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ZFS On Linux Runs Into A Snag With Linux 5.0

While the Linux 5.0 kernel has a lot of enticing features and improvements, if you rely upon ZFS On Linux (ZOL) you will probably want to hold off on trying the Linux 5.0 release candidates at this time.

10 January 2019 - ZFS On Linux + Linux 5.0 - 113 Comments
Another Attempt At Adding Encryption Support To Btrfs

While the Btrfs file-system supports many next-gen features from SSD optimizations to transparent file-system compression to snapshots, it hasn't natively offered any encryption support. There have been Btrfs encryption attempts in the past, but nothing that has panned out in mainline short of running Btrfs atop dm-crypt. A new patch series was published overnight having another go at adding AES encryption to Btrfs.

9 January 2019 - Btrfs AES Encryption - 35 Comments
Reiser4 File-System Port To The Linux 4.20 Kernel

There hasn't been a formal Reiser4 file-system patch release since September when it was ported to the Linux 4.18 kernel, but via Git this week there is a port for the Linux 4.20 kernel should you want to utilize this once promising file-system under the latest stable patch series.

1 January 2019 - Reiser4 + Linux 4.20 - 30 Comments
XFS RAID0 Benchmarks Across Twenty SSDs vs. EXT4 & Btrfs On Ubuntu Linux

Earlier this month were the FreeBSD ZFS vs. Linux EXT4/Btrfs RAID With Twenty SSDs. Besides interest in seeing ZOL tests (they're already planned upon the ZFS On Linux 0.8 release), there was also some interest by readers in seeing some XFS RAID tests side-by-side. Here are some of those XFS RAID benchmarks up against Btrfs and EXT4 from Ubuntu Linux.

27 December 2018 - XFS RAID - 11 Comments
Adiantum File-System Encryption Support Ready For Linux 4.21

Adiantum, Google's newly developed crypto algorithm to replace their planned use of the controversial Speck, is ready to begin providing speedy file-system encryption support for low-end devices with the upcoming Linux 4.21 merge window.

10 December 2018 - Adiantum Fscrypt - 1 Comment
Bcachefs Working Towards Online Fsck, Faster Mount Times

In the works now for over three years has been BCachefs that doesn't receive nearly as much attention as Btrfs, Stratis, ZFS On Linux, or other next-gen Linux storage options, but it does continue making progress and still possesses a lot of potential.

1 December 2018 - Bcachefs 2018 - 28 Comments
There Is Finally A User-Space Utility To Make EROFS Linux File-Systems

Back when Huawei introduced the EROFS Linux file-system earlier this year, there wasn't any open-source user-space utility for actually making EROFS file-systems. Even when EROFS was merged into the mainline tree, the user-space utility was still non-existent but now that issue has been rectified.

19 November 2018 - EROFS - 8 Comments
Adiantum Is Taking Shape As Google's Speck Replacement For Low-End Device Encryption

Earlier this year when Google added Speck-based file-system encryption support to the Linux kernel they intended it to be used by low-end Android phones/smartwatches with older ARM processors lacking the dedicated ARM cryptography extensions. Speck is fast enough to provide disk encryption on the low-end hardware, but ultimately they decided against Speck due to public outcry with the algorithm potentially being compromised by the US NSA. Instead Google engineers decided to pursue HPolyC as their new means of encryption on low-end hardware while now that has evolved into a new technology dubbed Adiantum.

5 November 2018 - Adiantum Disk Encryption - 9 Comments
The Faster FUSE Has Been Fused Into Linux 4.20

While File-Systems in User-Space (FUSE) have been notorious for being slow, with time FUSE has become a lot faster and with this current Linux 4.20 (5.0) development cycle there are yet more performance optimizations.

1 November 2018 - Linux 4.20 FUSE - 8 Comments
XFS & EXT4 Offer Up Modest Changes For Linux 4.20~5.0

The changes are not as notable as Btrfs having multiple performance improvements or multiple new features for F2FS, but the XFS and EXT4 mature file-systems have their latest advancements now queued for the next kernel cycle.

25 October 2018 - File-System Fun - 4 Comments
F2FS Offers Up New Features For Linux 4.20/5.0

While Btrfs has been sorting out performance improvements, the crew working on the Flash-Friendly File-System (F2FS) have been working on a number of feature additions for this next Linux kernel under development.

24 October 2018 - Flash-Friendly File-System - 3 Comments

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