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Lutris 0.5.2 Released With Various Improvements For Linux Gaming

Released at the start of February was Lutris 0.5 with a much improved GTK3 user interface, integration, and other improvements to this open-source Linux game manager that works from Wine-based games to Steam and various other offerings. Lutris 0.5.2 is now out with the latest set of improvements on top.

8 April 2019 - Lutris 0.5.2 - 2 Comments
Unreal Engine 4.22 Preview 1 Released With Real-Time Ray-Tracing

Unreal Engine 4.21 back in November was a big update for Linux gamers in that this game engine now defaults to the Vulkan renderer and also had various other fixes. With today's Unreal Engine 4.22 Preview 1 release, there are no Linux/Vulkan-specific changes mentioned, but some other interesting changes in general.

12 February 2019 - Unreal Engine 4.22 - 8 Comments
ET: Legacy 2.76 Released For Letting Enemy Territory Live On In 2019

The ET: Legacy open-source project derived from the id Tech 3 sources and letting Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory live on almost two decades later is out with their biggest release yet: version 2.76. ET: Legacy 2.76 itself is a big release but the developers involved still have more plans moving forward.

14 January 2019 - ETLegacy 2.76 - 2 Comments

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