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Banshee Engine Planning For Linux Support In Q4

Banshee has been a promising C++14-written, multi-threaded open-source game engine featuring Vulkan support. When the Vulkan support was added at the start of the year the plan was to see the Linux support added to the game engine in Q2. Well, it looks like in Q4 we could see the Linux client finally materialize.

18 September 2017 - Banshee - 2 Comments
Godot Game Engine Adds Support For glTF 2.0

Khronos' glTF 2.0 standard for the "OpenGL transmission format" or a standardized means of exchanging 3D assets continues seeing wide adoption. From Microsoft demonstrating glTF 2.0 support in their products this week at SIGGRAPH to many programs and game engines picking up support for this format, Godot Engine is now the latest.

4 August 2017 - glTF 2.0 - 1 Comment
Godot 3.0 Reaches Alpha

The first alpha release of the big revamp to the Godot 3.0 game engine is now available for game developers to test.

26 July 2017 - Godot 3.0 - Add A Comment
Albion Online MMORPG Launches With Linux Support

Linux gamers have frequently complained about the lack of MMORPG games on Linux, but at least today there is now one more with Albion Online beginning to roll out to backers of this medieval fantasy themed game.

17 July 2017 - Albion Online - 12 Comments

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