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Direct3D 9 Support Proposed For DXVK

DXVK has been doing great with its Direct3D 11 support mapped to Vulkan and running a variety of games at performant speeds under Wine while now patches have emerged that would add Direct3D 9 support too.

9 August 2018 - D3D9 For DXVK - 28 Comments
Frame Timing & Fixing Game Stuttering With Display Timing Extensions

Back during GDC 2018, Alen Ladavac serving as the CTO of Croteam presented on their research and testing into frame timing for helping uncover why some games are stuttering even when being rendered at high frame-rates. The short story is the issue can be addressed by just not measuring the time for rendering each frame in a game but to measure the time needed to actually present that frame on a display output. For that there is VK_GOOGLE_display_timing for Vulkan and other similar extensions.

26 July 2018 - Elusive Frame Timing - 9 Comments
Epic Games Rolls Out Unreal Engine 4.20

Epic Games has today rolled out Unreal Engine 4.20 as the latest version of their Linux-friendly, cross-platform game engine while also promoting Unreal Studio 4.20 to beta.

18 July 2018 - Unreal Engine 4.20 - 24 Comments
A Closer Look At The GeForce GTX 1060 vs. Radeon RX 580 In Thrones of Britannia

As it stands right now the most competitive graphics card battle on the Linux gaming front is the Radeon RX 580 against the GeForce GTX 1060. NVIDIA continues with their first-rate performant drivers while the Polaris hardware on the open-source RADV/RadeonSI drivers is mature enough now that it's competing with the GTX 1060 like it should be and in some cases even performing much better than the NVIDIA Pascal part. With this week's release of Thrones of Britannia and powered by Vulkan, here is an extensive look at the two competing GPUs and their performance.

9 June 2018 - Vulkan Battle - 14 Comments
Steam Linux Usage In May Creeps Up To 0.57%

Following the Steam Survey corrections beginning with the April numbers that came following slightly inaccurate numbers due to cyber-cafe reporting and at a time when there has been large swings in users due to popular games like PUBG, the numbers for May 2018 have barely budged on the Linux front.

1 June 2018 - Just A Budge - 13 Comments
Feral's Former Linux Team Lead Is Now Working For Unity

Earlier this month Feral's Linux team lead left the company after a triumphant five years at the company leading the Linux game porting team through titles such as HITMAN, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and Rise of the Tomb Raider. It turns out he's now working for Unity Technologies.

30 May 2018 - Feral To Unity - 33 Comments
One Of The Few Games On The Open-Source id Tech 4 Engine Sees Big Update

While the id Tech 4 game engine that powered Doom 3 has been open-source now since 2011, there are few notable users of this open-source engine that is a step above the still popular id Tech 3 / ioquake3 engine. But The Dark Mod is one of the few notable successes off this id Tech 4 open-source engine and this weekend they put out a big update.

29 May 2018 - Doom 3 Engine - 13 Comments
Feral's GameMode May Soon Have Soft Real-Time Capabilities

Feral Interactive's Linux system tuning daemon, GameMode since being introduced earlier this year has primarily offered the ability to easily change the CPU scaling governor when gaming but not much more. Though a new feature is now in the works for GameMode.

24 May 2018 - GameMode Daemon - 6 Comments

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