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Samsung Releases exFAT-Utils To Format File-System, Fsck

With the new exFAT file-system merged for Linux 5.7, Samsung engineers responsible for this open-source native Linux kernel driver for Microsoft's exFAT file-system support have now issued their first official release of exfat-utils.

9 April 2020 - exFAT-Utils - 1 Comment
The New Microsoft exFAT File-System Driver Has Landed In Linux 5.7

As we have been expecting the new Samsung-developed file-system driver for Microsoft's exFAT has successfully landed into the Linux 5.7 kernel to replace the existing exFAT driver added in Linux 5.4 last year after Microsoft published the file-system specifications and gave their blessing to have the support mainlined in the Linux kernel.

4 April 2020 - Linux 5.7 exFAT - 30 Comments
Former Linux Developer Hans Reiser To Remain Locked Up

Hard to believe that former Linux developer Hans Reiser was already eligible for parole, but it was denied this month. The former developer responsible for creating the once-promising ReiserFS and Reiser4 file-systems will remain locked up for at least three more years.

22 March 2020 - No Parole - 84 Comments
The Staging exFAT Driver Set To Be Nuked In Linux 5.7, Thanks To Samsung's New Driver

With the Linux 5.7 kernel this spring there is going to be a new exFAT file-system drive developed by Samsung as outlined last week. While that is being added to the formal file-system area of the kernel rather than staging so both could co-exist for a transition period, already with Linux 5.7 will be the removal of the existing staging driver.

10 March 2020 - Samsung exFAT Is Better - 9 Comments
The New Microsoft exFAT File-System Driver Is Set To Land With Linux 5.7

Linux 5.4 brought a preliminary Microsoft exFAT file-system driver after Microsoft made the exFAT specification public and encouraged the support for Linux. But with the Linux 5.7 kernel this spring, a new exFAT file-system driver is going to land that is a much improved version of the earlier code.

7 March 2020 - Thanks Samsung! - 57 Comments
Reiser5 Spun Up For The Linux 5.5.5 Kernel

For those that have been wanting to take the experimental Reiser5 for a test drive since being announced at the end of 2019, new versions of the Reiser4 and Reiser5 file-system kernel patches have been posted.

23 February 2020 - Reiser5 For Linux 5.5.5 - 29 Comments
Linux's FSCRYPT Working On Encryption + Case-Insensitive Support

FSCRYPT as the file-system encryption framework for the Linux kernel and is currently wired up for EXT4, F2FS, and UBIFS to offer native encryption capabilities is currently seeing improvements so the separate casefolding (case-insensitive) file/folder support can work on encrypted directories.

22 February 2020 - FSCRYPT - 3 Comments
Making Use Of Btrfs 3-Copy/4-Copy Support For RAID1 With Linux 5.5+

With the recently released Linux 5.5 and its new features, one of the prominent changes on the storage front was the Btrfs file-system picking up new "RAID1C3" and "RAID1C4" modes for allowing either three or four copies of RAID1 data across more drives to potentially allow up to three of four drives to fail in a RAID1 array while still being able to recover that data for this file-system with its native RAID capabilities.

11 February 2020 - RAID1C3 + RAID1C4 - 17 Comments
BFQ I/O Scheduler Gets Some Fixes For Linux 5.6

It has been a while since there has been any new developments to report on BFQ, the Budget Fair Queueing I/O scheduler that offers both low-latency and high throughput modes, bandwidth and latency guarantees, and other functionality. With the ongoing Linux 5.6 cycle, BFQ at least has picked up some fixes.

6 February 2020 - Budget Fair Queueing - Add A Comment

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