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Hearing The Sound Updates For Linux 4.10

Takashi Iwai submitted all of the sound driver updates on Wednesday for the Linux 4.10 kernel. Intel Skylake audio continues to be refined but there is also a lot of other hardware driver work.

18 December 2016 - Linux 4.10 Sound - 5 Comments
Linux 4.10 Is Landing Intel Turbo Boost Max 3.0 (TBM3)

The scheduler area work is another one of Ingo Molnar's interesting pull requests submitted already for Linux 4.10. Exciting us the most about the scheduler changes for this next kernel version is finally having mainline support for Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0.

12 December 2016 - Linux 4.10 Scheduler Changes - 1 Comment
The Linux 4.9 Kernel Is Around 22.3 Million Lines

Earlier today while waiting for the Linux 4.9 release, I ran some fresh gitstats on the latest Linux kernel Git tree to see the latest numbers on the kernel for those interested in some analytics.

11 December 2016 - Linux 4.9 Git Stats - 5 Comments
Linux Kernel Developers Discuss Dropping FBDEV Staging Drivers

Toward the end of November was a discussion that started about potentially dropping all of the FBDEV Linux kernel drivers that are currently in the staging area, but it doesn't look like that will go through, at least until the relevant hardware has seen basic DRM driver ports.

8 December 2016 - FBDEV Staging - 7 Comments
Linux 4.9-rc8 Kernel Released

There was too much churn in the mainline Linux kernel Git tree that Linus Torvalds today released 4.9-rc8 rather than declaring Linux 4.9 as ready to ship.

4 December 2016 - Linux 4.9 - 4 Comments

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