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Linux 4.5-rc6 Kernel Released

Linus Torvalds just did an early Sunday morning release of the sixth weekly release candidate for the Linux 4.5 kernel.

28 February 2016 - Linux 4.5 - 1 Comment
Linux 4.5 Intel Skylake DRM Graphics Performance Tests

We have already covered AMD Linux 4.5 graphics tests and Nouveau graphics tests from this latest in-development version of the Linux kernel. If you've been wondering about any Intel HD Graphics performance changes out of Linux 4.5, here are some benchmarks.

21 February 2016 - Linux 4.5 - Add A Comment
Better Xbox One Controller Support For Linux 4.5

Last week was the big input driver updates sent in for the Linux 4.5 kernel while ending out this week was another update that included some work to the XPad driver that supports the Xbox controllers and more on Linux.

23 January 2016 - More Input Work - 5 Comments
The Linux Kernel Had Many Vulnerabilities Last Year

While today's 0-day local privilege escalation bug is making the news rounds on the Internet, there were many other security vulnerabilities discovered within the Linux kernel last year -- many of which didn't receive as much attention and some of them are even yet to be resolved.

19 January 2016 - 2015 Linux Kernel CVEs - 1 Comment

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