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NixOS Takes Action After 1.2GB/s ZFS Encryption Speed Drops To 200MB/s With Linux 5.0+

The change in Linux 5.0 that initially broke ZFS On Linux compatibility ends up being pretty nasty for the ZFS encryption performance... A NixOS developer reports that the functions no longer exported by Linux 5.0+ and previously used by ZoL for AVX/AES-NI support end up dropping the ZFS data-set encryption performance to 200MB/s where as pre-5.0 kernels ran around 1.2GB/s.

11 May 2019 - Mainline Does Not Care - 63 Comments
XFS In Linux 5.2 Gets "A Big Pile Of New Stuff"

While EXT4 in Linux 5.2 sees (optional) case insensitive file-name/directory support, the XFS file-system is seeing "a big pile of new stuff" introduced albeit it's made up of a lot of fixes and some new functionality.

8 May 2019 - Linux 5.2 XFS - 6 Comments
Reiser4 Brought To The Linux 5.0 Kernel

For those still using the out-of-tree Reiser4 file-system, it may be about time to consider alternatives like Btrfs, XFS, ZFS On Linux, F2FS, or even the likes of Stratis and Bcachefs. But should you still be using this once promising file-system, the out-of-tree patches have been revised to now work with the Linux 5.0 kernel.

13 April 2019 - Reiser4 File-System - 89 Comments
XFS Copy-On-Write Support Being Improved, Always CoW Option

One of the recent XFS innovations under work and maturing with time has been Copy on Write (CoW) support for this mature Linux file-systems. The XFS CoW support continues to be improved upon and an "always CoW" option is being prepared to always force this behavior.

19 February 2019 - XFS COW - 56 Comments
Read-Only Apple File-System Support Is Being Worked On For The Linux Kernel (APFS)

The past few years Apple has been developing APFS as the successor to the long-used HFS+ file-system. The Apple File-System is in use with macOS 10.13+ iOS 10.3, and their other platforms for offering a lot of features not found in HFS+ including much better performance. There is an open-source APFS kernel driver now under development for Linux in supporting this file-system.

22 January 2019 - APFS For Linux - 22 Comments
ZFS On Linux Runs Into A Snag With Linux 5.0

While the Linux 5.0 kernel has a lot of enticing features and improvements, if you rely upon ZFS On Linux (ZOL) you will probably want to hold off on trying the Linux 5.0 release candidates at this time.

10 January 2019 - ZFS On Linux + Linux 5.0 - 152 Comments
Another Attempt At Adding Encryption Support To Btrfs

While the Btrfs file-system supports many next-gen features from SSD optimizations to transparent file-system compression to snapshots, it hasn't natively offered any encryption support. There have been Btrfs encryption attempts in the past, but nothing that has panned out in mainline short of running Btrfs atop dm-crypt. A new patch series was published overnight having another go at adding AES encryption to Btrfs.

9 January 2019 - Btrfs AES Encryption - 36 Comments

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