Linux-based devices from embedded/mobile (Android) through data centers and Linux powering all sorts of equipment, the networking subsystem updates for new Linux kernel merge windows continues to be very lively with new hardware support and never-ending improvements and new features.

30 June 2021 - Linux 5.14 Networking - Add A Comment
Linux 5.13 To Address Some Networking Overhead Caused By Retpolines

It's been three years that Retpolines (return trampolines) have been around as part of the Spectre defenses on Linux and kernel developers in particular are still working to better optimize different areas of their code to deal with the performance overhead incurred.

21 March 2021 - Return Trampolines - 3 Comments
The Linux Kernel Looks To Eventually Drop Support For WiMAX

With the WiMAX 802.16 standard not being widely used outside of the Aeronautical Mobile Airport Communication System (AeroMACS) and usage in some developing nations, the Linux kernel may end up dropping its support for WiMAX but first there is a proposal to demote it to staging while seeing if any users remain.

28 October 2020 - Linux + WiMAX - 5 Comments
Facebook Still Pursuing "NetGPU" - Working On AMD GPU Support In Addition To NVIDIA

It was the recent Facebook patches for implementing NetGPU that with one of the NVIDIA-focused patches led to the recent controversy around "GPL condoms" in the kernel and ultimately leading to new protections with Linux 5.9. That NetGPU code is still being worked on by Facebook with upstream hopes but now in addition to the NVIDIA driver support they are also working on AMD GPU support with the open-source driver.

29 August 2020 - NetGPU - 19 Comments
Linux 5.9 Networking Changes Are As Active As Ever

Each kernel cycle the networking subsystem sees a lot of churn given the importance of network interconnect performance and reliability especially in high performance computing environments where Linux dominates.

8 August 2020 - Linux 5.9 Networking - 4 Comments

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