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A New Proposal For Supporting DRM Linux Drivers In User-Space

The discussion has come up before about supporting Direct Rendering Manager (DRM) drivers in user-space rather than having to be tied within the Linux kernel while that outlook was reignited today with a new patch series wiring in said support.

4 January 2017 - DRM Linux Drivers In User-Space - 14 Comments
BUS1 Didn't Land This Year, But It's Making Progress

What you will not find as part of the list of new Linux 4.10 kernel features is BUS1, the successor to the un-merged KDBUS initiative and a new approach for in-kernel IPC. While it didn't land in 2016 to the mainline kernel, it's making progress.

26 December 2016 - BUS1 - 33 Comments
Hearing The Sound Updates For Linux 4.10

Takashi Iwai submitted all of the sound driver updates on Wednesday for the Linux 4.10 kernel. Intel Skylake audio continues to be refined but there is also a lot of other hardware driver work.

18 December 2016 - Linux 4.10 Sound - 5 Comments

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