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Endless Is Now Trying To Teach Kids To Program With Linux Games

Endless Computers, the startup that has been heavy contributors to GNOME among other open-source projects as part of their endeavor for selling low-cost computers in developing countries powered by their own Linux distribution and recently began offering a $299 laptop to teach kids to code is now hoping to motivate more kids to get involved with programming through Linux games.

8 May 2019 - Linux Games To Code - 6 Comments
Unigine 2.8 Brings Better Vegetation, Improved Asynchronous Data Streaming

While there are no major games currently shipping that make use of the Unigine 2 engine, the company appears to be seeing great success in the industrial simulation space as they keep making great strides in features for their cross-platform engine. Unigine 2.8 was released this week as the newest feature release.

5 May 2019 - Unigine 2.8 - 11 Comments
Lutris 0.5.2 Released With Various Improvements For Linux Gaming

Released at the start of February was Lutris 0.5 with a much improved GTK3 user interface, integration, and other improvements to this open-source Linux game manager that works from Wine-based games to Steam and various other offerings. Lutris 0.5.2 is now out with the latest set of improvements on top.

8 April 2019 - Lutris 0.5.2 - 3 Comments

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